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RUSH: Let’s get to the Paris attacks, because this is pressing here at the moment. One thing that makes me kind of curious here, I’ve been waiting for it and I haven’t seen it yet — maybe you have — I have not seen anybody in the Drive-By Media suggest the Russians might be behind the terror attack. What are you shaking your head for? Well, why haven’t they gone there? I mean, if the Russians were behind cheating everything so that Trump would get elected, then why wouldn’t they do the same thing in Paris to get another insane right-winger elected there?

I mean, they interfered in our election to elect Trump, right? Why wouldn’t they be behind whatever happened in Paris here in order to win the election for Marine Le Pen. How does she pronounce, is it Le Pen, Le Pen, Le Pen? Is there nobody in there that’s heard her name pronounced that can tell me how it’s pronounced? Nobody knows how it’s pronounced? What a staff. You know, what a bloated absolutely — (interruption) Thank you. Somebody has heard the name pronounced in the media. The broadcast engineer, the last guy you would think would be watching the news, the broadcast engineer. I’m just telling you, I have to look at closed-captioning. I need assistance. I don’t listen.

I haven’t been to France — and I didn’t go to France. I went to Monaco. That’s the toy kingdom on the border. Well, I had to land in Nice. No, I don’t have any on the ground — I haven’t been to Paris in many, many moons. And the last time I was there some vagrant homeless person followed me into a Rolex store, and the Rolex people wanted to kick me out for bringing the riffraff in. And I said, “I didn’t bring the riffraff in. The riffraff followed me. And, by the way, why are you calling ’em riffraff? Isn’t that discriminatory?” You know, I was up to speed on how to behave with the French.

Anyway, look, don’t distract me here. Okay, she pronounces her name Marine Le Pen. The idea that Trump would be aided by the Russians here and that she would be aided by the Russians in France is no more farfetched than the claims the left is making of what happened in this election. In fact, if you’re the Russians it’s easier to hire somebody to martyr themselves as in a terrorist. So I’m just waiting for somebody to mention it. I think it’s a lack of consistency if the Drive-Bys don’t mention it.

And here’s another thing. Have you seen: “Climate Change Will Fuel Terrorism Recruitment, Report for German Foreign Office Says.” Now, this is not exclusive to Germany. In this country we are told that the military, the Pentagon is asking for assistance and items in the budget to help them to prepare for a dangerous world in the future based on climate change. I was watching CNN today, what these people on this network do is just beyond reproach. They went down hayseedville, they went to the Deep South. I think they were in New Orleans or down there in the Delta somewhere. And they wanted to find two people that don’t believe in global warming.

So they found a couple of gummers that are sitting there with probably two-week-old shirts, corncob pipes sitting on a boat fishing for shrimp and they’re talking to them. “No way. There’s no way global warming is happening.” And CNN says, “Well, what about the coastline that’s vanishing right underneath you? What about the vanishing coastline, the rising –” And there isn’t any rising sea level. None of this is happening anywhere. And they try to portray these two guys as anti-science and climate deniers.

I’ll tell you, they don’t know how it is doing damage to their side. They actually think this kook stuff is helping, but they’re losing elections left and right, and it isn’t helping. I’m kind of torn because I watch the lies and it just infuriates me. And on the other hand I have to stop and think, “Hey, let ’em go to it because it may be actually turning people off of them and turning people away from liberalism,” mainstream people.

But climate change will fuel terrorism. Why don’t the media say that climate change had something to do with what happened in Paris? Where’s the consistency? If the Russians are tampering with elections to elect puppets, and they did it in the case of the U.S. election and Trump, why not do it in France? And if climate change is responsible for terrorism recruitment — and don’t ask me, don’t ask me to explain how that is. Terrorism recruitment is based on one thing: Imams in mosques, and that’s it.

To say that the weather, to say that the climate is aiding the recruitment of terrorism is just intellectually absurd. It ought not even be granted a second legitimate consideration, but it is. It’s right here. “Climate change will fuel acts of terrorism and strengthen recruiting efforts by terrorist groups such as Islamic State and Boko Haram, a report commissioned by the German foreign office has found.”

Now, what is the real reason for making this claim? Well, it’s to give themselves an out. We can’t stop the terrorism recruitment. We can’t stop the expanding ranks. Why, it’s climate change that’s causing it. What can we do about it?” I would bet you Boko Haram — have you seen those people? Oh, by the way, remember this? Remember the first instance we heard of Boko Haram, they kidnapped 300 young girls in Nigeria, and our immediate reaction was a Twitter hashtag, #saveourgirls.

And Michelle Obama went out there, had a picture taken in a Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House holding up a sign with the hashtag on it. That was, what, three years ago, I saw a story that none of those girls have been returned, nobody knows where they are, and I couldn’t help but think back to the hashtag and what a great and heartfelt effort it was. Such a sad, sad thing, it didn’t matter.

These things, Boko Haram, do you think Boko Haram is even aware of climate change? Do you think it’s even on their mind? Do you think they’ve got scientists that are calculating climate change, where and when, in order to go where and when, in order to recruit new members for Boko Haram?

This is why I’ve always maintained, to do this job, to do it well, you really have to be confident, self-assured, and not affected by outside influences, ’cause this can drive you nuts. This exposing yourself to what liberals think, believe and do can literally drive you insane if you don’t have a boundary mechanism or a safety mechanism.

By the way, the Associated Press report on the attack in Paris said that it threated — get this, now. Here’s the real problem with the attack. The AP says that it threatened to weigh on voters’ decisions at the polls this weekend. Yeah, you see, that would be terrible if French voters went to the polls thinking about terrorism when they vote. We can’t have that. That’s gonna be bad for our side. That’s gonna elect Marine Le Pen. We can’t have voters thinking that. What a bunch of bigots the French voters are likely to be, says the AP.


RUSH: We have an update on the Boko Haram original kidnapping. Fifty-seven of those girls escaped in the first six months following the kidnapping and 21 were freed last October. So the hashtag worked, is that what you’re saying? The hashtag #freeourgirls worked, or #bringbackourgirls. Well, I apologize. I don’t know that I had seen either of these details. In fact, the story I read about this was just last week, that nobody’s seen anything of the original 300.

I’m glad to hear that was wrong. I’m happy to hear the hashtag worked. Well, somebody’s gonna claim credit for it. I mean, why else would Boko Haram — well, I know they’ve kidnapped thousands of girls since then, but the hashtag obviously, some of the 300 are back, you know damn well people are gonna claim the hashtag played a role.


RUSH: My gosh, it’s happened again, folks. I made a joke, and the joke comes true. Fox News: “France concerned over Russian interference in elections amid reports of hacking and fake news.” It was just a half hour ago I raised the possibility of the Russians being involved in the terrorism in Paris in order to impact the election. I said, “Why haven’t anybody in the Drive-Bys included the Russians in the mix?” And a half hour later it happened.

Like Snerdley said yesterday, I’m just right. I’m just right no matter how outrageous or funny or whatever it seems I’m right.

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