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RUSH: We have a 10-year old young girl from Morehead City, North Carolina, on the phone named Elizabeth. Elizabeth, I’m glad you called, and it’s great to have you on the show here today. How are you?

CALLER: I’m good.

RUSH: Well, that’s wonderful. What can we do for you? What’s up?

CALLER: I wanted to tell you how much I liked your books.

RUSH: Well, that is so sweet of you to tell me that.

CALLER: I’ve just been to Monticello and to James Monroe’s house and James Madison’s house.

RUSH: You’ve done all of that already?


RUSH: Which one did you like the best?

CALLER: Um… I can’t decide between Monticello and James Madison’s home.

RUSH: Wow. You haven’t been to George Washington’s house yet at Mount Vernon?


RUSH: When you go there, they’ve turned that into one of the most amazing places. It’s a miniature museum. The house has been restored where Washington lived, and I’ve had dinner there. I actually had dinner in 2007 on the back porch overlooking the Potomac with a bunch of… It’s one of the most beautiful places, right there on the Potomac River. They’ve got a library now and a great film presentation. So if you ever have a chance to go, since you visit places like this, you should go to Mount Vernon as well. But about the Rush Revere books, how many have you read?

CALLER: I read four, and I’m reading your fifth one now.

RUSH: Wow. You’re about to wrap them all up.

CALLER: (giggling) Let me guess, your favorite character is Liberty?

CALLER: Yes. He’s my favorite. He’s really funny.

RUSH: Now, you’re 10 years old. When did you start reading these?

CALLER: I think in fourth grade.

RUSH: What did you like best about them?

CALLER: I like how Liberty’s really funny and that I get to learn history also.

RUSH: Yeah. That’s good. Because we actually take to you these historical events and put you in them. Well, Elizabeth, you’ve made my day here. I want to send you some stuff from Revere and Liberty, if you can hang on. Don’t hang up.

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