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RUSH: You know, Georgia’s 6th district, there’s something weird going on in this district anyway before you even get to this election today. Now, remember, Georgia 6 is the district from which Newt Gingrich came. And Newt Gingrich… This district has been in Republican hands since 1979. I think that’s longer than any district in Georgia has been in Republican hands uninterrupted. And, of course, Newt owned it, major owned it. Now yet, despite that, Donald Trump only got 48% of the vote there. Hillary got 47%.

Now, that is probably why the Democrats think they can win this, that one stat alone. Now, how would you explain that? A reliably Republican district by massive numbers since 1979, Trump wins it by one point, less than 50% of the vote. If I had to hazard a wild guess, it would be that there are a lot of people in that district who are rock-ribbed ideological conservatives who don’t believe Trump is one. You might have had a lot of Never Trumpers in that district that voted for Trump anyway.

Because if I know rock-ribbed conservatives like I know them, they’re not gonna vote for a Democrat no matter what, but in this case that was close. That’s one point in a district the Republicans win in landslides. So that number is probably why the Democrats think they have a chance here. Now, here’s more weirdness in Georgia 6. Mitt Romney got 61% there to Obama’s 38%. McCain got 62% to Obama’s 37%. So something really fishy was going on there with Trump versus Hillary. (interruption) Why are you laughing in there? You’re obviously thinking I’m implying something when I’m…

I’m just looking at the numbers, and it’s weird. (interruption) The Romney and McCain support came from the rock-ribbed conservatives and Trump didn’t get ’em, and some of those people actually voted for Hillary? (interruption) You think rock-ribbed conservatives…? (interruption) Well, maybe sat it out. That could be. I don’t know what the total turnout in the district was last November. We could easily find out. But wait a minute. It could well be that the district has been gerrymandered. Let’s look at this. The first election using the new district boundaries was the 2012 congressional election.

The Democrats have gerrymandered it somewhat, so the district is not the same as it has been since 1979, but that still doesn’t explain Romney beating Obama by such a big margin and Trump just barely squeaking by Hillary. And again a reminder: Georgia’s 6th has been represented by a Republican consistently since 1979. That’s the longest in the state of Georgia. This is Carl Vinson’s old seat. Carl Vinson is the name of the aircraft carrier Trump sent to the coast of the Norks, the nearby coast of the North Koreans. So that one-point Trump win I’m sure is why.

Now, the thing to remember about this, the Democrats don’t care about this Ossoff guy. They don’t care but what he is, they don’t care about what he’s gonna do, because they know he’s gonna be a Democrat leadership robot. They don’t care about him personally. It doesn’t matter a hill of beans. All this guy represents is a chance for the news headlines already written to be published tomorrow. That’s it. They don’t care personally about this guy. I mean, they’ll make it look like they do, but that’s not why they’re behind this guy. That’s not what Samuel L. Jackson and all these other people are.

This one race is about creating a soap opera script or news narrative that will allow the media to say that Donald Trump’s presidency is essentially over. In such a solid Republican district, that a Democrat could come in and win a special election means the country has soured on Trump, and what that will be said to mean is, “The country now realizes it’s made a mistake. The country realized it made a huge mistake, and what the voters in Georgia were saying for all of America is, ‘Stop Trump. Prevent any more of Trump’s agenda from being implemented.'” That’s what this election with the Democrat winning it today and in the count tonight, that’s what they are hoping to be able to write.

Now, I can hear you saying, “But, Rush, it’s a congressional district. How can they possibly?” Because they can. They run it. They write the script. They come up with the narratives each and every day — and they’re already been running the narrative, in a sense, by all this Trump resistance. When they focus on all the protests against Trump, when they focus on all the riots, when they focus on all the acrimony — when they focus on every agenda item like health care failing, tax reform being delayed — it all goes into the hopper, “Trump isn’t wanted anymore.

“Voters realize that made a mistake.” They wanted to do this with the special election in Kansas, and they didn’t have a chance there because the Republicans held the district by 8%. So now, they’ve moved on to this special election. This is Tom Price’s seat. He’s now the Health and Human Services secretary. And this election, if this Ossoff guy wins it, the Democrat winning it means the Democrats get to write all those stories, under the umbrella: “America has realized it made a mistake. America regrets electing Trump. America wants Trump and Trumpism stopped.

“America desperate for its country back.” All of that, more times than you can count. We have the audio of the Samuel L. Jackson commercial. I actually had this on the roster yesterday, and I didn’t have a chance to get to it. This is the version… I don’t know how many versions there are, but this is the one that was running on the radio Saturday. It’s a Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee ad. That’s the bunch in the House that is tasked with the job of getting Democrats elected to the House of Representatives. They sponsored this ad, radio ad. Samuel L. Jackson…

JACKSON: Hi. I’m Samuel L. Jackson. There’s a special congressional election on April 18th. What can you do? Go vote! Your vote goes a long way toward setting things right in this country. Vote for the Democratic Party. Stop Donald Trump, a man who encourages racial and religious discrimination and sexism. Remember what happened the last time people stayed home; we got stuck with Trump. We have to channel the “great vengeance and furious anger” we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box. Do your friends and family a favor — hell, do yourself a favor — and vote on April 18th and make sure to vote for the Democratic Party.

RUSH: You hear Ossoff’s name in that ad? You didn’t hear Ossoff’s name. Now, it might have been in the graphic, but there’s more than Ossoff running. But it doesn’t help the Democrats to split the vote. I think there are four Democrats running. Ossoff is one of them. He’s polling at 40%. What they really mean here is vote Ossoff. I find it fascinating they didn’t say his name. It just tells you, he’s not what this is about. Ossoff, he’s just a vehicle. He’s just essentially gonna be a robot — and if he does win, the only thing that he’s going to be able to do is whatever the leadership of the House tells him to do. That’s it, pure and simple.

Yeah, there was a biblical reference here. He actually used a Bible verse from the character he portrayed in the movie Pulp Fiction when he talks about vengeance and furious anger. “We have to channel the ‘great vengeance and furious anger’ we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box”. We got stuck with Trump. We don’t want to get stuck with another chump. So vote for the Democrats! But they don’t identify one. Again, it’s just a graphic, but it’s a radio ad, so there wasn’t a gray. It’s a radio ad, so there was no graphic. Don’t mention Ossoff’s name here. I mean, they could have at least said, “Vote for the guy with the girlfriend in medical school at Emory!”


RUSH: So Samuel L. Jackson’s commercial talks about furious anger and vengeance. Do you know what Ossoff’s campaign slogan is? “Make Trump Furious.” That is the campaign slogan of the Democrat in George 6, “Make Trump Furious.”

Here is John in Alpharetta, Georgia. Welcome. I’m glad you waited, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. First-time caller.

RUSH: Great to have you.

CALLER: Thank you. I’ve been listening to all the discussion of the last few callers, and they’re absolutely right. One of the things that wasn’t mentioned however was the last time Price ran, he won by something like 63 to 30 some percent. You know, he just got, you know, that much support from the conservative base in the 6th district.

Ossoff is from a very small — there’s only a small segment of northwest DeKalb County from which Ossoff hails from. And the rest of it is basically north Fulton, Cherokee, and then the eastern part of Cobb County, and most of that is conservative. I know a couple precinct workers who said that very few in the general election, very few people in the precincts actually voted. You’re looking at maybe 10, 15% actually came out and voted.

RUSH: So that’s why Trump only won it by a point?

CALLER: That’s right. I don’t know why they didn’t come out.

RUSH: I can figure that out. They just didn’t think Trump’s a conservative. They were probably a part of the Never Trumper dyed-in-the-wool conservatives. So the question — look, they are probably all gonna come out tomorrow, but look at how many ways they’re dividing their vote. There’s 11 Republicans on that ballot.

CALLER: Right. I’m gonna support a guy named Judson Hill. He’s a former state senator, really fine individual. But you’re absolutely right, they’re going to split the vote among all the Republicans. But like you said earlier, they do have some other Democrats who probably pick up some votes rather than Ossoff getting them. But Ossoff, I see him as just a willing pawn. You know, what does he think he’s gonna do when he gets up there? Basically Pelosi’s gonna tell him shut up, sit down, and vote the way I tell you, and that’s it. He’s all for Obamacare. He’s even said that in his advertising.

RUSH: Well, that’s all true. You’re a very brilliant guy. I just brilliantly made that point myself. So I’m happy to welcome you to the brilliant club. But I don’t think that should take anything away from the guy. Look, he’s running for office. We all know he’s a pawn. We all know what’s invested in the guy. We all know what the Democrats are gonna use him for. And he does too. He had willingly accepted the assignment. I don’t think this guy’s being fooled. I don’t think that they’ve made him believe he’s gonna be the next House speaker in five or 10 years.

He knows exactly what he’s doing. Look at his slogan. They’re running ads for the guy, they never even mention his name. Samuel L. Jackson’s radio ad said vote for the Democrat Party, not even vote for this guy. This guy’s campaign slogan is “Make Trump Furious.” This guy’s just waiting for his wife to graduate med school and then they’re off and running. He’s pretty much admitted it. And to each his own. Do not mistake any of that for any criticism. I’m just engaging in observation and analysis here. You’re of course right. The guy is a pawn. He simply serves as a placeholder, if he can win.

Believe me, he isn’t gonna get any credit. I mean, he’ll go out there and he’ll take the stage and he’ll do the acceptance speech and he’ll thank all the people, but he’s not gonna be treated as a conquering hero. The Democrat Party will be presented as coming back. The Democrat Party will be represented as taking the reins of power again. So he’s I’m sure fully aware of how he is been recruited and what his purpose here is. And he knows full well that if he can come through as they have set forth at the Democrat leadership, that whatever they are, good things will happen to the guy. I appreciate the call, John, very much.

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