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RUSH: I got another piece today, an introspective piece about the Democrats, a New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters, there is no leadership in the Democrat Party whatsoever. It is just a tremendous indictment of where the Democrat Party is. Now, you hear me say that, and I know what you’re saying, “What do you mean, the Democrat Party’s in trouble, Rush? Have you looked at the media?” And you see the stories that are out there, and it proves my point that is the media that is running the progressive movement. The Democrat Party is just an arm of it today. And the fact that they have no bench and the fact that they have no agenda except oppose Trump I think is great evidence of my contention here that it’s not the Democrat Party’s willing accomplices in the media. It’s the media’s willing accomplices in the Democrat Party.

But let me go through some of the stories I have today to give you a preview of part of the program today. “Arizona State University Class Holds Protest Instead of Final Exam — A group of students at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus decided to protest Thursday instead of taking a final exam in their human-rights class, a decision endorsed by their instructor.

“In fact, Angeles Maldonado, a professor at ASU, offered her Global Politics of Human Rights class an option: Take a test or create a group project. They opted for the project,” which is to protest Thursday. There is Trump protest Thursday all over America that the left is organizing with 70 usual suspects paid for by two or three usual suspects. So the professorette at Arizona State Tempe says, “Hey, if you want to go protest on Thursday, fine, you get an A, you don’t have to take the test.”

From The Daily Caller: “University Plans To Spend Thousands Training New Student Revolutionaries — Students at Virginia Commonwealth University are applying for $2,500 awards from a Social Justice Fund, which will finance student projects focused on social justice activism.”

From Breitbart: “Wellesley Student Newspaper Threatens Students Who Do Not Conform to Progressive Values.” Next story: “More Than 70 Liberal Groups Partnered for Anti-Trump Tax Day Protests.” David French at National Review: “The Battle of Berkeley.” This is a story that discusses the Trump versus anti-Trump factions at Berkeley that resulted in violence and with the police doing nothing about it, for the most part, sitting in their cars while it all went down. Violence and bloodshed, Trump and anti-Trump protesters dueling with one another.

From The Politico: “Kellyanne Conway Calls on Democrat Party Leaders to Calm Violent Anti-Trump Protesters.” In the Washington Post Free Beacon: “Media Spreads Misleading Video of Trump Supposedly Tossing Away Kid’s Hat.” Have you heard about this? This was at the Easter egg roll yesterday. A little kid came up and asked Trump to sign up his hat, and Trump signed the hat and then threw it back to the kid. One angle made it look like Trump took the kid’s hat, signed it, and then threw it into the crowd away from the kid. Thus they ran a story that Trump refused to give back to the kid the hat that Trump had signed for him. The media ran with the story all day and all night. It’s a giant, big, fat lie. It isn’t true.

And you may have seen the story, “College Students Vote to Make American Flag Optional.” So while we had the story here that the Democrat Party is rudderless, aimless, no leaders, no agenda, all the rest of this crap is still happening. All of this progressive anti-America stuff is happening. How is that? Well, the thing that comes to mind first off is what we talked about a couple of weeks ago, and I’m gonna go back to it again today. We had one caller reference it yesterday, and I reviewed just a brief part of it.

But this is important to repeat in order to explain all of these things going on. Have you seen the poll that says Trump is losing ground rapidly with his supporters because now a majority of Americans view Donald Trump as not keeping his promises, as breaking his promises. It’s part of the same polling data that suggests a majority of Americans now favor single payer. Of all the things that Donald Trump might be guilty of, is breaking his promises at the top of the list? Well, maybe if health care is something that you believe he committed to and tax reform.

By the way, the news on tax reform now, no way it can happen before August. And this has brought forth stories from the Drive-By Media about how the business community is panicking. The business community is panicking because since Trump is failing to move on his agenda of tax reform and failing to reform Obamacare, that there isn’t gonna be any economic growth this year and therefore there isn’t any economic growth agenda. And therefore all the gains in the stock market since Trump was elected are about to whittle away. And the economy is going to start plunging, all rooted in the fact that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, cannot keep his promises. The vast majority of the American people are starting to see the light as represented by the Georgia election, and a vast majority of people voted for Trump now regret it.

That’s the news narrative of the day that goes along with all of these other stories about leftist protests here, leftist protests there, and it’s why I’m gonna go back and share with you details from a column by Daniel Greenfield that Frontpage Magazine a couple weeks ago. “The Civil War Is Here.” I’m going to explain what this all means. I’m going to explain why this is all happening and who it is that’s responsible for it, and we’re gonna figure out what it all means.

But very simply, and as a preview or pretext, what is happening here is that the American left — which has taken over the Democrat Party, which is the media, which is higher education, which is Hollywood and the pop culture — simply refuses to accept the authority that the Constitution of the United States is the glue that holds this country together. They simply refuse to accept that authority. They refuse to accept the authority that they lost election. They refuse to accept the authority that Hillary Clinton lost the presidency.

They simply refuse to accept when things do not go their way. Their only authority is theirs. The only authority they respect is theirs, and they are about tearing down any other authority. Mr. Greenfield refers to this. He actually calls it point-blank “treason” in his piece, “The Civil War Is Here,” and he accuses these people of engaging in actual treason because they are attempting to subvert, destroy, and dismantle the authority that has maintained this country for what it is for over 200 years.

So that is gonna be a little project we’ll get into as the program unfolds. There are news items in addition to all that as well, so we’ll try to cover it all as the program unfolds, as well as Georgia and the 6th district election and what is likely to happen. Your host was mildly rebuked at a National Review blog for my interpretation of this yesterday. Mild, a mild rebuke. I will explain that as well later in the program.


RUSH: I know that I’m gonna be somewhat repetitive or redundant today, only to those of you who heard the first foray into analyzing the behavior and motivations of the progressive movement at this time, this Trump resistance movement out there. And again, I want to stress that it is not being led by the Democrat Party. Now, I may be splitting hairs on this, but the Democrat Party is following on this. These people represent donors and the lunatic fringe base, and they are largely influencing the Democrats.

Not that they need a lot of help, but it’s important to understand the players here. The media is running this show. The media is defining the progressive movement and dictating its movements by what it chooses to cover and thus promote. The actual progressive resistance movement is made up of all the usual leftist protest groups. They’re the same as the anarchists of 10 years ago. They’re the same people that have been protesting. It’s the same groups. It’s the same people funding them. They have an evolving sense of purpose today, which is literally to overthrow this country.

This is what we are facing each and every day. It’s not just resistance to Trump. Trump winning the election has speeded up their agenda because of a crisis that it created. They fully expected to win in the November elections. They fully expected to have Hillary in the White House. Which meant that a more stealth-like takeover of America would be possible, much as it happened during eight years of Obama. Well, everything was thrown upside down when Trump won, which has created crisis and panic and chaos.

So now the progressive movement — which has not changed its agenda at all, the literal takeover or overthrow… They don’t secede, folks, like California is talking of seceding? They don’t secede. They take over. They establish their authority as the only authority. They sweep the Constitution aside. They sweep all of the values and the authority that this country was defined with and by. They sweep them aside and replace themselves as the lone authority to which you must be devoted or else.

So Trump winning the election has speeded them up, and I need to go through this again today, and I’m gonna repeat the analogy I made when comparing the modern progressive movement to Sharia Islam. We had a couple calls on this yesterday telling me how wonderful that analogy was in helping people to understand it. And since there’s a fresh stack of news on this front today, I am going to repeat some of it and add additional opinion items of interest to it. Mr. Greenfield now has a follow-up piece that runs in Frontpage Magazine, which I’m also gonna delve into.

It’s headlined: “The ‘Resistance’ Democrats are a Terrorist Party — The Democrats have committed to overthrowing our government.” Look, I’m splitting hairs here. The Democrats are in the game, but the Democrats are following in it. They’re more than happy to participate; don’t misunderstand. The Democrats are as much a part of the resistance. Just the intellectual firepower in energy and motivation is not coming from elected Democrats. It’s coming from outside the party; the party’s been co-opted by it.

That is why — and I’m not trying to remove any blame for them. I’m not trying to lessen their responsibility. Please don’t misunderstand. I just want to accurately portray this movement and where its intellectual juice and money and energy is coming from. And in this case, the Democrat Party is following it, happily, with some members of the party leading it. But, I mean, in the general party itself, they’re just sitting around waiting. They don’t… The stories of introspection involving how the Democrats don’t have an agenda other than stop Trump — how they don’t have any future leaders, no bench to run — that’s all true.

And it’s their own fault. They never expected to lose in November, either. Everybody expected Hillary Clinton to be in office with Hillary appointees all over the cabinet, all over the bureaucracy, and the slow-but-sure stealth takeover of America to continue. And since the Democrat Party lost, since the Democrat Party has lost over a thousand seats since 2010, other elements of the progressive movement are taking over as the impetus and energy.


RUSH: Okay, time to get started on the thrust of the program that I promised earlier, and that is what actually is happening in America, why the news media looks the way it does, why the news every day is the way it is, why you think despite winning the election we are continuing to lose the country. I want to start with this — and I acknowledge I’ve been through some of this before, so I acknowledge I’m repeating it. But it’s crucial. It’s important.

I had a couple calls yesterday referencing this. It reminded me… Because some people had not heard it, and others who did hear it say that it helped them better understand what’s going on than anything ever had. So I’m gonna delve into it again. I want to start with my contention here that contrary to what I have thought over the years and what many others have thought, the leadership of the left, the progressive movement, is in the Democrat Party. It no longer is. The Democrat Party is an arm of the media.

The Democrat Party is where leftist ideology is implemented in terms of legislation, but it’s not where the energy — the intellectual energy and the actual physical energy — of what’s happening to the American left is occurring today. The leadership of the American left is found in the media. It’s found in the people who pay for the media, who sponsor it, and who are the media — the reporters, the producers — and from where they came. Journalism schools and other educational institutions around the country. The other arm of this movement is the followers.

They’re also bought and paid for with donors like George Soros and Tom Steyer and any number of others, and they are college students. They are professionally paid protesters and agitators who will show up and be bused in anywhere they’re told to go and raise hell and represent the resistance. Now, to illustrate where the Democrat Party is in all this, if the Democrat Party were the center of this movement, this movement would be in big trouble. Yesterday, the new chairman of the Democrat National Committee, Tom Perez — who is as ultra-left as anybody in America is. He was Obama’s Secretary of Labor.

The DNC (Democrat National Committee) had their annual ‘Come Together & Fight Back’ Tour, and it’s traveling around the country as they attempt to put the DNC back together after the debacle that was the ’16 campaign and the Hillary election and all the hacks, Podesta’s emails, the DNC rigging the primary for Hillary against Crazy Bernie. They’ve cleaned everybody out of there. They’ve got a new chairman, and he’s on a nationwide tour. Yesterday he was booed and hounded off the stage in Portland, Maine.

The chairman of the Democrat National Committee was sent packing while he was attempting… Now, you don’t hear about this. What you hear is that when Republican elected officials go home for town halls, that there are two-hour protests, and their own voters are showing up to give them hell and to demand why they’re not doing this and why they’re not doing that. And you are led to believe that people who voted for Republicans are livid and outraged, and that’s not what’s going on. The professional protester movement that’s bought and paid for and bused in, they are who’s showing up at Republican town halls.

The same thing handed to this Tom Perez guy. But you don’t hear about it. This is simply an online video that the Daily Caller found and has published. ‘Regardless of why you showed up today, you showed up for a reason. Something compelled you to find the space and time to be here, and I want you to ask yourself what that reason is,’ Claire Cummings, a leader of the Maine Young Democrats, told the crowd. ‘Maybe it’s because you love a certain senator from Vermont,’ Cummings said… ‘Maybe you came though because you’re curious about the new DNC chairman and the future of the Democratic [p]arty,’ Cummings said…”

They booed the guy off the stage. He’s not popular. He’s not a big time celebrity. He’s not looked at as the future of the party, because the people that showed up still love Crazy Bernie. They wish that Crazy Bernie’s forces had won and Crazy Bernie has the answers and that’s all these people care about. This Perez guy was humiliated and shamed out of this place. “Dianne Feinstein Heckled at Townhall for Not Being Left-Wing Enough.” This is from Breitbart. “Senator [DiFi] was heckled by activists at a town hall meeting in San Francisco on Monday.

“She was accused of not doing enough to stand up to the Trump administration and not being liberal enough. She turns 84 in June. She was booed, she was jeered, and she was told to retire at a meeting in her hometown after she rejected the idea of a total takeover of health care by the federal government.” And by total takeover, these people mean single payer. Oh! That reminds me. There’s a bogus poll going around show that a majority of Americans now favor single payer. That’s also to undermine Trump and to take advantage of whatever got screwed up in repealing and reforming Obamacare.

So DiFi, practically booed off the stage. The new Democrat National Committee chairman was booed off the stage. During the brief amount of time this guy had to speak, an act of God happened. The American flag fell over! Right as this guy was speaking and trying to stemwind these people into whatever he wanted them to get excited about, the American flag fell over. An act of God, I would say. And then shortly after that the guy’s hooted out of the building. Here’s another story on it from the Washington Free Beacon:

“Democrat National Committee chairman Tom Perez received boos on Monday night when a guest speaker suggested that maybe some of the attendees … showed up to see him speak, but most of them didn’t want to hear him.” They wanted to hear Crazy Bernie. New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters “went on to say that the lack of the Democratic Party’s leadership is ‘so overwhelming and crippling.’ ‘There is no leadership, there is such a vacuum” at the top of the Democrat Party, “‘the sclerosis in the Democratic Party is so overwhelming and crippling that they do not have a bench. They do not have leaders,’ he said.”

It’s not hard to find these stories.

The Democrat Party lost over 1200 seats since 2008, 2010. The Democrat Party lost the presidential election. Hillary Clinton, the vaunted heroine, lost! The Democrat Party’s party in a world of hurt. So ask yourself: If this is true (and it is) then how the hell is the news the way it is every day? If the Democrat Party’s in a world of hurt, why isn’t the Republican running around with a glow of victory all over their faces? If the Democrat Party’s in such a world of hurt, why are so many people who appear to be Democrats running around all over America like they run this place and shutting down anybody they disagree with?

And why are universities helping them?

And why are corporations helping them?

At Arizona State University, students were given the option of taking the final exam on Thursday or protesting Trump for the same credit. By the professor, they were given this option. In Berkeley, Trump protesters versus Trump supporters, violence, bloodshed. Not much was done to stop it. The cops decided it was gonna happen anyway; why the bet in the middle of it? Let it play out. All over the country, the media is making sure that that’s the America you see. The media’s making damn sure.

You’re not hearing about the problems in the Democrat Party. You’re not seeing the vacuum of power. You’re not seeing the fact that it’s become Jurassic Park. You are not seeing, you’re not told how many seats the Democrat Party is losing. You are not told how much of this country has rejected them. You are not told that the Democrat Party is basically a party of urban cities and the rest of the country has disowned them and disbanded them and wants no part of them. You haven’t been told the Democrat Party really isn’t a national party anymore.

You’re not told any of that.

Instead, what you are shown is that the country apparently hates Donald Trump, and you are to conclude from that that the country prefers Democrats. The country doesn’t. The country has rejected Democrats in droves for the last six, eight years. But the daily pictures in the Drive-By Media say just the opposite. The daily pictures in the Drive-By Media say the American people that voted for Trump now dislike him, now hate him, now want him out of office, now realize they made a mistake.

If this guy in Georgia wins in the election today, of course tomorrow’s the news day afterwards, that’s what’s gonna be the coverage all day long. Even though none of it’s true. Many of the anti-Trump operatives are bought and paid for just like we learned during the campaign they were bought and paid for. Nothing is as real as it’s being portrayed to you. However, the anti-Trump left is real, it does exist, and who and what they are is crucially important for you to understand, and that is next.


RUSH: Mark in Houston.  Welcome.  Glad you waited.  How you doing, sir?

CALLER:  Phenomenal.  Thank you, sir.  I wanted to just say these last two little elections were proof enough and confirmation enough for me that the media just does not need Hillary Clinton to lose an election.  They’re doing it all by themselves.  And I’m comfortable with tomorrow’s outcome today, as I was with Kansas’ election.

RUSH:  You’re in Houston, Texas.  That’s somewhat removed from Georgia 6.  Why are you so confident out there, Mark?

CALLER:  Because the media is losing.  The battle now is the media and a few elite Republicans and the Democrat leadership party against the populace, who voted for Donald Trump.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  The protesters, especially the ones that are getting paid, that is poetic on the capitalistic side.

RUSH:  Yeah, I see your point there.  But I’m fascinated by your perception that the media is losing.  Do you think the low-information voters out there think that?

CALLER:  I think they’re tired of it.  We’re all tired of the media.  And when they say something, we automatically know it’s wrong.  I look at what the media says and who they stand behind and I automatically go to the next —

RUSH:  Look.  I agree, intellectually I understand you.  I also see the media poll standings.  The media’s approval numbers are single digit.  And yet everywhere I go, everybody quotes something they saw in the media as though it’s gospel.  I don’t have people coming up to me every day saying, “Did you see the latest media lie today?”  They don’t say that.  “Hey, Rush, did you see what was in the New York Times? Did you see what Drudge linked to?”  They believe it.  Even though the media ranks very low in personal approval, business approval, respect, admiration, all that, people still quote ’em each and every day.

We have to divide, subdivide the country.  I mean, when virtually every network except one is showing pictures from sunup to sundown and all night long of this country supposedly opposing Trump, hating Trump, rejecting Trump, violently trying to overthrow and stop Trump, do you believe, Mark, that most Americans are rejecting that and don’t believe it and realize or understand what the media is doing?

CALLER:  The media is the ones that covered for them when they were lying and pull pulling off their shenanigans and doing all their conniving chicaneries, I call it.  They were allowing them to get away with whatever they wanted to get away with and they never held their feet to do fire.  And, you know what?  We had enough.  We all had enough of that.  I want them to hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire as well.  A conservative, I want to hold his feet to the fire as well.

RUSH:  Yeah, that’s another story, too, and it’s a relevant part of the story.  But the Republicans don’t fit with my focus today, and that is the — I don’t know what you call it.  I hate calling them progressive, ’cause they prefer it, but I’m doing it because it’s not the Democrat Party leading this.  It’s not that important, it’s not that big a deal, but I am the mayor of Realville, and reality matters to me.  The Democrat Party is in a world of hurt.  In terms of the business it is in, it is in a world of hurt.  And if it didn’t have the media, then it would be in no-man’s-land.

Now, what I mean, again, by this is, I’ve always portrayed the media as the willing accomplices of the Democrat Party.  That means that I’ve been placing the intellectual and ideological energy and firepower at the Democrat Party.  That’s not where it is anymore.  The leftist movement, liberalism, progressivism, whatever you want to call it, the intellectual leadership, ideological leadership of that is found in the media and in the academy, the faculties at various universities.  That is where the motivation, the inspiration, the education, the instruction for young leftists is occurring.

And the media presents the pictures that suffice as the news every day that is presented as evidence that what they think and believe is happening and that a majority supports it.  That’s a fundamental factor of this you dare not ignore.  The media presents its news every day as though whatever they’re mad at, they’re upset about, whatever flaws Trump has, the fact that they’re reporting it means a majority of the country feels the same way.  It isn’t true.  It’s nowhere close to being true.

But there’s only one television network presenting the opposite point of view, and that’s Fox, and they even gum up their own works by trying to be fair and having a bunch of Drive-By Media people on as analysts and guests. So they water down their own opposition in their effort to be seen as fair and balanced.  There is no such effort made at CNN or MSNBC for such fair and — whenever they invite conservatives on it’s to ridicule them, it’s to laugh at ’em, it’s to pound ’em into the dirt.

I see the clock here.  But the news consuming public, which is not highly attuned as we are, not ideologically oriented, they just see what’s presented, and it’s a problem, and I’m trying to explain, help people identify it, get past it.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, when I first attempted to explain my questions and interpretation of what’s going on, I sought to use an analogy. And it was two weeks ago now. And it was bouncing off a piece by Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Mag called “The Civil War Is Here,” which I’ll get to in just a second. This analogy… I got more feedback on this than I’ve had a long time about anything, from people said that did more to help me understand who the left is and who you’re talking about than anything I’ve heard recently.

I want to run through it again because it’s ideal today, the news being what it is with the special election in Georgia, the news about how vacant and empty the Democrat Party really is. How the Democrat Party is not the energizing agent behind the anti-Trump movement, the anti-America movement today. They’re simply willing participants in it. They’ve ceded control to the media and academia. But for all of this time that this has been going on, one of the things that I have been doing as host of this program for 30 years… It’ll be 30 years in August.

One of the things that I’ve been doing is constantly seeking the simple explanation, because I believe there is one. A simple explanation of the left, not only for me, but for you, the audience. And I’ve done many attempts, come up with many various ways of explaining it. I’ve gotten close, but I’ve never in my own mind really nailed it. Because it is complex. But one of the things I try to do is make the complex understandable. And the thing that I had noticed about all else in this current go ’round is how the left is refusing to accept any authority — and I don’t mean police authority and disciplinary authority.

I’m talking constitutional authority. As I said yesterday, it’s a miracle that we are still the country we were founded to be. We’re the only country so founded. We’re the only country founded on the premise that the people of the country run it and that they are created in freedom, and that the natural yearning of this God-given creation is the pursuit of happiness and life and liberty. No other place on earth has ever enshrined its existence as such. We have a piece of paper, multiple pieces of paper that define this, decree this. And for hundreds of years, 200-plus years, every leader we have had has respected the authority and the uniqueness of the Constitution.

And it’s amazing to me that we haven’t lost it in this period of time. It’s amazing to me that in our 200-and-some-odd years we have not elected somebody who literally didn’t respect the Constitution, tore it up, threw it aside, and created a tyrannical dictatorship, which is the history of humanity and the world. Most people live in tyranny, live in bondage, live in poverty. The United States is the lone exception, and those that we have inspired since our founding. Great Britain may be an exception, Magna Carta, but I don’t want to get off in the weeds on that.

You get my drift that we have had throughout our history this silent acknowledgment that there is a greater authority that defines this country and keeps it glued together, and that is the Constitution. And that’s what is at stake now. Because, folks, we are alive at a moment in our history where an entire political movement is seeking to deny and eliminate that authority. The thing that many people have feared since the founding is literally happening today: A total rejection of the Constitution.

A rejection of the authority of election outcomes. The authority of any contest in which there are winners and losers. The acknowledgment that whatever our differences, we’re all in this together in a common culture with common objectives, common goals, all oriented toward the preservation and growth of this wonderful country. We have lost that. And we’re up against a movement now which seeks to undermine what has survived over 200 years, the Constitution and the United States. And at the top of the list of these characteristics is the total abandonment of authority.

And in attempting to analogize this, a couple of weeks ago I came up with the following expression, or monologue, if you will. And I’ll shorten it here. But as I look at the American left today and the progressive movement, their rejection of all authority except theirs, the comparison is inescapable to Sharia Islam. In Islam, in Sharia Islam, there is no authority but Islam, and it is a core tenet that the ruler must be obeyed as long as he complies and enforces Islam, Sharia Islam. If he strays, then he must be killed or done away with, as in Anwar Sadat straying and making peace with Israel.

He was assassinated.

Now, in this analogy, if Sharia Islamists are in the role of Democrats today — in the role of progressives and leftists — then the rest of America assumes the role of the GOP. That is, we proclaim that our commitment to tolerance means that we have to make room at the table for everybody. We respect the authority of the Constitution. When we lose elections, we respect that that’s what happens. We acknowledge that we lost. We set about trying to change whatever factors made us lose and change them and try to win. But we do not throw the system out.

We don’t blame the system, we don’t trash the system, and we do not try to destroy the system simply because it rejected us. We try to find ways back into the winning column. That doesn’t happen in Islam. You stray, you’re gone. Sharia Islam. If you don’t obey 100, 1,000 percent of the time, you’re history. Sharia Islam makes no room at their table for anybody that’s not one of them. They’re not interested in tolerance. They’re not interested in coexistence. They’re not interested in moderation. They’re not interested in cooperation. They’re interested in only their singular authority and investing their authority in the ruler of the day.

The Islamist analogy might make it easier to understand the left.

It’s not that Islamists have no respect for authority. It is that they believe there is no authority outside their own belief system. There is no opportunity for debate. There’s nothing to debate. You’re either a believer or an infidel, and there is no tolerance for the infidels. So in the modern-day analogy, there’s no tolerance for Republicans. There’s no interest in moderating so the Republicans will be brought into the fold. You either accept it and do what is demanded or you’re out. Anything but you! Anything but what you believe. Everything is illegitimate, including Trump’s winning the presidency or Mitt Romney winning or George W. Bush winning.

It’s all illegitimate.

You respect none of it. You undermine everything that is not your authority. You overthrow it; you obey none of it. You attempt to destroy and undermine every aspect of your authority that has been shunted aside. When they are in power, the Democrats… When they’re in power, they pretend it’s because their beliefs are a popular mandatory. When they are not in power, their beliefs dictate that they delegitimize those who are in power. And that’s what we’re up against today. We are up against a quasi-Sharia Islam in American progressivism. I think they’re very close in methodology to terror organizations without the terror. The Democrats don’t do mass-murder terrorism of any kind, but they do community organizing, the core tactic of which is “direct action.”

Direct action is basically extortion by legal or illegal means. Direct action is whatever is necessary to dominate. Direct action is whatever is necessary to overthrow the authority that isn’t you. You never agree with it, you never accommodate it, you never accept it. It’s all illegitimate. Trump is illegitimate. His cabinet is illegitimate. Gorsuch is illegitimate. Any further judge he appoints, illegitimate. Any decision that they come up with, legal decision, illegitimate.

In Georgia 6 if the Democrat wins tomorrow, it’s gonna be said because there’s a popular mandate in America that is opposing Trump and is now willing once again to embrace the authority that is represented by the Democrat Party. They might do physical threats or protests that stop people from speaking or businesses from operating when they lose, and they’re doing that daily today. They’re trying to shut down universities. They’re trying to shut down free speech. They’re trying to shut down any activity that is outside their authority.

There is no way to cooperate. There is no way to cross the aisle. There is no way to show that Washington can work. It cannot work in their minds if they are not running it. It cannot run, it cannot work if their authority is not absolute. They do not share their authority. They do not moderate it. They do not welcome outsiders in. Only if you convert. And at the same time, they do everything they can to delegitimize everybody and everything that is not them.

It is only Republican presidents who are idiotic clowns and need Svengali brains behind them to make them work. For Ronald Reagan it was James Baker. For George W. Bush it was Karl Rove. For Donald Trump it’s Steve Bannon. Barack Obama had no such brain. He was the brain. He was the final, the only authority. Everybody that worked for him was on their knees daily celebrating and praying and thanking and hoping he never went away. But there was nobody ever any smarter, nobody ever even equal to him, nobody ever even in his league.

Republican presidents: dolts, idiot clowns, incapable of getting out of bed without some smart guy in the back of the room that nobody sees directing the movement. And that person is never elected and therefore is illegitimate. Bannon must go, Bannon represents the greatest threat, because he doesn’t respect the authority of the Democrat Party or of the American left. And he’s guiding Trump. Trump is just an empty vessel. He’s a womanizing misogynist pig. Bannon must be destroyed. And if we destroy Bannon, we destroy Trump, because we’ve destroyed Trump’s brain.

It’s identical to the way totalitarian movements around the world operate, be they banana republics or massive communist enterprises like the Soviet Union or Sharia Islam. Now, ponder all that. I gotta take a brief time-out here. And I’ll incorporate all of this with points made by Daniel Greenfield in his now-famous piece that I have made famous at Frontpage Mag a couple weeks ago. And he’s got a follow-up that’s just as good that I will also cherry-pick.


RUSH:  As we said last week, the American left is trying to delegitimize every branch of government.  The presidency, “Well, that’s not real.  It was stolen by the Russians.”  Supreme Court?  “That’s not real.  Gorsuch is not real.  That was stolen by changing the rules.”  Nuclear option.  That’s how it works.  The American left has rejected all forms of authority it does not control.

They have rejected the outcome of the last two presidential elections won by Republicans.  They have rejected the judicial authority, the Supreme Court, when its decisions don’t accord with its agenda.  It rejected the legislative authority of Congress when it’s not dominated by the left.  It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning.  It was for total unilateral executive authority under Obama.  And now it’s for states unilaterally deciding what laws they will follow, as long as that involves defying immigration laws under Trump, not following them under Obama.

So, for example, Trump’s new immigration law, what’s springing up, sanctuary city after sanctuary, even new ones are springing up in defiance of Trump, in rejection of authority, in rejection of American law, in rejection of the outcome of the election, refusal to accept it, because there is no authority other than their own, just like Sharia Islam.

The left was for the total sacrosanct authority of the Senate when it held the majority.  Now the Senate is outmoded when the Republicans took over.  It was all for Obama defying the orders of federal judges no matter how well grounded in existing law, and it is for federal judges overriding anything Trump does.  When they have the presidency and they have total authority, whatever the courts do is perfectly fine.  When they lose the presidency and do not have the authority and refuse to accept it, then the federal judiciary must come in and deny that authority that is the president resulting from the authority of the election as defined by the Constitution.  The election itself is not respected because of Russia and tampering.

So you see how this works.  There’s no way to compromise with this.  There’s no way to accommodate it.  There’s no way to even tolerate it.  They are not tolerant.  They’re the exact opposite of what they claim to be.  These are the people that do not tolerate a single thing that is not something in which they have authority.  “There is no form of legal authority that the left accepts as a permanent institution,” including the Constitution.

And that’s why we are on the cusp of grave danger here, which I have been trying to point out since the day after the election in November.  The American left, the Democrat Party, however you want to refer to them, they “only utilize forms of authority selectively when it controls them. But when government officials refuse the orders of the duly elected government because their allegiance is to an ideology whose agenda is in conflict with the President and Congress, that’s not activism, protest, politics or civil disobedience.”

Mr. Greenfield calls what is happening on the left today treason. This blanket rejection of all authority which is derived from the Constitution. The total, wanton disobeying and ignoring and undermining of the Constitution as a legal matter is indeed treason.  We haven’t charged anybody with it in decades.  We haven’t used it.  We barely even mention it.  So when somebody does it’s kind of shocking.

“After losing Congress, the left consolidated its authority in the White House. After losing the White House, the left shifted its center of authority to Federal judges and unelected government officials.” The deep state.  “Each defeat led the radicalized Democrats to relocate from more democratic to less democratic institutions.”

Wherever they could go to assert their authority and thwart the authority of the Constitution is where they go.  And it isn’t hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy happens all the time in politics.  That’s not what this is.  Hypocrites still operate within the system, respecting the authority, that is, the Constitution.  The left today has no allegiance to the system unless they’re running it.  And if they’re not running it, then the system itself is illegitimate and needs to be further delegitimized.

“It accepts no laws other than those dictated by its ideology.”  And people, “What happened to the Democrat Party?”  It’s the right way to put it.  The Democrat Party has become radicalized by the left.  The left was not radicalized by the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party today bears no resemblance to the Democrat Party of John Fitzgerald Kennedy or even Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s.  No comparison.  They have been fully radicalized by radical leftists.  “It means that their first and foremost allegiance is to an ideology, not the Constitution.” And I mean that comment aimed right between the eyes of my old buddy Ted Koppel, which I will explain in due course.


RUSH: So my old buddy Ted Koppel is interviewing another old buddy Sean Hannity for the CBS Sunday Morning show. And Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity that the problem with Sean Hannity and people like him is that he’s destroyed the news. And the way he’s destroyed the news is by creating an audience of people who don’t care about facts. Yeah. The only people that listen to conservative talk radio or watch Fox News, those people, they only care about ideology. They don’t care about facts, and that has destroyed the media, says Ted Koppel, because in the process there isn’t a common set of facts anymore and the conservative audience doesn’t care about them anyway.

The truth of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen, the radicalized left is the group that has an allegiance only to its ideology and is not concerned with facts at all. They make them up if they need to to support their lone authority, which is anything but the Constitution. Now, they will use the Constitution when they are in power. When they are out of power, they will ignore it, and they will delegitimize whatever part of the Constitution they need to delegitimize the opponents.

They will delegitimize an election. They are nothing but ideologues, pure, thoroughbred, undiluted, raw, ideologues. Facts and reality are irrelevant, particularly when the facts and the reality are counter to their authority. It’s just the exact opposite of what my old buddy Ted Koppel said to Sean Hannity. Where there is an allegiance to truth and fact is right here and right now on this program and everywhere else in conservative media. It’s the only place, in fact, in American media today where there is an allegiance to real facts and real news.

And what we are up against is the delegitimization the left is attempting of these very facts and this very reality, the attempt to undermine it and overthrow it. And since we now stand in the way of the left’s unilateral ability to define the facts, to present the facts, to ignore certain facts, we have become an enemy which must be delegitimized. We must be undermined. We must be attacked and ridiculed and overthrown.

And this is why a guy on the radio like me can be treated no differently than a president with real, genuine power, with profiles done designed to ruin reputations and so forth. That’s who the American left is, and it’s identical to what happens in Sharia Islam to the nonbelievers and the infidels. And that is what we’re up against here, folks. We’re not up against people who are fellow adherents to the Constitution who have a differing point of view with whom we might want to debate and try to find some common ground, because that is not the least bit of interest to them.

We are not legitimate. We are not worthy of time. Our beliefs are not worthy of anything but being pounded into dust. And this is why — I will just speak for myself — I am over it, I’m fed up with Republicans who want to cross the aisle and find some common ground and show that we can work together so that Washington can be shown to work. It’s all BS. It’s a suicide pact to try to get into a legitimate power-sharing agreement with these people, because that’s not at all anything they are interested in.

Their first and foremost allegiance is to an ideology, not facts, not the Constitution, not our country. Their allegiance is not to America. Their allegiance is not to the Constitution. They do not revere it. They do not respect it. They do not respect nor are they in awe of our system of government. All of those things, the Constitution, the country, our system of government are only to be used as vehicles for advancing their ideology and their authority. And this is why it’s impossible to compromise with them.

Our system of government was designed to allow different groups to negotiate their differences. But those differences were supposed to be based around finding shared and common interests such as the values ordained in the Declaration, for example. The most profound of these supposed shared interests was that of a common country based around central civilization values, a common culture found nowhere else in the world.

The left isn’t interested. The left is in the process of replacing these founding ideas with completely radically different notions and principles. The left has rejected the primary importance of America. And in place of the primary importance that is America it is now the primary importance of their ideology, with no tolerance for anything but. As a result, the American left that you see every day protesting and rioting, objecting, resisting, they share little in the way of interests or values with us.

And that’s where we are, folks. That’s who these people are. That’s what we’re up against, and that’s why this election in Georgia is important tomorrow. The outcome is not that big a deal. In the balance of power it’s not that big a deal. If the Democrats win it, big whoop.

But that’s not how it’s gonna be portrayed. I’m just saw CNN, “Verdict on Trump Presidency? Georgia Election.” When I say “the election tomorrow,” I mean, we’re gonna get the results tonight. The media coverage tomorrow… When I say “tomorrow,” I’m talking about the way this is gonna be portrayed. The election’s going on right now. Hopefully, people are showing up in droves and not voting for this Democrat. Because this election is not at all going to be reported on as the balance of power. If the Democrat loses, it will be portrayed as (snorts), “Doesn’t mean anything! It’s just one seat.

“The Democrats weren’t gonna change anything by winning this seat.” If the Democrat wins, it’s gonna mean everything about Trump no longer is real. Everything Trump is now delegitimize. It’s going to be said that the American people all voted in Georgia. “The spirit of the country voted and it rejected Trump and it admitted it made the mistake and it now wishes it had the election over. America wishes Hillary was in the White House.” That’s going to be the message and more, if this Ossoff guy wins.

It looks like a long shot to get 51% in such a crowded field, but all the money is from outside the state, all the energy is from outside the district for the Democrats. There isn’t any energy in this district for the guy, not much. It’s all from Hollywood. It’s all from Washington. It’s all from San Francisco, a lot of it from Silicon Valley. But there isn’t much energy for this guy, who doesn’t even live in this district and can’t even vote there. There’s no energy for this guy where this district actually is. But his victory?

It wouldn’t even be his victory.

This would be a victory of the American left. They will totally claim that victory. This guy is gonna be become a vessel. He’s gonna become a placeholder. He’s not gonna become a hero. The coverage, the way it’s presented, will be heroic and what it’s said to represent. They’re setting it up now as this election is a verdict on the Trump presidency. They put a question mark after it. They’re hedging their bets at CNN ’cause they’re not sure the guy’s gonna pull it off. But if he does, the stories are written. I guarantee you.

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