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RUSH: Well, hey, it looks like the pressure is off automakers. Look at what just happened at the New York Auto show. The tiny cars that fit the demands of the Obama Regime are gone, folks, and in their place, gigantic SUVs.

These SUVs are bigger, they have more creature comforts, and they cost more. But that’s not stopping buyers. In fact, a Ford marketing guy says that they expect a hot SUV market for five to seven years. The vehicles could grab as much as half of all auto sales.

Toyota’s head of operations, he’s expecting big things. The Camry is the best-selling passenger car in America as it has been for years. But this year, he says, sales of their SUV might surpass the Camry.

Now, more surprising are the demographics of buyers. Baby Boomers are a big market, of course, but do you know that Millennials are coming on strong?

That has to be a major disappointment to environmentalist wackos. Despite schools inundating them as kids with global warming propaganda. Despite the nonstop Drive-By Media scare stories and endless celebrity lectures, these Millennials want their SUVs and they want them big and they want them mean.

But the biggest letdown has to be among former Obama Regime officials because they waged an eight-year war against SUVs. They used regulations to steer automakers into making itty-bitty, electric cars that nobody wanted. Now, nobody has to make what nobody wants to buy!

Obama is gone so let the good times roll in a hot, new SUV, if that’s your choice. It’s up to you.

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