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RUSH: I don’t know. Some days it just gets to me. Some days it rolls off my back. This is one of these days it’s getting to me. All of these establishment people now go crowing about the fact that Trump’s finally becoming presidential now that he’s speaking to moderates in Washington. They’re giving him the right policy on taxes. They’re giving him the right policy on Syria and the Middle East and giving him the right policy on immigration and so forth. Damn establishment editorial op-ed people.

No, I’m not gonna name names ’cause it doesn’t matter. Pick one. Just a bunch of Never Trumpers claiming that they’re now having success in converting Trump away from the bad influences that got him there, and now he’s listening to the Better Angels, which are the Democrats that he’s surrounded himself with. It’s a crock anyway, but they’re out there now crowing that finally Trump’s becoming an adult, finally Trump’s becoming somebody we can write favorably about. Finally Trump’s reaching the levels of almost potential that we always hoped — like these arrogant SOBs that think they should be president but couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in Syria claiming to know everything Trump — I better rein it back in here.

Well, part of this is I had a lousy day playing golf yesterday. I’m telling you, they need to make prisoners play this game. You know, you go out, you can shoot, in my case my first ever 76 three weeks ago, and yesterday I didn’t hit one fairway off the tee and I had a duck — nothing ever good happens when you go left. Nothing ever, anywhere, any time. It took me nine holes to figure it out. I was cocking my wrists too soon in the backswing. And it was causing me to roll my wrist. There are a whole bunch of little things. You know. You know what the enemy of golf is? An IQ. The people that play golf better than anybody are people that don’t think about anything, especially what they’re doing. They just go do it.

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