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RUSH: Here is Steve in Valrico, Florida. Great to have you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: Well, I’m fine, Rush. Thank you very much for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos. I’m a Trump voter, and I’m never tired of Trump.

RUSH: I appreciate you saying, sir.

CALLER: Rush, my comment was on something you made earlier about the cyber warfare and the fact that Obama’s vaunted cyber warfare team actually were the ones that took down North Korea’s missile.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Okay. Well, I’ve been in cyber warfare all my military life, and I’m retired. We learn from offense the same things and we apply ’em to our own defense. If that happened, then why in fact was Russia able to hack the election with our great cyber warfare capability being able to take down the North Korea missile?

RUSH: Let me see if I understand your question. You are saying that you’ve been involved in cyber warfare, and when learning to hack and penetrate other systems, you also learned how to defend your own, right?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: And so you’re wondering if we’ve developed, under Obama, this massive ability to hack something like the Norks’ nuclear launch commands, how in the hell were the Russians able to hack the Democrat National Committee network?

CALLER: That’s exactly my point. Yes, sir.

RUSH: Hmm. An interesting question. What’s your answer? How would you answer that?

CALLER: My answer is that we probably do have a very good cyber warfare capability and that, in fact, the Russians never hacked the election.

RUSH: Well, yes. They did not hack the election. Thanks for the call. They didn’t tamper with the votes. You know, the way the language game gets played, “Russians hacked the election, Russians hacked the election,” and some people, some leftists believe the election is illegitimate. The Russians didn’t. There’s no way. I’m blue in the face explaining this.

However, have you noticed the consensus. No matter who you talk to in Washington, Republican, Democrat, CIA, NSA, DIA, Senate Intelligence Committee, House intelligence, they every one of them say, “Oh, yes, there’s no question the Russians tampered and hacked into our election, no doubt whatsoever. Very bad, the Russians are committing drastically bad acts of ill will, no question the Russians were hacking.”

What were they hacking? What was the hack? I keep going back to this. Well, they hacked the Podesta emails. It’s not a hack. It is a phishing scheme. But my point is that everybody in official Washington admits like it’s just as normal as the sun coming, “Oh, yeah, the Russians, every day they’re hacking this or hacking that, they’re involving themselves.” Well, they didn’t. They didn’t affect the outcome of the election, in terms of how elections are determined, the casting of votes and the counting.

So I guess what is meant the Russians are constantly attempting to hack party and government networks, databases, and so forth, but it’s nothing unique to an election. It’s nothing that doesn’t happen every other day of the year. And, by the same token, we are trying to get into their computer networks. And the same thing with the ChiComs. They are trying to hack us, we’re trying to hack them. The Norks are trying to hack us; we’re trying to hack them.

We’re trying to hack the Iranians, and we did. We spread a bad virus throughout the Iranian — we messed up with their nuclear program, set it back by two years with the Spetsnaz virus or something. Everybody does it. But they want us to believe here that something that the Russians did is unprecedented, it’s never happened before. And it’s just a crock.

And keep in mind that the Democrats, to this day, have refused the FBI’s requests to examine the Democrat National Committee network, computers, and system. They failed to get into the RNC computer network and the system. The RNC let the FBI come in and look, and that was supposedly the answer. But you could ask a lot of questions. I think it’s funny that Obama’s media is trying to say, “Obama did it, Obama did it.”

You know what that means? And this Fareed Zakaria global positioning satellite guy was out there saying that two Obama administration figures told him, “Yeah, if Obama was still president, he would have done the same thing Trump did.” Now, this sounds strangely to me like some Obama people are really worried here that Trump is succeeding in these areas and is doing things that they want to try to diminish. “Oh, yeah, Obama would have done that, too, if he were still there, yeah, yeah, no big deal.” Rather than choosing to blow it and up say that Trump’s running risks and all this, Obama’s people seem to want to get in on it and thought of as just as prescient and smart as the Trump people.


RUSH: Here is the actual sound bite, Fareed Zakaria GPS on his CNN show in which he portrays the two people he knows in the Obama administration as, hey, we would have done exactly what Trump did in Syria if he were still in office.

ZAKARIA: The Trump administration watched a violation of Obama’s 2013 deal and enforced it in precisely the manner that Obama had implied, which is why virtually every major Obama foreign policy official from Hillary Clinton to Thomas Donilon to Leon Panetta has supported the Trump administration’s action as did U.S. allies in the region and beyond. The strikes were discreet, measured, intended to convey a signal and yet at the same time designed to ensure that the U.S. did not descend further into the Syrian civil war. In other words, they were very Obama-like. Two senior Obama officials I spoke with told me that were Barack Obama still president, he would have likely ordered a strike that was similar if not identical in scope.

RUSH: Come on, Fareed! Who do you think we are? Now, let me tell you what spawned this. After Trump launched the 59 Tomahawk missiles, a bunch of Democrats and a bunch of people in the media all over the country instinctively reacted with opposition, with resistance, and with full-fledged hatred for Trump. And this worried Fareed Zakaria GPS. So Fareed Zakaria GPS went to CNN on his show on Sunday and said (paraphrasing), “Hey, you people get over it. You anti-Trump people, you’re going too far here. All Trump did was the Obama administration policy.”

He starts it off by saying the Trump administration watched a violation of Obama’s deal. That means — this is crazy — what Fareed Zakaria GPS is saying is that Trump saw that Syrians cross Obama’s red line. I made a joke out of this, I made a joke out of this and Fareed Zakaria comes along — remember my joke? I calmed Democrats by saying all this was was Trump protecting Obama’s order and his honor because by gassing people they crossed Obama’s red line and all Trump was doing was protecting Obama’s honor. So you Democrats, does that make you feel better, I asked? I was joking with ’em.

And here comes Fareed Zakaria GPS taking my joke and making it live, as the exact reaction you should have. “Well, what Trump saw was Syria in violation of Obama’s red line in 2013, and Trump enforced it in precisely the manner that Obama had implied, which is why all the reasonable Democrats applauded Trump for doing this. So you wacko Democrats need to shut up because this is exactly what Obama would have done.”

Except it isn’t because Obama had countless opportunities to do just this, and he never did it once. So this is Fareed Zakaria GPS. He must have heard my joke. No, no. I take that back. He wouldn’t have recognized it as a joke. He would have thought, “That’s brilliant. That’s brilliant. Trump did this to save Obama’s honor.” Then he goes out and makes an entire show based on it. And I was simply trying to calm a bunch of Democrats who are about to lose their minds with Trump in charge of missile launches. I mean, that scares them. You know, Trump tweeting is one thing, but launching missiles, that’s a whole new level of fear.

So I was just trying to calm them down. “Hey, he’s just protecting Obama’s honor. Remember the red line.” Thank you, Fareed Zakaria, you have made my day here. Fareed Zakaria GPS has made my day by bringing my joke not only to life, but making it live in reality. And then this final line, “Two senior Obama officials I spoke with told me that were Obama still president, he would have likely ordered a strike that was similar, if not identical in scope.” But he never did. Syria was allowed to cross Obama’s red line I don’t know how many times. At least eight. This has made my day.

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