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RUSH: NBC Sports. I have been waiting for this. I did not predict it. I did not mention it even once on the air. Privately, I’ve been waiting for this. “NBC Sports: U.S. Flag at Baseball Games Too Political — When the Atlanta Braves unfurled a gigantic flag for the playing of the national anthem, it prompted an ultra sensitive member of the partisan media and his Twitter followers to express a whole host of ridiculous claims.”

We’re talking about the NBC baseball writer Craig Calcaterra. He complained that the presentation of the American flag “evoked overly political tones. He and his like-minded comrades used the occasion to attack the flag, the military, President Trump, conservatives and the singing of God Bless America.”

I’ve thought this was coming with the attacks on, you know, remove the flag from certain sporting events, people alluding to this. The left does not like tributes to the military before sporting events. That’s overtly political. Remember Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather, a bunch of news anchors way back then refused to wear American flag lapel pins ’cause it showed bias, and they couldn’t show bias. They were news anchors of the world and they could not show that they favored one country over another. They didn’t want anybody to think they were biased toward or for the United States.

Not making it up. So I’ve been waiting for this. And this is Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, refusing to stand for the National Anthem. The flag had to be next. Sporting events, particularly football, they cover the whole field now with a flag with a legion of people holding it while the anthem is played. In baseball they sing God bless America at the seventh inning stretch, and it’s irritating to many on the left, this overt patriotism. It’s obscene and it’s too political.

Remember the survey that we had out of Harvard University, now a couple years old. But they found out that depictions of the American flag such as prior to sporting events inspires people to vote Republican. Remember that? You do now that I mention it. Harvard did a big survey, talking about the Fourth of July. The Fourth of July itself, Independence Day, makes people more inclined to support and vote Republican. Same thing with the flag.

This is one of the reasons I think the left has a secret mission, if you will, to try to do whatever damage they can to all American sports because of the linkage to the flag, the linkage to patriotism. It just offends them. It bothers them. This NBC Sports, this is not television. NBC has a website where they feature many sports, football, NBC Sports Talk, baseball. This guy does the baseball blog at NBC’s website and he’s got the ball rolling here with the flag being too political. So this is gonna get picked up.

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