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RUSH: Hey, hey, all of you leftists that are just totally absorbed with Trump hatred? Hang in there. I’m gonna help you out today. I’m gonna be able to walk you off the ledge if you want to be walked off the ledge. If you want to jump, go ahead, but I’m gonna walk you back. Can you imagine the distress? I mean, you want to talk about karma? Yesterday, Hillary Clinton shows up at some… I don’t know. The opening of some play on Broadway. Do you know she still has to be assisted walking? I looked at the video. She doesn’t really walk. She kind of shuffles out there.

But some guy walked her about one quarter of the way to the podium. She was introduced by whoever the emcee was as “Hillary Rodham ‘Beyonce’ Clinton,” and the place went nuts. You know what Hillary did (laughing) among other things? She blamed the voters for her defeat. She said the voters are a bunch of misogynists, and that’s why she lost, and then you know what she did? She called for air strikes in Syria! Why would she do this? She obviously didn’t think Trump would ever do it. So she’s calling for air strikes in Syria to take out the chemical weapons stocks of Bashar al-Assad.

And then Trump does it, and she’s, “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…” All the people that love Hillary… You talk about conflicted? Then you have Pelosi out there echoing Hillary that it’s a great move. Schumer said it’s a great move, and leftists are on the ledges of every high building they can find today. They’re looking at being sold out and betrayed by elected officials who are supposed to resist Trump no matter what he does. It doesn’t matter — resist, resist, resist — and now they’re climbing all over themselves to be supportive of Trump.

And there just has to be tremendous amount of angst out there, and in the Drive-By Media as well. What a week! What a week. President Trump’s claims about being monitored by the Obama Regime have been vindicated. Susan Rice and a number of other Regime specialists assured people back in January that Obama had gotten rid of every chemical weapon in Syria. She assured everybody that Obama’s a tough guy. He wasn’t gonna take anything for granted!
He ordered Bashar Assad to get rid of it, and Bashar Assad did. Susan Rice wanted us to believe that Bashar al-Assad and Putin both wilted under the intense pressure exerted by Barack Hussein O. We find out that was a flat-out, ever loving of joke. Just like when Obama told us that he told Putin to stop spying on the American elections. You know what he told Putin to do? He said, “Cut it out.” And Putin said, “Oh, my God! I’m scared to death! He just told me to cut it out!” And supposedly Putin did.

But if you listen to Democrats today, Putin didn’t cut it out. He continued. So Trump’s claims about being monitored were vindicated. And then the Democrats refused to confirm Gorsuch, but then Gorsuch was confirmed anyway. It just happened. Rand Paul, by the way, ended up being the 51st vote. And throughout the vote, CNN was holding out hope that something would happen like Assad would bomb the Capitol or anything to stop the vote. (laughing) You should have seen CNN during the count. You could see they were holding out hope that something would happen to prevent Gorsuch from being confirmed.

But he was. Trump, the supposed Putin lover — Trump supposedly in the tank for Putin, Trump supposedly co-opted by Putin, Trump supposedly aligned with Putin — attacks Russia’s client state, Syria. And now this morning we see Trump’s comments about Sweden’s Muslims problems being vindicated once again. Trump lobs the grenade that Obama’s spying on him. The media has conniption fit, says, “It can’t be true! Trump’s deranged.” It turns out to be true. Trump notes what’s going on in Sweden with terror attacks, and they laugh at him.

“He’s making it up. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! The guy is dangerous,” and yet another terror attack today in Sweden. It was announced by the Swedish government as a terror attack. The Drive-By Media is now questioning the sanity of the Swedish leader. “Only two people were killed. Who says it’s terrorism?” They don’t want Trump to be right about anything. So it’s been a typical week. Trump does and says things that are impugned and criticized and laughed at and made fun of and, in the end, Trump is generally proven to be right about this.

Speaking of Syria, we need to remember that the Obama administration said they forced Assad to give up all of his chemical weapons. Remember, now, this is the same Obama administration that claimed the Iran deal will keep Iran from ever getting a nuclear bomb. How are you feeling about that now, folks? I’m not making it up! Susan Rice back in January assured everybody that everything was fine, that we had forced Assad to get rid of all the chemical weapons and the chlorine gas, weapons of mass destruction.

Obviously, Assad didn’t. He’s laughing at Obama all the way, and Obama’s the same guy that tells us that the Iranians will not be developing a nuclear weapon. Now, folks, when pondering the reaction of the left… Oh. I know that there are many Trump… Well, I don’t know it’s many. But I know there’s some Trump voters that feel very betrayed. Let me ask you: You’re a big Trump supporter. You feel betrayed by this? (interruption) You do not. You were a big Trump supporter. Do you feel betrayed by this? (interruption)

There are some who now want Trump impeached. There are some Trump supporters who believe he’s totally betrayed them. He led them to believe that the days of the United States involving itself in other nation’s wars were over. We weren’t gonna do it. We weren’t gonna waste the money. We weren’t gonna be distracted. Now Trump’s done it and they’re feeling totally betrayed, and I have a sample piece written by a Trump supporter feeling betrayed to share with you. We’re gonna cover all angles of this. But the fascinating thing to me, the most interesting thing to me is the reaction of the insane left.

Because, you know, every day they tell themselves that they’re scoring points and that they’re getting ever closer to forcing Trump out of office. They live not in reality. They live in an alternate reality that they create, and every day they allow themselves to believe that they’re getting closer and closer and closer to getting rid of Trump. But when you ponder the reactions of the left to what Trump… How about this?

So Trump orders the attack and then promptly sits down to dinner with the ChiCom leader. Have you seen…? Folks, let me tell you. This is important. Have you seen the pictures from Mar-a-Lago? I don’t care which pictures. There’s lots of pictures. Have you seen the pictures of Trump sitting next to the ChiCom leader and his wife, Trump and Melania there. In every one of those pictures last night, the ChiCom leader is smiling and looks happy, and everybody knows these pictures were taken after we launched the attack on Syria.

So nobody has to say a word. All the caption has to be is “Following the president’s launching of 59 Tomahawk missiles on a chemical weapons stock in Syria, the ChiCom leader, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump enjoyed dinner,” and the picture shows everybody laughing and smiling. And it makes it look like the ChiCom leader is all in for this, whether he is or not. This is not accidental. This is not happenstance. I think this is very clever. Some might say “brilliant,” but remember, I’m trying to keep the leftists from jumping off the ledge today.

So I’m gonna refrain my compliments Trump so as not to drive them even battier. But Trump orders them the launch and then goes in and has dinner at the very opulent dining room at Mar-a-Lago. You seen the flower bouquet alone? The flower bouquet alone would make a great midfield logo for an NFL football game, it’s that big. (chuckles) It must have taken four greenhouses to provide the flowers on the one table… It’s huge! Red and yellow roses, a bunch of babies breath in there, and even some pansies. Well, you know, when you’re president, you have to acknowledge everybody. So you put everybody’s favorite flower in there.

But the ChiCom guy was laughing. I’m not kidding. The ChiCom guy smiling and laughing. Whether it’s about the attack or not doesn’t matter. All you have to do is caption the picture with the right type line. So you have that. You have this whole idea that Trump and Putin are in bed and now Trump has attacked one of the key client states of Putin, and Putin’s mad. By the way, there is a Russian warship headed to the area where our destroyers launched the missiles. Putin’s got one of his ragtag destroyers chugging toward the region where our destroyers launched.

He’s a day late (chuckles), but he’s making a show of it. (interruption) Well, our destroyer isn’t there anymore. They’ve gotten the hell out of there. Let him… (interruption) Okay, “Bring it,” you say. “Bring it! Bring it!” What does this do to all these leftists who have this alternative reality where they have convinced themselves that Trump and Putin are inseparable, that they are aligned against the United States, that Putin and Trump rigged the election and stole it from Mrs. Clinton? Now here is Trump taking it to his bro, taking it to his bud, Vlad Putin!

(interruption) They say, ‘It’s fake news. It’s just theater.” Then it’s just more insanity. It’s… (interruption) Well, I’m just telling you they create this alternative reality. Whatever. They’re not planted in the ground. So, here, the thing, when you ponder the left’s reaction… I was doing this all last night. I was actually enjoying this last night, and I was getting emails from all quarters. I was getting emails from people who are angry, feel betrayed, think Trump should be impeached. I got emails from people who think it’s the greatest thing. “This establishes him, finally, as the real president. We’re back!”

I can’t tell you the number of emails I got from people who were proud that America is behaving with strength again and resolve. You know something? Folks, I’m gonna tell you something. Those of you… I may insult you here. I don’t mean to be insulting you, because it’s really not aimed at you. But I think there were a lot of people on our side — I mean, conservative/Republican people — that voted for Trump, and I think they were shocked that Trump took this action, for a whole host of reasons. But you know one of the reasons I believe? Things happen subtly.

The conditioning of the human mind and the human attitude is a very, very gradual thing. And for the last eight years we had Barack Hussein Obama in the White House disengaging the United States from places in the world where we have vital national interests. Instead, he was making deals with nations who have traditionally been our enemies, such as Iran. Selling out Israel to side up with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and so forth. People, I think, whether they knew it or not — wanted to admit it or not — we were all becoming a bit pacifist.

Obama clearly is a pacifist.

The left is a bunch of pacifists.

The left believes that the United States is not the solution to the problems in the world. They believe the United States is the problem and therefore our military represents the problem. And Obama, despite having troops deployed all over the world, we weren’t fighting wars to win them. We weren’t fighting wars to end them. We were not projecting our power. We were allowing our power to be diminished, and it just happened gradually. It’s like you put a frog in a pot of water on a stove, in cold water, and then you gradually warm the water.

The frog doesn’t know what’s going on until that moment when, “Hey, you know what? I’m being boiled here!” And I think that describes a lot of the United States population. We have just been lulled into a mentality of pacifism. Not that we wanted to be, but because that’s where Obama was taking the country. And in the last eight years the idea of the United States doing anything like this was not on anybody’s mind. We either subconsciously or consciously acknowledged that it was a new day, a different day with Barack Hussein Obama. We got a lot of huff and puff. We got a lot of imaginary red lines drawn. But we got nothing.

We didn’t back up our red lines. We didn’t back up our huff and puff. So out of the blue… Even though Trump telegraphed this in the days leading up to it, and even though the secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, telegraphed it even more in the days leading up to it… Especially yesterday afternoon after the ChiCom leader had landed and Tillerson greeted him the bottom of the steps when the ChiCom leader came off the plane. Tillerson went into the airport and had a press conference. And it was that press conference late yesterday afternoon where another indication that something was up and something was gonna happen was given, including alluding to possible regime change in Syria.

Then the attack happens last night and everybody’s stunned and blown away.

They can’t believe it!

It’s like we were the frogs in the water and finally after eight years it got too hot. I haven’t refined this belief totally. But my point is that after eight years of Obama and the way he viewed the country and the direction he was taking the country, we had all become unaware, not-on-purpose, pacifists. We couldn’t even see our country behaving this way. Some people did and were bothered by it. But for the most part, our mass population didn’t. And that’s why last night’s event was such a shock, I believe, to so many people. Now, in imagining the reaction of the left — which, to me, is the real fun of this — you have to consider, you have to think of the most insane things you can to get close to how they will really react.

And I was doing that last night.


RUSH:  So one of the ways that I thought I could comfort liberals who are having panic attacks over Trump launch that salvo of Tomahawk missiles into Syria last night was just say this to them: “Hey, scared liberals? Don’t forget something.  Syria lied to Obama and lied to John Kerry about getting rid of their weapons of mass destruction, and Trump’s attack was taken to uphold Obama’s honor.  Trump’s red line was lying to America’s first black president!”  Would that make you feel better?  If I could convince you that all Trump was doing was defending Obama’s honor, would that make you feel better?

Did Trump tell the ChiCom leader during the time last night at Mar-a-Lago that he was in the process of bombing Syria?  We don’t know when the ChiCom leader found out about it. But we do know in every photo taken the last night, the ChiCom leader is smiling.  You could also say that Trump was just punishing Syria for lying to Obama and Kerry about disposing their chemical weapons. There are any number of ways I was thinking of mollifying the left about this, because I guarantee you, they are beside themselves over this.

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