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Have you heard the story about the high school journalists in Kansas? It was so big the Washington Post and all the others picked it up. These journalists in Kansas investigated the background of their newly hired principal, Amy Robertson.

They found discrepancies in her credentials. The website of the university where Roberson claimed she got her advanced degrees – didn’t work. The students discovered it was an online diploma mill – not an accredited university. After their story questioning her background was published, the principal resigned.

Almost immediately, the young journalists found themselves in the news. Their story was all over social media, and was reported on by respected members of the Drive-By Media. The kids were shocked, that they got so much attention from big-time news outlets.

But it’s no surprise why these high school journalists were held up for such praise. Their elders in the business were as proud as a mother lion watching her cubs perform their first successful hunt. They didn’t just wound an authority figure, they took her out!

Now I have some advice for you high school cub reporters. You’re not real Drive-By journalists yet. Your first “scalp” was somebody who did do something wrong. You found out, and reported it. That no big deal.

What you have to do is find somebody totally innocent, preferably CEO or a mayor or a big figure, and ruin them! You ruin somebody’s interest and that’s your ticket to the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN.

Don’t doubt me.

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