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RUSH: Mike, Columbia, South Carolina. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: But heavens to Murgatroyd, would you please help me make up my mind? Let me explain. Over the years, you’ve repeatedly said — and I always nod my head in agreement — that the “alphabet” Drive-By Media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

RUSH: Mmm-hmm.

CALLER: But I believe I heard you say in your opening segment that that role is actually reversed, that the Democrat politicians are merely the placeholders and the executors of the agenda, that the media is actually the one that’s setting policy. So who’s the tail and who’s the dog?

RUSH: I actually think that that may be true. I have revised my thinking on that in just the past two to three weeks. I’m considering the structure, that it is the Democrats that are an arm of the media, not that the media is an arm of the Democrats. In other words, the foundational base of the progressive movement is in the nationwide media. The Democrat Party are the elected hacks who enforce and introduce politically and legislatively — and oppose the things that the Republicans put forth — in a political sense. But the constant, always-there of progressivism and liberalism is the media.

The Democrat Party itself is an extension of that, as opposed to the media being an extension of the Democrat Party.

I say this because the Democrat Party lost the presidential election, and the Democrat has been losing elections since 2010. The media hasn’t lost anything. Well, that’s not true. They’re losing viewers and advertisers and so forth, but they haven’t acquiesced to that change. They haven’t subjected themselves to it. They are the… I think they are the fuel. They provide the backup and the energy and the support for the Democrats to do what they do. Look, it may be six of one, a half dozen of the other when you get right down to it. Why does it matter to you? Why is it such an important thing to you?

CALLER: Well, it kind of struck me. I’m willing to entertain that change, but, you know, another thing that you’re always pointing out — especially with your montages — is that the media always seems to be so coordinated.

RUSH: Mmm-hmm.

CALLER: They use the same words, the same phrases. They pursue or don’t pursue the same stories. Historically we’ve just thought, “Well, you know, the Democrats are feeding them those talking points, and that’s the direction that they go.” But if it’s the media that’s actually formulating and pushing the agenda for the Democrats and others in the establishment, then who’s running the media? How can they be so coordinated, unless… I mean, they’re not just all getting together. Something or someone…?

RUSH: This is the thing. I guess… You know, in my never-ending quest to explain the left to people — and, folks, I’m gonna be doing this until my last day here. It’s a never-ending quest, believe me. My mind changes over the years on certain things that I believe, as I learn more about it. But my point is there doesn’t have to be coordination because they’re all of similar mind-set. They’re… In terms of coordinating the term “gravitas” or “looks bad,” much of that is taught in journalism school. But they have their own private chat rooms.

Journalists have their own private chat rooms where they get together and chat with each other about just these kinds of things. It could well be that they’re gathered in a bar after work consuming adult beverages and one of them happens to come up with a phrase. And they all like it and they all start using it and it spreads. But the point is they’re all so like-minded, they’re all so identical, it doesn’t take coordination. Like, Lois Lerner did not have to get a memo to know to screw around with conservative groups seeking a tax exemption, because she’s of a mind-set to deny them anyway. Because in her mind, they’re illegitimate.

They’re not leftists.

The conservative groups are not liberal; therefore, they’re illegitimate.

They don’t deserve a fair break.

They don’t deserve anything that might help them compete against liberals.

So she didn’t need a memo. There wouldn’t be a smoking gun memo. She doesn’t need instructions. Susan Rice did not need to be told to do what she did. Even though she may have been, she didn’t need to be. Evelyn Farkas did what she did on her own and owned up to it. It’s just who they are. This is my never-ending quest. You’re looking for who is the grand pooh-bah? Who’s the wizard behind the curtain issuing the marching orders? In the case of the media, there isn’t one. But they all have the people who hire the underlings in positions of power, and they’re all identical.

I have no idea what the interviews are like. I don’t know how they find, what the procedure is in interviewing applicants, say, for a correspondent at NBC News. What do you have to do to get that gig? In some cases, all you have to do is, in a small market, do a profile that destroys somebody, a powerful figure in your town, and you’ll get noticed.

But it all starts in journalism school. All this stuff starts in school. All of it starts in the educational system, the propagandizing, the indoctrination, it all starts there. And by the time these people are finished with their finishing schools called the Ivy League and they come out wearing the same kind of clothes, same kind of shoes, ready to get hired, they already have mastered the thought process, which is not even really a thought process. There is no thinking involved here. There’s simple loyalty. Loyalty to the cause. And once you spot a loyal member of the movement, then you bring ’em on and you hire ’em.

So I don’t think a whole lot of coordination is required because there’s not that much diversity of thought in this group of people. You don’t have competing intellectual arguments inside the left. You either have acceptance or heresy. And if you’re a heretic, they throw you out. They treat you like a member of the opposition, and you’re done for. And that’s when you end up at Fox or somewhere else. I’m not saying that every leftist at Fox has been thrown out of the movement. There’s some saboteurs in there too. Don’t think that’s not going on.

But you don’t see the saboteurs at Fox. If there are any saboteurs, they’re editors, they’re producers, people that are never on camera. The assignment editors, the people that define how a segment’s gonna be discussed, what the questions are gonna be based on who the guests are. These people have it all covered, folks. Because this is not just a movement; it is a way of life. It is a religion.

This is why I’m on this never-ending quest — if more people understood this — look, I’m gonna stop saying that. I’m sure you’re bored hearing me say that too. But I’ve always believed that trying to find a way to convert more people to ideological understanding would be the greatest anti-leftist weapon we could develop.


RUSH:  Now, to maybe further illustrate my possible theory that it’s not the Democrats that lead the way, that it’s the media. That it’s the Democrats very arm of the media, not that the media is the arm of the Democrats.  Let’s take a look at it two things.  Let’s take a look at the resistance movement.  Okay, so reverse things and say Hillary won but the Republicans are behaving like the Democrats are today, refusing to accept it, resisting everything. There are Republicans in Hillary’s bureaucracy leaking details about all the criminality and so forth, what do you think the media would be doing?

The media would not be supporting it.  The media would be ripping the Republicans to shreds for failing to accept the results of the election. They would be calling them bad sports, and they’d be setting out trying to destroy them because they’re not behaving in a mature way. They’re threatening the Constitution. They’re threatening the government. They’re threatening the country. And they would be ridiculing everything they would be supporting the Democrats doing today and that’s the difference.  The Democrats engage in this resistance, the election didn’t happen, it’s illegitimate, and the media does what?  Promotes it, legitimizes it, justifies it.

Gorsuch, on this filibuster business, imagine that it was the Republicans stopping an Obama appointee that had been nominated, not like Garland and had a hearing, and doing all this, the media would be creaming the Republicans, but they’re not doing that to the Democrats.  They’re guiding them, they are amplifying, they’re supporting, and they are running interference for the Democrats on this.  And that’s important to understand in the whole context here of what is really going on.  There is no acceptance of the outcome of the election.  There is nothing but a focused effort to delegitimize everything that happened.

And whatever it takes to do that is fine.  Whatever it takes to do that is supported and promoted.  And when the objects of this, when the Trump people, the Republicans, when the targets of this attempt to defend themselves, that is called proof of criminality.  And the question still remains:  When does this stop?  What stops it?  Because what we’re in the middle of is indeed a battle for the control over the Constitution of this country and what it is going to say and how important and relevant it is going to be.  Make no mistake about that.

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