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RUSH: The AP has a story out today. Boy, did this one have to be tough today.

The AP has a story today about all the achievements Trump has racked up, all the things he’s accomplishing here that are substantive and meaningful — and all of them are the unraveling of things Obama did. It’s a long story, takes three pages to print out, and you can just tell that there is anger seeping out of this story. Because while all of this is going on, while the media and the Democrats try to prove Trump’s illegitimate, Trump is unraveling as much of Obama as he can and is succeeding wildly — and he isn’t finished by any stretch of the imagination.


RUSH: I’ve alluded to this a couple of times. This is a story from the Associated Press, Darlene Superville is the infobabe, and this just had to destroy them writing this. Headline: “Bit By Bit, Trump Methodically Undoing Obama Policies.” I’ll tell you what this is. This story inadvertently reveals what the real problem with Trump is, and it’s not that he tweets, and it’s not that he’s a racist and it’s not that he’s a liar, and it’s not that he’s a misogynist. It’s that he is getting too much done.

I know. I’m trying to anticipate you disagreeing with me, shouting at your radio, “He doesn’t look like he’s winning anything. Rush, look at the media, doesn’t look he’s winning anything.” That’s my point. They know he is. He’s getting too much done. Not that you would notice from the rest of the coverage that he’s getting, but that’s why he must be stopped. “Bit By Bit, Trump Methodically Undoing Obama Policies.”

And here’s a list: Climate change, internet privacy, abortion family planning, the Keystone oil pipeline, the Dakota access pipeline, fuel efficiency standards, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, abortion, personal finance. In terms of climate change, he’s gotten rid of the heart of the Obama administration. He has literally ripped the heart out of the Obama EPA. Remember, now, climate change to the left contains everything they need to completely take over a country, a society, a population, and Trump has stripped it all out.


RUSH: I got a health care question, Obamacare question: Are head explosions covered? Because I’m telling you, folks, this AP story: “Bit by Bit, Trump Methodically Undoing Obama Policies”? This is why he’s hated. This is why they are out of their mind. All this, “Trump’s a racist, Trump’s a bigot, Trump’s this, Trump’s that,” I’m sure they probably believe that, but that’s not what’s really fueling all of this. What’s fueling this is Trump is doing what he said he was gonna do. He’s doing exactly what he said he was gonna do.

Have you heard…? (laughing) Trump’s taking credit today for the health care bill failing. He said, “Look, I told you I’m a winner, and that thing was gonna lose. I told Ryan, ‘Pull the vote. We’re not losing. I don’t lose. I only win.'” So Trump’s claiming credit for pulling the health care vote so that he wouldn’t lose. Louie Gohmert — our good buddy, congressman from Texas — says for all of the success that Trump is having — and he is having success in unraveling Obama’s agenda. Louie says Trump’s got 30 days.

These next 30 days are crucial for Trump. Don’t do the wrong thing on health care. Louie’s point is if they get together with Ryan and try again on health care, if they do it the wrong way, Trump can undermine himself. Because Obamacare is that big a deal. It was that big a deal in the campaign — getting rid of it, repealing it, replacing it. Better actually do that or something very close to it. But quickly, let me run through this list again. I ran through it just to get the list in before time ran out.

“Climate change. Trump signed an executive order last week to deliver on his [promise] to unravel Obama’s efforts to curb global warming. The order launched a review of the Clean Power Plan… Business groups had complained to Trump, himself a businessman, that the rules were intrusive and expensive.” Now, the way that’s written is designed to impugn Trump: “Trump, himself a businessman…” As though, “We can’t have that! We can’t have a businessman in the Oval Office! We can’t have that! Why, that’s absurd. It’s a conflict.”

But I’m telling you, climate change is a signature Obama issue. It’s a fundamental left-wing issue. Climate change, global warming, whatever you want to call it, contains every desire the Democrats have for co-opting and controlling an entire population or society that is aimed at keeping them in power forever. Climate change has everything. It gives them license and power to rule over every aspect of life. If the planet and its survival is hanging in the balance, then they can tell you and me what we can and cannot do on practically everything.

Health care is number two. If they gain full control — as in single payer — over the American health care system, that pretty much is ballgame, combined with climate change, because then they get to dictate how you live. And if you don’t live according to the dictates, you may not be treated for a health malady that you suffer. So these are two big things. But then there was: “Trump is expected to sign legislation erasing another Obama rule, one that barred states from withholding federal family planning funds from Planned Parenthood affiliates and other clinics that provide abortions.

“The rule was finalized shortly before Obama left office in January,” and Trump’s about to erase it. The two pipelines, Keystone pipeline XL, Dakota Access. Obama steadfastly refused to support either because his big-money donors — primarily a guy named Tom Steyer, but there are many others — and Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett doesn’t want these pipelines because right now Warren Buffett owns the trains that carry the fuel. “Fuel efficiency standards. The Trump administration is re-examining federal requirements governing the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks.”

Five years ago, the Regime “set fuel economy regulations for model years 2017-2025 and agreed to complete a midterm evaluation by next year. Then, days before Obama left office, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to keep stringent requirements it had set in place for model years 2022-2025. The auto industry balked. Trump announced in Michigan that he’s putting the midterm review back on track,” which is going to east manufacturing. It’s going to…

All this would do would be to reduce the choice you have in the kind of vehicle you buy because slowly but surely, the pickup truck and SUVs would be illegal. Well, not totally, but the fleet would only be allowed to comprise 10, 20%. The rest of them, you’d have to buy these little dime store cars that nobody wants. All this is gone! Folks, these are the pie-in-the-sky wet dream things that the left has been dreaming of implementing for decades. Obama did it, and Trump has stripped them out.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal. A big deal was made of that during the campaign. On abortion: “Trump reinstated a ban on providing federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide information about them. Obama had lifted the ban when he took office in 2009.” It’s back. It’s a huge list of accomplishments, and this does not include all of the things that Trump has done after having met with certain specific groups. These are just the things that Obama had implemented that Trump is unraveling.

There are other aspects of the Trump agenda, like building the wall. That’s going forward. ICE deporting people. Calling out sanctuary cities and moving in on them. There’s all kinds of really serious, substantive, important things to the left that Trump is attacking, plans to attack, or has already dealt with — and the left can’t stop him, and this is what is frustrating them to no end. They’re firing both barrels 24/7. They haven’t intimidated Trump.

They haven’t made Trump stop doing one thing that he said he was gonna do. Trump’s not even acting scared. If anything, Trump’s mad and is fighting back with his tweets, and now this intel thing — blockbuster news — that Susan Rice of the Obama administration wanted to know the names, and was in charge of the unmasking of Trump administration and transition people. This is huge. This is gonna blow up in their faces so big, you can’t believe. When this…

This “Russia colluded with Trump to steal the election” is gonna blow up on these people, and I’ll tell you what caused it to reverse on them: When Trump tweeted that Obama had “tapped his wires,” quote/unquote, at Trump Tower. That is what reversed all of this. That is when the Democrats panicked and got even stranger and weirder on this, and that’s when they started denying that there was any investigation. “Trump’s insane! Trump is unstable.

“What do you mean? We haven’t been surveilling Trump!” That put the lie to everything, because they have been surveilling Trump, and we know this because what they surveilled ended up in the New York Times and at CNN. Trump picked up the hand grenade and threw it right back at ’em, and essentially Trump — in a generic sense — was right. They were surveilling him. Susan Rice is Obama! She wanted the names of Trump people unmasked so they could be leaked to the media in an effort to discredit Trump and his transition and ultimately his presidency.

Trump wasn’t supposed to do that. No, the way you’re supposed to react to the media is weakness, fear, sue for peace, beg forgiveness, give them more access. Instead, he picked the grenade up and threw it right back at them. Don’t doubt me on this. I don’t care if it’s not being reported this way. I don’t care how it’s being reported. The reality of what happens is the reality of what happens, and it’s how everybody is having to live. What’s happening in Washington is not an illusion.

Trump is rolling back Obama-era achievements. What’s happening in Washington is that Trump is moving his agenda forward with the people he wants surrounding him. They are unable to stop any of it, and so they’re trying to do it in the court of public opinion by making it the look like the man’s on of his rocker, is unqualified, is maybe corrupt, dangerous, a chronic liar, can’t tell the truth about anything. They’re firing both barrels 24/7, and it isn’t stopping him.

At some point, they’re going to realize that it isn’t gonna work. Laurence Tribe, who is a favored leftist — he’s a law professor at Harvard — had some very sobering, bad news for the left. He told them there is not a law that permits anybody to get rid of a president who you might think was elected with a rigged election. He told the left that there is not a law that would allow you to get rid of a president you don’t like. He told the left that there isn’t a law that lets you redo an election that you think was stolen.

Laurence Tribe — who is a favorite leftist; he’s a law professor at Harvard — had some very sobering, bad news for the left. He told them there is not a law that permits anybody to get rid of a president who you might think was elected with a rigged election. He told the left that there is not a law that would allow you to get rid of a president you don’t like. He told the left that there is not a law that lets you redo an election that you think was stolen. Laurence Tribe had to tell them this.

Now, when he told them this, he let them know that he thinks Trump is scum, to save his own skin at giving them this bad news. But this is why I’m asking, because when they realized there’s nothing they can do short of impeachment, and that isn’t gonna happen — they could try to pass a law that says we can get rid of a president if we think he conspired with an enemy to get elected, but Trump would veto that law if it ever got to his desk.

There’s nothing they can do. Okay. Let ’em. They’ll be in the streets tearing things up. What they’re doing is tearing themselves apart. You think what the Democrats are doing today is how you build a movement? Is this how you go out and attract people to your movement? We’ll see. We’ll see. I’m just telling you that the reason that they’re reacting the way they’re reacting is because they are panicked. I don’t care how it looks every day that they make it look like they’re winning, that Trump’s losing. In the real world — and remember, I’m the mayor there — in the real world they are not succeeding.

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