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RUSH: Let me get back to the phones here. Cynthia in St. Louis. Great to have you. I’m glad you waited. How are you?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m fine. And what I’m calling about is these are not Republican talking points. I am a Southern Illinois conservative Democrat who voted for Trump, having voted for Democrats since ’92. I know how this works. My dad was tapped to be a congressman, he was a political operative, I’ve seen how the sausage is made. I know how dirty, rotten liberals are who’ve taken over our party for the last 30, 40 years. I know what criminals they are. I know the tricks that they play and it’s absolutely hilarious to watch the chutzpah when they can’t believe somebody is using one of their dirty tricks on them, a/k/a the nuclear solution.

But what I’m hoping, and so far I see it, is that Trump is the man that I voted for, that a lot of people like me voted for, somebody that will fight back, and I hope that he’s willing to go all the way to the mat including, and do you think we will ever see any indictments at the top of the Obama administration all the way to the Justice Department and the State Department and the FBI? And I hope to God he’s grooming David Clarke to take James Comey’s case. Somebody’s got something dirty on Comey. He can’t decide what side he’s on, he’s in a panic. So something’s going on there. God bless you, Rush. Can you tell me if you think we’ll ever get to see Obama and Hillary and, oh, oh, oh, Eric — oh, what was his name?

RUSH: Eric —

CALLER: The attorney general.

RUSH: — Holder, I think you mean.

CALLER: Holder and Lynch, do you ever think we’ll see them in the new orange?

RUSH: If I had to answer your question right now I would say no. I can’t see these indictments, I can’t see these convictions. I wouldn’t base my happiness or my definition of Trump’s success on that. But Trump is fighting back. It goes to a question I asked right before the previous hour ended. Do you think, all of you, do you think the Democrats really believe they can force Trump out of office, either by way of impeachment or just ticking him off so much he quits?


RUSH: I got a couple of emails. “Rush, you keep talking about these wacko donors that are making the Democrats do this stupid stuff. Do you really believe that?” Yes, I do believe it. I have no doubt. Folks, can I take you back to the recount — Jill Stein and her recount of certain states, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin? She was the Green Party candidate, and she was the first to try to actually prove that there was chicanery with the votes. Do you remember how that started? It started out as a fundraiser, and every time she spoke about it, she then increased the amount of money she said she would need to pull it off.

And these liberals kept sending her money to the point that it became obscene. I wish I could remember the total amount of money, but it was crazy. It was millions and millions of dollars that people were sending her. And then when she actually got in and started doing her count — and none of this would have affected her, by the way, the Green Party candidate. There wouldn’t have been anything found that would have changed her fortunes. But what she uncovered was that if there was any chicanery, it was versus Trump.

Trump ended up with more votes in her recount, not Clinton. Clinton ended up losing votes; Trump gained votes. Then do you remember the effort to convince the Electoral College to not vote for Trump? Do you remember all the money raised for that? That also boggled people’s minds. It’s those people who are threatening the Democrats that they’re never gonna see another dime if they don’t stop Gorsuch or if they don’t do everything they can to try. Because the whole point of this is resistance, resistance, resistance. Stop Trump.

Now, my question about what are the Democrats actually trying to do here. It’s a serious question. You might think it’s rhetorical, but it isn’t. Are the Democrats doing all this because they really believe that this never-ending pressure, this never ending assault like many Americans have never seen… A lot of Americans are not old enough to remember Watergate and how Nixon was hounded. So this is a first for a significant number of young Americans. Do the Democrats literally believe that this strategy can force Trump out of office?

Now, before you answer, if it’s impeachment, the Republicans run the House, and the Republicans run the Senate. So articles of impeachment would have to be presented in the House by Republicans. Well, they would have to be voted on by Republicans in the House. And if that strangely happened, the trial would take place in the Senate. Both places the Republicans own. So my… Do you see Republicans if this doesn’t change, if this pressure, if this ongoing effort to call it what you will — discredit, destroy, impugn Trump?

Can you see the day where the Republicans want to get rid of him, too, just to end all of this? What if Trump’s approval numbers fall below 30%? Do you think the Republicans would start worrying about 2018? The Investor’s Business Daily poll is out, and Trump’s at 36%, and that poll is widely accepted as accurate and nonpartisan. That poll accurately predicted Trump’s win, and it accurately called 2012 as well. The Investor’s Business Daily poll has been right on the money, and it has Trump at 36%.

At what point do members of his own party start sweating and think, “You know, this guy could take us down with him”? I’m not predicting any of that, but the question: What is the Democrats’ objective? Do you think that what they’re doing is more than just trying to make sure the fund-raising continues? Do you think when you look at Feinstein, when you look at Schumer, when you look at Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, when you look any of them — Pencil Neck, Adam Schiff — do you think that what they’re really trying to do is force Trump out of office?

Either by frustrating him to the point that he quits or having his party go up and say, “You’re killing us, man! You’re taking the whole party down” and forcing him/asking him to resign? Impeachment route, anything can happen. (interruption) Okay, so if you think that none of that’s gonna happen, at what point do the Democrats realize that, and then what do they do? In other words, if they’re doing all of this seriously to try to get rid of Trump, the day is going to come where they’re going to realize it isn’t gonna work.

What do they do then?

That day has to come.

It may not be next week or next month. But at some point in the future, even they are not going to be able to keep up this emotional fervor and pace. And it all goes back to motivation too. Why is the media doing what they’re doing? Well, there are many answers for it. I don’t mean to be insulting anybody here. Clearly, the media hates Trump, yeah, and clearly the media’s a bunch of leftists and they don’t like Trump’s policies, and clearly this and clearly that. But there’s another factor to this, too, that I don’t think can be denied — and I think they’re scared to death.

Trump is unraveling, bit by bit, major elements of the Obama agenda.

The Democrats have to know in their hearts… I think this is one of the reasons that they’re constantly enraged. They have to know that their policies do not work. They do not deliver as promised. They do not create jobs. They do not make people wealthier. They do not grow economies. They do not make sure everybody has health care. Everything they promise, none of it actually happens, and the more of what they implement happens, the worse it gets for everybody. There’s a reason they’re losing elections, and the reason they’re losing elections is substantive. It’s because people don’t want any more of what the Democrats are doing.

They are losing elections. They know it. Look, this is all leading somewhere. I think a lot of the energy that the media and the Democrats are bringing to this is rooted in a belief that they can get rid of him. I really think that that’s something they think they can do. Because in their minds they’ve done it before. They got rid of Nixon and they rendered Bush irrelevant. They think they can do it. The thing that they don’t understand is Trump is not Nixon, and he is not George W. Bush. And he is not a traditional politician affected by these kinds of assaults the way most politicians are.

I’m not saying it doesn’t bother him. I’m not saying that he’s immune to it. I’m not saying that he doesn’t feel it, but I don’t think he’s the kind of guy that’s gonna cave to it, and I don’t think he’s gonna sue for peace. I think just the opposite. I think he’s gonna continue to unravel as much of the Obama agenda as he can, and I think he’s gonna continue to wipe the floor with Democrats wherever he can. Whether it gets reported as that’s what’s happening or not, he’s gonna continue to do it, and I think the actual thing that’s driving the media in this frenzy and the Democrats is the fact they lost the election.

They’re losing elections. Trump did win this. It’s not illegitimate. And when the day comes that they realize and sober up that he’s not going to be hounded out of office, that he’s not gonna wake up one day and say to Pence, “Here. Take the keys. I’ve had it.” Then what are they gonna do? Because they’re shooting every barrel they’ve got now. And they will probably continue. My guess is they’re gonna try to continue this because even when it dawns on them that it isn’t going to get rid of Trump, they will fall back on, “Well, at least we can hurt him and slow down his agenda. At least we can make people hate him. Least we can keep his approval numbers low,” and whatever, but I don’t think Trump approval numbers — sure, he’d like ’em to be higher, sure.

But I don’t think that Trump’s gonna look at his approval numbers and say, “Wow, the American people don’t want what I want to do. I better change.” I don’t think he’s gonna change his agenda. To have put up with all of this to date already says a mouthful. It already explains a lot to have put up with this, to have not lost his cool. And, by the way, on all of these tweets and all these allegations, all these predications, he ends up being right.

He’s right about Sweden. I’ve got a story in the Stack about how rotgut it is in Sweden. He’s right about that. He’s right that they were surveilling him. He’s right about it. And he knows he’s right. And he’s frustrating the hell out of them.

Now, folks, I know to you, some of you, it doesn’t look like they’re frustrated. They look like they’re the ones that have the glow of victory. They look like they’re the ones that are stymieing Trump and winning each and every day. They are not. I know perception is reality in politics and I know how it looks, but the reality is they lost the election and what they thought it was gonna be, a landslide with the best candidate they could have ever nominated, Hillary Clinton, look at the rejection. The rejection is real. They’re creating a Fantasy Island world in which none of this happened. And that’s where they’re choosing to live. That’s not healthy, folks.

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