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RUSH: I want to share with you something that I have come cross. 

In addition to discovering that the cast Hamilton has never voted — some of them have registered, like in 2006, but the big names in the show have never voted.  These preaching, arrogant, condescending, look down their nose at everybody standing up there on their stage telling Pence that they’re scared to death of what he’s gonna do. He’s not gonna protect the planet. 

Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous?  We all live on this planet and these clowns somehow believe that we, conservatives, Republicans, and climate deniers, for some reason want to destroy the planet?  We want dirty water?  We want dirty air?  This is what they would have you believe. That we don’t care and so we don’t think the planet is imperiled, and so therefore we won’t take the steps to protect it.  It’s absurd!  If you just look at this stuff logically, look at what they say logically, it falls apart. 

But I have here, my friends, the second little bit of data that I want to share with you.  I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers an email copy of an email sent to an elector.  Electors will vote for the president on December 19th, many of them are being harassed, threatened, some of them their lives are being threatened.  Others are being threatened with the destruction of their net worth.  There is physical, psychological intimidation going on, all in an effort to get them to vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19th.  And I have come across an email sent to an elector.  I’m not gonna tell you who the elector is and I’m not gonna tell you what state, because it doesn’t matter.  It could be any of them. 

“Dear Elector:  This is your time to truly serve your country.  You have the power to save us from four years of an inexperienced, short tempered, undiplomatic, fascist nightmare.  In the last week, his appointments of Stephen Bannon and Jeff Sessions alone signal big trouble for our country.”  You know, we’re gonna be surrounded by this new kind of stupidity for the next four years, folks.  They’re not gonna go away and I want to spend some time talking about this today. 

I was gonna wait on all of this until after Thanksgiving.  I was gonna try to have upbeat, fun-loving, just enjoy-what’s-going-on shows here today and tomorrow.  But these people, I feel duty-bound to warn you and to give you a heads-up about what we’re gonna face.  Donald Trump’s gonna have perhaps the most embattled presidency in — well, certainly in our lifetimes, and I dare say maybe in modern American history.  They’re not going to quit and they are a new kind of stupid.  They are not logical.  They make no sense whatsoever.  But they are going to have the media on their side, and that’s the danger. 

The media is going to make them look normal.  The media is going to make these people look like they are the majority.  The media is going to try to convince you that somehow something went wrong and that you are the real minority this country and you didn’t deserve to have this election win on your side.  It’s all an outrage. This is all they know in terms of how to behave and how to position things. 

And the fight is really just beginning.  However evil and intense the election was, I just want to make sure that you are all prepared for what’s coming down the road, because it isn’t gonna be pretty. And it’s gonna be really important for Trump to have people just like him surrounding him, and that is fighters, people who are fearless, who will not be daunted by this onslaught that’s coming.  And I think he does in many respects. 

Now, what is it about Jeff Sessions?  The left has a laundry list of allegations against people that they object to.  And it’s three or four things:  racist, racist, racist, and racist, then sexist, bigot, and homophobe.  And they’re calling Jeff Sessions a racist and they’re saying Jeff Sessions and Trump have a close connection to the KKK.  They always take it way too far, beyond the bounds of either respectability or believability. 

I want to tell you right now what it is that scares them about Jeff Sessions, and I want to tell you about Jeff Sessions.  I know him.  He’s a fine man.  He is a great patriot, a great American who’s had his lumps and bided his time and done what he can do to overcome rejection.  He’s won at the ballot box. He has patiently climbed the ladder of success and has ascended to an office now that he was previously… Well, he was appointed as a federal judge and rejected, from Alabama. 

And his objective was not to get even, but he has gotten even.  His objective has been to do the great job that he can, the greatest.  But he’s a fine man.  People in Alabama love Jeff Sessions, and he will extend a helping hand to anybody who needs it, university admissions, help here help there. Jeff Sessions is what a genuine public servant should be, and the reason they don’t like him is that he is the single greatest — next to Trump — immigration hawk in the administration. 

What scares them about Sessions is his immigration stand.  These people… See, to the rank-and-file of the left, immigration — illegal immigration, amnesty — is, of course, voter registration.  For the special-kind-of-stupid followers, they really believe here that the stance on illegal immigration that we hold is purely based on white supremacy.  They really… They have been taught this.  There’s a certain amount of tolerance we’re gonna have to have for these people, because they are sad sacks because the literal garbage that they’ve been fed.

Maybe by their parents, certainly in their education and certainly by the media.  Jeff Sessions is no more a racist than anybody.  He’s not a racist.  None of us are racists in the sense that we are alleged to be by these people.  They’re crying wolf way, way, way too many times.  But it’s his immigration stance that scares them and bothers them.  What bothers them about Bannon is they can’t intimidate him.  What bothers them about Bannon is he laughs at ’em. 

What bothers them about Bannon is he laughs at ’em.  What bothers them about Bannon is that he’s unafraid of them, and so here come all these allegations that don’t hold up.  They’re based in nothing.  They accuse every… You know one of the problems they’re gonna have? Right now, nothing has gone wrong.  I mean, they just oppose who’s there.  Wait until something maybe goes wrong.  They’ve got nothing left to say.  They’re firing every worst example they can right now.

So when something really goes wrong and they need to tell somebody, it’s gonna fall on deaf ears.  Nobody wants to hear five, six months of this stuff but they’re going to because it’s all these people know.  Now, back to the letter to the elector. “Dear elector,” I’ll start it again. “This is your time to truly serve your country.  You have the power to save from us four years of an inexperienced, short-tempered, undiplomatic, fascist nightmare.  In the last week his appointments of Stephen Bannon and Jeff Sessions alone signal big trouble for our country. 

“Please stand between the American people and the white nationalists who are nothing more than Nazis.” I mean, what’s left to say? If we’re already Nazis, what could be worse than that?  They’re firing everything they’ve got here in total desperation. “Please send the most powerful message possible that we do not stand for hatemongering, bigotry, and fascism.”  They don’t even know what fascism is.  “I know some of you must pay a fine if you don’t cast your ballots for Trump. 

“The Democratic Party as well as other groups have started a GoFundMe account to pay your fines.  You will not lose a cent,” and then they sign them: Sincerely, such-and-such from such-and-such.  This is an example of… The electors are also getting phone calls. Some of them are having to block their phones, shut their phones down.  They’re being intimidated, harassed and encouraged to break the law — and promised that they’ll be taken care of if they break the law. 

So this is what we’re up against. 


RUSH: You know, I watched a little bit of Fox News last night and some of the other networks just to get a feel for this, and there were there were some Democrat strategists who I’ve been watching on TV for 20 years as Democrat strategists.

Ah, people like Mary Anne Marsh — I mean, people in their fifties and sixties or older now — 20, 30 years ago, they weren’t radical. I mean, they were leftists, they were Democrats, but they hadn’t gone over the edge.  I mean, they wouldn’t ever have subscribed to the idea that every Republican’s a racist and every Republican is a bigot.  But now you can’t tell the difference, and I’m watching them, and I’m asking, “What happened to you?”

I’m actually asking the TV as I’m watching, “What happened to you?  Why didn’t you stand up when these nutcases were taking over this party?” Because this happened before Obama.  Obama comes along and the transformation of the Democrat Party’s already underway into this radical, nonsensical, anti-American collection of ragamuffins.  But gone are the old days of the lions like Bob Strauss and some of these others that, yeah, they were part of the establishment, and, yeah, they were Democrats, but they weren’t radicalized.

Like JFK.  JFK would not fit in the Democrat Party today.  I mean, he wouldn’t even get close to it.  And these are the kind of people I’m talking about.  I’m watching them on TV and I’m asking, “What happened here?  Is it strictly party loyalty?  When did you…? Doris Kearns Goodwin.  When did you people become so special a kind of stupid?  What happened?  Why didn’t you resist this direction?” You know, this guy running for the leader of the Democrats in the House, Tim Ryan? I got a piece coming up here. He’s out saying the Democrat Party’s not even a national party anymore, and he’s exactly right.  

He is exactly right.  Nobody else is paying attention to the guy ’cause he wants Pelosi’s job, but he is dead on when he says the Democrat Party’s not even a national party anymore.  They represent a very small group of genuinely radical — I’d even call ’em leftists.  They’re further left than that.  But every former mainstream Democrat — and I hope you know what I mean by this.  When I say they were good Democrats, I mean, these are people that you could hang around with and laugh and joke with. You disagree on politics and so forth, but they weren’t wanting to end your career, put you in jail, destroy your life.  

All of that’s gone.  I don’t know what happened to ’em.  I just don’t.  I don’t know if they’ve always been this way and were masking it, which is probably the case.  They’ve always been this way and were presenting a false front.  But for those who weren’t and have actually been radicalized by this, it is stunning.  I’d be embarrassed.  You know, I’d like to look ’em in the face, “What in the world happened to you?  You can’t possibly believe what’s coming out of the mouth of over half the people who speak for your party.” 

But yet they profess to and they make it look like they really do. So we have to accept that that’s who they really are, and they’re not going away.  And I want to spend just a little time today — we’ll get to the phones, too — I want to spend just a little time here getting into couple of details.  Because I know your instincts are right on.  You know what’s coming. You know what we’re up against, because you’ve been following it the last 20 years, and you’re sick and tired of the Republican leadership, whatever it is, whoever it’s been, standing down after not very much pressure. 

The pressure on Trump and his administration is gonna be like nothing you have seen.  And they are gonna continue to need your support more than ever.  Because the election is the only thing that’s been won here, as we sit here right now.  So let me take a break.  We’ll come back and give you some examples of what we’re talking about, then we’ll start on the phones. We’re gonna call the woman back from yesterday that we had to cut short because of the straightens of time, so we’ll get to her.  Yeah, ’cause I need to finish talking to her about a couple things, we ran out of time.  


RUSH: Two anti-Trump demonstrations are being planned for Washington.  One of them on January 20th, Inauguration Day.  Our old buddies at ANSWER, leftist protest group, it’s called Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, and then the next day, Million Woman March. We’ve had the Million Man March. We’ve had the million whatever march. Half Million Man March.  Millions have not shown up at either one, but we’ve had ’em before.  That’s where Calypso Louie went into the scandal and the conspiracy that is the number 19.  Did that at the Million Man March. 

Got the Million Woman March on January 21st. (interruption) They need to be together more than one day.  You mean like the All-American 1st Cavalry Amazon Battalion syncing up menstrual cycles?  No, no, no.  The Million Woman March, I don’t think you could do that in one day, unless they’re gonna dorm themselves up for, like, three weeks before the march. 

Snerdley is asking me a biological question, what I think about the idea that they could all be at that time of the month.  They may plan that as part of the strategy, but it wouldn’t happen simply because they all got together one day.  You know that.  What are you asking me these questions for?  The Million Woman March, what a sexist reaction.  Million Woman March, what do you think of?  Menstrual cycles.  What, you tell ’em you’ve been trained?  Yeah. 

So the ANSWER crowd is gonna do their act now to stop Trump on Inauguration Day.  In addition to that the mayors of New York and Los Angeles, as you’ve heard, have openly said:  screw you, Trump, screw you, Trump, and screw you, America, we are gonna maintain sanctuary cities, LA, San Francisco, New York, probably Santa Cruz, and a whole bunch of other cities.  They’re gonna defy the law and remain sanctuary cities. 

Trump’s gonna root them out.  You watch what’s gonna happen here.  He’s not gonna be intimidated by this.  But this is the stuff, the type of stuff that will be coming his way.  These clowns get on stage at the Broadway show Hamilton, and the actor that portrays, I think it’s Aaron Burr, “We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope that this show has inspired you –“

The arrogant, condescending attitude of these superiorist special kinds of stupid people on one hand is hilarious.  On the other hand, it is outrageous and maddening.  And then you find out that they’ve never even voted.  They’ve never even voted.  Only a few of them have registered to vote.  And even those who registered, some in 2006, but they’ve never voted.  “We’re alarmed and anxious that you will not protect us and our planet and our children.”  Yeah, yeah, like a bunch of people that want to destroy the planet have just been elected. You aren’t protected now.  That’s what you people don’t get. You live in a great nation at risk in a dangerous world led by an incompetent boob who is risking us in more wars than we have been in, including during the Bush administration. 

We are a great risk.  We have a foreign policy administration that is incompetent and doesn’t realize who our enemies are. We have just permitted the state sponsor of terrorism of the world access to nuclear weapons, and you sit around and applaud it.  It takes a special kind of stupid to applaud and support the current administration.  If you are worried — what has this administration done about climate change?  To listen to every climate change advocate, nothing’s happening except it’s getting worse.  In fact, it’s gotten so bad we can’t fix it now, to some of these people. 

What’s Obama done in eight years?  All he’s done is said the magic words you want to hear.  He hasn’t done diddly-squat ’cause there’s nothing he can do.  It takes a special kind of stupid to believe that man can literally alter the climate of this planet, a special kind of stupid.  For example, if Barack Obama gave an order to his cabinet to accelerate climate destruction, for whatever reason, I’m just making a point, there’s nobody who wouldn’t know what to do.  There’s nobody that has a fail-safe way of doing that.  All of this is just a bunch of jive.  And they live on the coasts.  They’re not even a national party.  They are a bicoastal minority political organization that barely has a presence in 48 states.  

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