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RUSH: Okay. I have to mention this. I just saw this on CNN. I have to mention this. I’ll get back to what do the female jihadists get after they martyr themselves and end up in paradise. Just hang on. I’m watching this guy, the lawyer for the Freddie Gray family in Baltimore, Billy Murphy. He’s African-American, but I’m only mentioning that for information purposes. Nothing else. It’s relevant now. They’re discussing the mistrial. A black officer was on trial for murder, manslaughter, whatever it is, against — as Marilyn Mosby said — “a great young man,” Freddie Gray.

Anyway, it’s a mistrial of black officer, and they’re all befuddled. They can’t figure it out, because they had a perfectly diverse jury. What could have gone wrong? They had whites, they had blacks, they had women, they had men. They’re counting it up, they’re adding percentages, they’re looking at this politically correctly. They got all these diversity equations. They’re examining the number of women versus blacks, males versus females, and they’re looking at it, and it was a perfectly diverse jury. How could there have been a mistrial?

And then this attorney was asked a question, “Well, what doesn’t makes sense here? You have a perfectly defense jury and you have a black cop, and you have a black victim. What in the world does race matter anyway when this is perfectly designed jury and constructed jury? Why was there a mistrial?” And this guy says (paraphrasing), “You know, I’ll tell you something. There are black cops in Baltimore and there are white cops in Baltimore. There are black cops everywhere, and there are white cops everywhere. I’ll tell you the way it is.

“The black cops here in Baltimore, they do engage in abuse of citizens just like the white cops do. And you know why? Because the white cops are who define the culture of the police department. So the black cops, when they get hired, they have to fall in line or they are ostracized.” So this guy was saying black cops do commit abuses against black citizens, but only because they have to fall in line with the “white cop culture” or else their lives are hell. I’m… He didn’t say that; I’m paraphrasing.

He was essentially asked, “How in the world…?” Because the question was, “How in the world does a black cop…? Why would a black cop be mean to a black citizen?” This is what the reporter asked. I mean, if that does not expose just blatant racism. “Why would a black cop abuse a black…? Where is the solidarity? Why didn’t a black cop kind of help the black citizen here?” “Well, you gotta understand there are black cops that violate the code, but they do it because the white cops define the culture.”

I’m just sitting here — I’m watching this, imbibed with all the other news out there today — and I’m thinking, “Where is this tipping point I spoke of yesterday?”

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