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RUSH: Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This is Randall. Randall, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. My question is, it’s a very good question. Are we too stupid to survive as America?

RUSH: (laughing) Pardon me laughing. You ask that, you have natural comedic tone in your question. That’s why I’m laughing. I’m not laughing at the concept. You just sound funny when you said that. You mean because of all the political correctness and stuff?

CALLER: I mean everything, between our media not wanting to tell us the truth, the political correctness, the teachers who are teaching garbage in schools. Are we too stupid to survive?

RUSH: Well, some, yes. The real question is, is a majority of the country lost and therefore is the survival of the country — there’s always gonna be an America. You understand that.


RUSH: It could transform and be something it was never intended to be. You know, your question has been asked in a number of different ways, either about the welfare state, have we reached the tipping point where a majority are now getting a government check and therefore we’ve lost them because that’s all they care about, to asking about the education of the country. I frankly, by virtue of the way this campaign is shaping up, no, I don’t think that’s happened yet. Close.

CALLER: But how will we turn it around, though? It’s gonna take a generation of new kids to turn it around.

RUSH: I think about this all the time. I don’t have an immediate answer for you now. I think about it more than you would believe, because it worries me as much as it worries you. And I am forever asking myself, where is the solution, if there is one, and what does it consist of.

CALLER: Are you gonna give us a heads-up before you run away?

RUSH: (laughing) I’ve always said that I would tell you when it’s time to panic, and that hasn’t changed. And it’s not time to panic. I made a note. Last night, I watched Sunday night’s episode of Madam Secretary. And I’ll tell you why I watch Madam Secretary. Madam Secretary is on CBS, and it is about a female secretary of state, and the purpose of that show, I’m convinced, was to condition the people of this country to Hillary Clinton and do a television show making a star out of the female secretary of state. Not Condoleezza Rice, because this one’s white, so there’s no possible confusion here.

The secretary of state character in this show is the smartest on the show. She’s the most reasonable. She solves every problem. She’s always stopping the president from doing something stupid or silly, and this last episode that aired on Sunday night had her stopping single-handedly a shooting war with the Russians. I’m watching it, and I’m realizing why it’s there. It’s there to actually propagandize, very subtly, the minds of people watching it. Madam Secretary, secretary of state, great character. You know how people think what happens in movies means what happens in real life? Same thing with television shows. So it’s not a big stretch to go from that show to Hillary Clinton and confuse the two. And it just made me realize what we’re up against here. It’s everywhere.

The producers in this program are clearly in the tank for Hillary, but that’s not a big surprise ’cause it’s Hollywood. So it reminded me again of what we’re up against. And I don’t want anybody thinking that I’m not aware of that when I speak optimistically about the country’s future. I realize a lot of you think I’m just blowing smoke, trying to keep you upbeat when we’re surrounded and there’s no hope of survival. And I’m just trying to tell you, I recognize what we’re up against every day. And I’m constantly thinking about it. I envision in my mind, I dream of scenarios, I actually do dream of — well, not while asleep. I conjure scenarios where we win, what it would take, what will happen, could happen, needs to happen.

I run so many variables through my mind constantly on this. And invariably it does not involve it taking a generation or two of slowly stopping the ship of state and then slowly turning it around and then slowing going in the other direction which is what everybody thinks has to happen. I may be an unrealistic dreamer, but I do have this — whether you call it belief — that there is possible a single, sobering, striking moment or event — I have no idea what it is or when it happens — that shakes everybody up and brings ’em back to reality and that finally exposes the fraud that they’ve all bought into with liberalism.

Now, admittedly I’m dreaming. But I’m not fantasizing. That’s one of the only things bad about getting old, folks, is you realize your fantasies aren’t gonna happen. That’s the great thing about fantasies, you always hold out the hope that they might actually happen. But when you hit 65 and the object of your fantasies hits 60, they don’t look like they did when they were 30, to hell with it happening anyway.


RUSH: I think we’re going through a mini-awakening right now with this presidential campaign. I think the signs of so many people ticked off at what’s going on in Washington are everywhere. What’s gonna become of it, only time will tell, but I see all kinds of reasons for hope. I do.

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