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RUSH: Now, NBC has a poll. You notice something today? Every bit of “news” the Drive-By Media has on this is poll related? Every bit of it. “NBC Poll: Clinton Would Trounce Trump But Lose to Rubio and Carson.” This is the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

“Hillary Clinton would defeat Ted Cruz and trounce Donald Trump in a hypothetical head-to-head general election matchup, but she would lose to Marco Rubio or Ben Carson, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds. Clinton, who leads the Democratic primary field by nearly 20 points, would have a strong advantage over Trump with independent voters but would be bested by the three other Republicans with the important swing group.” So Hillary versus Trump, independents go Hillary. Hillary versus Rubio/Carson/Cruz, independents go away from Hillary.

“Against Trump, the Democratic front-runner would win 50% to 40%. Among independents, she would capture 43% of the vote, compared to 36% for Trump. Among Hispanics, Clinton would get 69% of the vote, compared to just 24% for Trump.” Oh, speaking of Hispanics. Something else in the other Stack here. Somebody… It might be Luis Gutierrez. Somebody has suggested that we just go ahead and make these illegals citizens, just get ’em in. It’s exactly what I predicted was going to be done. It’s just stunning.

My prediction’s coming even sooner than I would it would. I thought amnesty would have to happen first. I thought they’d do amnesty and not allow citizenship, that it’d have to be rolled out over a series of years and Schumer would go to the microphones and cameras and talk about how inherently unfair that was, how they weren’t thinking. “We just made ’em citizens and they can’t vote. That’s not right! This bill needs to be amended — the amnesty bill — so they can now vote.”

I think Luis Gutierrez said (paraphrased), “Screw waiting for amnesty! Let’s just make them citizens so they can vote. They’re here.” Not that that automatically makes it happen, but I’m telling you the push is on, and one of the reasons is the Democrats — don’t doubt me — are not in any way feeling confident about Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. I don’t care what you hear or who tells you, there’s a lot of concern, there’s a lot of fevered worry out there in the deep, dark bowels of the Democrat Party.


RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was in Breitbart that I saw it. Let Illegals Vote. “Amnesty Activists Launch Campaign to Naturalize Immigrants, Register Them to Vote.” These are not the illegals. This article is not talking about the illegals, just noncitizens. They have green cards but they have not yet become citizens, haven’t gone through the process. They say just make ’em citizens. Keep a sharp eye. I mean, folks, I still maintain that we have no idea… Some of us have a baseline understanding of what’s possible. We have no idea the kind of things Obama’s gonna be capable of doing next year.

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