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RUSH: Los Angeles Times, headline: “Middle-Class Families, Pillar of the American Dream, Are No Longer in the Majority, Study Finds.” Folks, that’s all you need to know if you want to explain the current American political system, or climate. If I may repeat, a majority of the American people are appalled at what is being done to their country, to our country. A sizable majority of the American people did not vote for any of this that is happening. They don’t support it. They never have supported it. They never wanted it.

They are angry, they are appalled, and they are scared at what is happening, at what is being done to their country. Their health care system is being blown up. The immigration system is failing. The country is being swarmed with people who many don’t even think are interested in becoming Americans. A majority of the people in this country are suspicious of the motives of those who support open borders and amnesty, and are seeking to empower and enrich themselves while endangering the country.

We have a president who’s openly promised and proclaimed that he wants to transform this country. We have a president who has openly admitted in various ways that he doesn’t believe in the greatness of this country nor its exceptionalism, and he doesn’t believe that we deservehalf of the greatness that has happened here, so he’s about cutting us down to size. A majority of the American people want no part of this. A majority of the American people are livid, appalled, angry, whatever you want to say, over what they witness every day being done on their can you be. And their frustration is amplified and multiplied because in Washington, DC, they can’t find any representation for what they believe.

The people they vote for are not representing them, are not standing up for them, are not pushing back against all this. There are some individual people who are, and they happen to be leading the presidential primary on the Republican side: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Real Clear Politics, the rolling average of polls over the last 30 days: Only two candidates are showing up upward movement, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The establishment’s preferred favorite candidate, Jeb Bush, is at 3% here, 4% over there, 5% over there. Not a factor.

The establishment refuses to learn from this, they refuse to see the reality or the handwriting on the wall. The American people feel like no matter where they turn this country is being governed against their will. Fear and anger are two very key motivators. The American people, a majority of the American people see their children’s and their grandchildren’s future being frittered away, spent away, whittled away. They haven’t voted for any of it. They haven’t supported any of it.

This fear, this angry attitude they have is not rooted in bigotry or racism or hatred or anything of the sort. It is rooted in love. A vast majority of the American people — the people I’m talking about — dearly love this country. They understand what American exceptionalism is, and they are proud of it. They love the fact that this is the greatest country ever in the history of humanity, and they want it preserved, and they want it to be even bigger and better. And they don’t see anybody in Washington engaged in making that happen, nor even talking about it.

Instead, they look to Washington and they see the country being undermined.

They see their children’s futures being undermined. They look at the American pop culture and they see perversion rearing its head each and every day. No matter what they turn on, television, the Internet, radio, it doesn’t matter. Perversion and depravity are rewarded! And they’re scared. I’ve spoken some today of moral authority. It’s a very key component, and a majority of the American people don’t see anyone with any moral authority. There is no leadership they respect, and that’s not good. The American people want great leaders. The American people want people they think are really, really good at what they do.

They want people leading them who they believe love the country as they do, want the same things for the country they do, want the same things for their children that they want for their children. They don’t see that reflected at all in the leadership of this country right now. It scares them and angers them. They don’t need the LA Times to tell them that middle-class families are no longer in the majority. They know that that’s the case; they are the middle class. They see themselves losing ground, and they know exactly why. They have the education, the experience, and the knowledge sufficient enough to tell them that all of this is happening because of the policies of Washington, DC, over the last seven to 10 years. They don’t want any more of it.

It really isn’t hard to understand why the American people, a majority of them, are angry and want what is happening at present to stop, a government that tells them the unemployment rate is only 5% when they know 94 million Americans are not even working. When they know that their work hours are being cut back so that their companies don’t have to provide them health care. They are worn out hearing the Democrats wring their hands and whine and moan about income inequality, how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and the gap between them is getting greater. Then they look at Washington and they see Washington is in bed with the uber-wealthy. Even the Democrat Party.

Members of the American middle class do not even feel represented. They don’t even feel stood up for. They don’t sense themselves being spoken for. Except by one or two people. And they are happily to invest in the possibility these one or two people are being honest with them, because they’re very much aware, or they very deeply believe that they have not been dealt with honestly for the last number of years. And they clearly don’t trust the current leadership of this country, whom they most likely and correctly see as doing great damage. None of this is hard to understand, but everything I’ve just said to you, the people in the Washington establishment haven’t the slightest clue, folks.

One of two things. They either do understand all this and just don’t care and feel powerless to do anything about it, or else they genuinely are clueless and really do not understand how a majority of the American people live today. Great leadership understands the hopes, the dreams, and the fears of the people they lead. Leaders are invested in great responsibility. Great leaders engender this by virtue of the power and force of their personality and their moral character, and none of this the people of this country see in Washington, DC, at the moment. It’s really striking, too. And so they’re doing whatever they can. They’ve voted, they have done, in their estimation, as much as they can to demonstrate their desires, their wishes, their preferences.

They have behaved properly, according to the political guidelines and laws of the country. And they just don’t trust their leadership anymore and feel betrayed by it. They don’t trust the media, and haven’t for a long time. They’re sick and tired of being told they are the problem. They’re sick and tired of being every day labeled something because of their love for country, because of what they believe. They’re sick and tired of being told they’re racists or they’re bigots or they’re homophobes or Islamophobes, you name it, when none of that is applicable. What they are is patriots, and they’re wondering why there are so few patriots in leadership today.

None of this is hard to understand. None of it’s hard to see. It’s there every day. And yet the establishment, the ruling class, whatever you want to call ’em, Washington, New York, Boston, the whole corridor, the media don’t see, everything’s hunky-dory, everything’s fine, everything’s great, everything’s cool. Meanwhile, the Iranians are getting a nuclear weapon, terrorism is on the rise, domestic terrorism is a greater possibility day in and day out. The American people are fully aware the people responsible for it are being coddled and protected and encouraged by their own leadership. It doesn’t make any sense to them.

We’re moving quickly to a Third World model where you have a few really wealthy government-connected people, cronies, and a whole lot of average, ordinary Americans with dwindling hope, dwindling wealth, dwindling opportunity. Thank you Barack Hussein O. It wasn’t like this before he became president. The institutions, the traditions which have defined this country’s greatness have been under a daily assault for the last seven years, and it hasn’t appeared that anybody is willing to stand up and try to stop it. So if you want to understand what’s happening in the presidential primary campaign at this moment, all you need to know is what I just told you.


RUSH: Flagstaff, Arizona. This is Dori. You’re next. It’s great to have you here on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: I’ve spoken with you once before, but it was long ago and far away in another lifetime.

RUSH: It could not have been that far ago.

CALLER: I’m pretty old, Rush. But what I wanted to say was —

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute. You say you’re pretty old. How old do you feel? That’s what counts.

CALLER: Oh, well I don’t feel as old as I am, and that’s a fact.

RUSH: All right. That’s all that counts.


RUSH: Then you’re not that old in reality.

CALLER: No, I guess not, not in my mind anyway.

RUSH: There you go.

CALLER: All right. But what I was telling Mr. Snerdley — and, oh, I do love Mr. Snerdley. I really do. But what I was telling him was that liberals hate the Constitution. They call it old and outdated and moth-eaten and worthless. But when it fits their ideology, when it’s gonna work in their favor, suddenly we’re (unintelligible) the Constitution into oblivion.

RUSH: I know, I know. They’re total hypocrites about this. These people, the Second Amendment ought not even be in there. The First Amendment, they don’t even like the First Amendment, but then all of a sudden when it comes time to criticize one of their enemies, they hold up the Constitution as a great thing when everybody knows that if they could erase it, they would.

I think Obama believes that legislation exists when the president writes a law and then signs an executive order to implement it. And then the Supreme Court exists to affirm it and the Congress is just there because you gotta give the elected representatives of the people something to do. Now, they’re clearly hypocrites about the Constitution. There’s no question about it. Thank you, Dori, for the call. I appreciate it.

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