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RUSH: I’ve got a video you’ve gotta watch. I saw it last night. And it will put what this last caller said, it’ll illustrate it, in fact, in a funny way. It’s a seven minute video. It’s on YouTube, and it’s called “Darth Trump.” Search for it under “Darth Trump.” And what it is, it’s really, really brilliantly put together. It is edited chunks of Star Wars movies of Darth Vader — now, you remember Darth Vader, James Earl Jones was his voice, and even with the great set of pipes James Earl Jones has they still ran that through audio processing to make it sound even more eerie and authoritative, and it was just perfect, it just fit the character perfectly.

Well, whoever did this video, “Darth Trump,” you got Darth Vader killing people, running around giving orders, various takes, various cuts, edits from Star Wars with Trump as Darth Vader speaking — it’s actual sound bites of Trump talking about what he’s gonna do to people, what he thinks about people. And it’s hilarious. It is literally hilarious. It’s called Darth Trump. It’s on YouTube. It’s about seven minutes. I’ve got the link here. I’ll send the link up to Koko here in just a minute. He may find it before I have a chance to send it up there to him. We’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s hilarious.

I mean, you’ve got Darth Vader reviewing the troops with the evil emperor in one bite and Trump’s talking about what he’s gonna do to the Mexicans as they’re reviewing the troops. It will illustrate to you that Trump’s voice is no Darth Vader voice, no James Earl Jones voice, nowhere near as authoritative or what have you. And of course every starship has a Trump billboard on top of it as it’s flying through outer space. Anyway, Snerdley’s in there eagerly searching for it, as I’m sure many of you are. Just be patient, I’ll get the link up to Koko and we’ll link to it there.


RUSH: Okay. We have posted a link to the seven minute video, “Darth Trump.” Have you watched it, Snerdley? I thought you might. You’re laughing in there. We posted it now. You’ll see at the top of the page at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s a YouTube video. We’ve linked to it. And when you get a moment, it’s really clever, really, really well done. Some group called the Auralnauts.

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