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RUSH: Okay, because Snerdley is livid over what I told him I saw earlier today on a cable news channel. My new name is “right-wing media,” and I was just excoriated today for not denouncing Trump, and here is the bite which explains why I was being excoriated for not denouncing Trump and the theory — she’s a consultant for the Republican Party, probably voicing the opinion of many of them. The question that she was asked, Carol Costello said, “Robert Gates, the former secretary of defense, wrote an op-ed saying that we need a president who understands that there are three branches of government, that coalition building is important, that our new leader should appeal to the better angels of our nature. He was quoting Abraham Lincoln. And you gotta believe he was talking about Trump.”

CONSULTANT: I think it’s clear the field needs to narrow. We now have a clear top four. I think the lower tier people need to stop their vanity campaigns and drop out. We have many right-wing media figures supporting him, and I think that, you know, many of these people know that a Trump domination means a Hillary in the White House, and that means selling a lot of anti-Hillary books. Yes, I said that out loud. I’m sure I’ll get flak from that, but many of these people made their careers and their fortunes with a Clinton in the White House. They’d like that again.

RUSH: There was only one — (laughing) — there was only one at the time writing books, anti-Clinton books, and so I guess, folks, because your host has not denounced Trump, I want Hillary back in. This is a criticism the Democrats have always offered. The Democrats have claimed that I don’t want my side to win elections. You know, even after doing this 25, 26, 27 years, I still am insulted with this question, “You really want the Democrats to win, don’t you? You don’t want your own people in there because there’s nothing to talk about. You can’t criticize your own people. If the Clintons are in there you can go to town.”

I’m distraught, I am miserable with this country being destroyed by Democrats. It’s the last thing in the world I want. It genuinely affects my mood to have this country under assault from within. It affects my mood to have so many Americans not see what’s going on right in front of their faces. But yet again here comes the simpleton explanation that I secretly want Hillary to win because that’s the only way I can maintain my audience and whatever else. So that probably, as I say, is a composite view of the Republican consultant class showing again how out of touch they are, how they do not understand. Here’s a media program ostensibly on their side, and they still after all these years do not understand its value, or me, or how I do this or why. It’s just stunning how out of touch these people are.

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