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RUSH: The new Rush Limbaugh Christmas tree ornament is available. We had these last year and I forgot to talk about it until like two weeks before Christmas and they sold out in one day and there wasn’t enough time to reorder. So Koko sends me this scathing note today. Well, “scathing,” I mean as much as he could get away with scathing. “Hey, Rush, just a reminder we’re running the Christmas ornament premium this month. Last year it was wildly popular. After your first mention we sold out immediately. So if you could find a place for a quick plug a little earlier this year we might have a chance to restock, you idiot.”

Well, he didn’t say “you idiot.” So as you go to RushLimbaugh.com, go to the EIB Store, and it’s a great picture of me, a little Christmas tree ornament. It’s clever and it’s eye catching and it’s obviously a conversation starter. I have it. We’ve test marketed these, guaranteed your pets will love it.

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