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RUSH: Okay, so I’m sitting here during the break. I did not get up, did not go anywhere, I just sat here and contemplated. I had the televisions on, I got Fox and CNN on, but I did not turn the audio on. I’m just watching, and then I occasionally turned to the computer and checked something there. And it just hit me. Now, it’s no great revelation. It just hit me as I’m watching TV and looking at the graphics on the screen, like CNN right now, “FBI investigating gunman’s travel, ties to terror, believed to have met wife in Saudi Arabia here on fiance K-1 visa.”

And I don’t know, folks, I’m sure I’m not unique in this, I’m just telling you it just hit me, the utter futility in watching all of these people trying to deny what this is. It’s almost indescribable to me. What we know, what is incontrovertibly true, what is inarguably true, and yet I’m watching people go to some of the most contorted lengths imaginable to deny it or to avoid having to admit it. In the process, if we’re not careful we are going to be the authors of our own defeat by failing to recognize what is happening to us at the moment. Not what might happen, not what all this portends, but what is happening and has been happening on an intense basis since September 11, 2001, and all of the efforts that are being made and going into denying it.

It just hit me how utterly futile that is and dangerous, and a couple of other emotions at the same time. Incredulity. And part of me can’t stop laughing about it. I mean, it’s so ridiculous. Most of this is being perpetrated by people in the media and elected Democrats, but law enforcement people are pretty cool on this. I think they’re doing their best. Even some of them, however, are for some reason terribly afraid to publicly say what we all know. And this fear, which is what it is, to say, to articulate what we all know, could be the ruination of us. It’s same kind of thing that’s happening on the college campuses today. We know what that is. We know how absurd it is. We know it needs to be shut down.

Some people just need to be spanked. Some people need to be told to grow up. We are coddling the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Way too many Americans think that we deserve this, that we are guilty of something or a bunch of somethings. Many of them are Democrats, who think we are owed this, we deserve this. It’s time we found out what this kind of stuff feels like because we have been responsible for so many people feeling the same way. I take it all in and it’s just perverted and sick and very sobering and frightening to realize how many people apparently do not feel confident enough in their love for this country to stand up and proclaim that it needs to be defended and protected.

We’ve all heard the stories about Neville Chamberlain and the people with their head in the sand before the Nazis got into full gear and demonstrated what everybody — or many people at the time knew their intentions were. It just seems like this is a repetitive thing, part of human nature to, for whatever reason, deny what’s right in front of your face. And not just about this. I mean, parents with troubled kids are the last to admit it, in many cases, for whatever reasons. This just happens to be happening on a grand national scale.


RUSH: Victorville, California. This is Dan. Thank you for calling, sir. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush, honor to be on your show.

RUSH: Appreciate that.

CALLER: I have a question for you, sir. As soon as the shooting happened before we knew anything about them, Mr. Obama decided to put out a press release saying that it’s because of guns and terrorists can’t get on planes because we can put them on a no-fly list, but wouldn’t you think somebody who had 12 pipe bombs and 11 IEDs in their garage would be on this no-fly list? But we know he flew to Saudi Arabia.

RUSH: Well, you know, this no-fly list argument is something that has been — I may be looking at this the wrong way. That has been very, very curious to me, because Obama’s been out there acting like he’s not in charge of anything here. This is the Limbaugh Theorem once again. Who’s in charge of the no-fly list? His administration. But we know full well the no-fly list has oftentimes caught people who pose no danger whatsoever. The no-fly list has kept people grounded and has caused them great harm and damage as a result. Totally innocent people end up on that list, and, by the same token, real threats somehow don’t end up on it. Innocent people do and potentially guilty people don’t.

But Obama talking about this is as though he’s not president and he’s got nothing to say about it. And he’s wondering about it. My question, his point about the no-fly list is how can somebody, if you’re on a no-fly list you shouldn’t be able to get a gun. Well, they can’t tell us that their no-fly list is perfect. These people, the federal government — who did I say made this point? It was Kallstrom last night. The former FBI director in the New York office is making the point here that the federal government just can’t do computer technology. They can’t run computer systems. The no-fly list, you name it, they botch it.

They spend billions of dollars on these things and they don’t work, and people in the private sector spend hundreds of thousands and have flawless systems. But this argument, “How can somebody” — what did Obama say, the no-fly list, somebody on a no-fly list can get a gun, how could that be. Because, Mr. President, somewhere in your Regime somebody’s not connecting the dots. How is that the fault of anybody else? That whole argument has had me in somewhat of a state of disbelief. It’s a non sequitur anyway. We’re not talking about, as old Dan here said, this guy had pipe bombs and IEDs, and he had military type weaponry and ammo in his garage.

He did not have gun show specials and stuff in there. Traditional gun control would have had no impact on this guy. He would have never encountered gun control laws. It’s so absurd. It’s ridiculous. This is the kind of stuff that just insults our intelligence. But speaking of Obama, may I remind you that it was just last week prior to Thanksgiving that Obama assured us that there were no known threats. You remember? So here we have Barack Hussein O, president, United States, assuring everybody, feel free, get on those airplanes, get on the trains, get in your car, go wherever you want to go because there are no known threats. Why? Because I have vanquished Al-Qaeda, and I have contained ISIS, and all these terrorists are on the run. And he has said that over and over again.

Meanwhile, ISIS is not contained, Obama’s former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency came out yesterday, chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff said, no, ISIS isn’t contained. One of Obama’s own employees basically told Obama he didn’t know what he was talking about. ISIS is not contained. By the way, ISIS is throwing parties and celebrating what happened in San Bernardino. I don’t think they’ve claimed any credit for it, but they’re celebrating it. So Obama, you know, wailing and moaning here about the no-fly list. To me, if somebody on the no-fly list can get a gun, then why are they on the no-fly list? But the whole point is, you are the guy that runs these computer systems. You’re the guy with the input. You’re the guy that runs the data systems, and if you can’t run ’em — and we know you can’t because of the Obamacare website.

But we live in this world now where way too many low-information voters think the government’s infallible, government can’t do anything wrong, and even if it does do something wrong, the government should be the ones to fix it. You know these clowns in Boston, the Tsarnaevs, they were on the no-fly list. Did you know that? I wonder if Obama knows that. The Boston bombers were on the no-fly list. It didn’t stop them from arming up. It didn’t stop them from being able to set off bombs. And they didn’t have to violate any gun control laws to get the kind of weaponry they used. This is what I mean by the state of utter denial that we’re in. I mean, we know exactly who’s doing what to us. And for some reason, people at the highest levels of power want to sit there and deny it and try to tell us that we’re wrong when we notice it.

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