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RUSH: There is yet more evidence. Here it is. Grab sound bites 22 and 23. Before I forget this, before I start talking myself out of time to play it, Trump continues to be validated here on this Muslim celebrating business. Dan Rather. This is the David Letterman show September 17th, 2001. Letterman says, “Are they now joyous?” Meaning the Islamists, the jihadists, are they joyous, are they celebrating now, Dan?

RATHER: Oh, absolutely, they’re celebrating. There’s one report, this has not been confirmed, but there’s several reports there was a cell, one of these cells across the Hudson River, and they got on the — this is the report, I emphasize, I don’t know this for a fact, but there’s several witnesses who say this happened. They got on the roof of the building to look across, they knew what was gonna happen, they were waiting for it to happen, and when it happened, they celebrated.

RUSH: No! Okay, so you have this, now, so Trump could have seen this, this is Letterman, this is September 17th. This is six days after 9/11. You got the New York Post story, the Washington Post story, all kinds of people talking about it. Pablo Guzman Eyewitness News 2 New York with a report on the rooftop celebrating, apparently there’s all kinds of media about the Islamists celebrating 9/11. All kinds of it. And Trump, all he’s done is say, “I saw it. I saw it.” And the Drive-Bys and their fact-checkers, “No, no, no, it didn’t happen because we didn’t report it. It didn’t happen. We’ve served our archives. We don’t have any reports of any celebrating, therefore it didn’t happen.”

And yet they keep surfacing. And of all people, Dan Rather. The problem is he made so much stuff up, we don’t know. I’m just kidding. Well, a little. But the interview with Letterman continued. Letterman said, “Have we made mistakes that we should not have made?” Meaning, hey, Dan, do we kind of deserve this? I mean, they’re out there celebrating. Dan, did we do something to tick ’em off? Dan, did we screw up here? Did we do things we shouldn’t have done and that’s why they did this?

RATHER: We ended the Gulf War —


RATHER — probably 24 hours too soon. We now know that. Saddam Hussein, if he isn’t connected to this, he’s connected to any other things. He’s part of this “hate America” thing. We have to wake up. It’s a new… It’s a new place now, and we’re headed to a new place, David. You know, America the Beautiful. Who can sing now with the same meaning we had before of one stanza that goes, “O beautiful, for patriots’ dream that sees beyond the years. Thine alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears.” We can never sing that song (choking up) again that way. David, you’ve been terrific to have me on tonight. I’m so sorry for this.

RUSH: Well, there you have it. You know what’s noteworthy about this aside from Dan being overcome by his own emotion? Saddam Hussein! “Saddam Hussein might not have had anything to do with this, but he’s part of the ‘hate America’ thing.” So in the immediate aftermath 9/11, even the leftists and the media was saying, “Yeah, there was a ‘hate America’ crowd out there.” Look at how quickly they all turned!

Look at all these leftists — and we chronicled it at the time in the immediate aftermath 9/11. They wanted on board. They wanted to be part of a patriotic part of America. They wanted to be part of, “We love the country, too,” and it didn’t take ’em three weeks before they started whining and moaning that Bush wasn’t responding soon enough. But here’s Dan Rather, “Well, David, we know Saddam Hussein, if he isn’t connected to this, he’s connected to many other things. He’s part of this ‘hate America’ thing. But now we can’t sing America the Beautiful. Never.”

The hell we can’t! What do you mean we can’t sing it? What is he talking about?

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