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RUSH: So in the midst of all of this, you know what just happened? Were you happening to watch TV? (interruption) You were screening calls; you didn’t see it. The secretary of defense is out there — our illustrious secretary of defense, Ash Carter — during that last commercial break was out doing an announcement. And do you know what he announced? He announced that — wait for it — women will now be allowed to participate in most, if not all, combat roles in the US military. Take that, ISIS! Take that. In the midst of all of this. That’s as absurd as Obama going out and talking about gun control.

You want to know how tone deaf the Democrats are?

You want to know how tone deaf the Washington establishment is?

You couldn’t pick a worse time to start talking about gun control, gun confiscation. You couldn’t pick a worse time, from a political standpoint. You’re the Democrat, you want new gun control laws, you want to be able to convince people to give up their guns because they’ll be safer, and you do that today? You do that last night? Everybody’s worried about domestic terrorism. Everybody’s worried about this influx of illegal immigrants from everywhere. We now have Islamic refugees pouring into the country at the direction of the administration, the president. We’ve got rioters. We’ve got things going crazy on college campuses. We got potentially violent protests happening all over the country. Obama is letting felons out of jail. And they now want to talk about disarming us? How stupid are they really?


RUSH: That’s right, a man, a legend, a way of life. Let me declare something here, folks, in terms of gun control. Don’t doubt me. There isn’t a gun control law or any proposed gun control law that would have prevented what happened yesterday in San Bernardino from happening. All the gun control laws that the left has proposed, even confiscating guns, would not have stopped what happened. If you want to get caught up in this gun control business, be very, very careful, because you can go all the way.

You could support… In a theoretical, hypothetical exercise, you could say, “I support getting rid of every gun.” You could be confiscating every gun. Go to every house, get everybody’s gun — if you could even do that, which you won’t be able to do. But if you could, you would not have stopped what happened last night. And that’s the bottom line. You know why? Because those people would not have been deterred. They wouldn’t have given up their guns. They would have opened fire first, or found someplace to hide them. They’re criminals! They’re jihadists! They don’t obey the law.

That’s what’s wrong with this entire gun control movement.

What illustrates it for us is something that’s true: It is not about controlling guns. It’s about controlling us. The left — in this insane desire of theirs to get guns out of everybody’s hands — is not about getting guns out of everybody’s hands. It’s about controlling you. It’s about further enriching the empowerment of government. It’s nothing to do with gun safety or anything. It’s like every other leftist issue: It’s always a camouflage for what they really are trying to achieve. But you could go find your most radical gun control proposal made by your most radical leftist Democrat in any state or in the United States Congress.

You will not find a gun control law, either one that he exists or one that’s been proposed, that would have stopped what happened in San Bernardino. It’s the truth. It’s just the way it is. Now, you can reject it if you want. You can say I don’t know what I’m talking about or that I’m trying to Svengali you or convince you of things that are untrue. But there’s nothing in it for me to convince you of things that aren’t by lying you. There’s no long-term good in that. There’s no reason to want to lie to you. You’re already being lied to.

Way too many people are lying to you all too often, but it doesn’t happen here.


RUSH: Mike in Holly Hills, Florida. Mike I’m glad you waited, to the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Dittos.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Rush, two things to say before I get to my point. Rush, thank you, because you let my wife know that she was conservative. (chuckles)

RUSH: Well!

CALLER: And that was a wonderful thing.

RUSH: Happy to help.

CALLER: It was great.

RUSH: That’s big. It’s really big.

CALLER: For years I’d have you on the radio in the house, and she’d gripe about you, gripe about you.

RUSH: That’s great.

CALLER: She’s a mail carrier, and then she was out on the mail route, and she couldn’t get any station except you and she started listening to it. What a job you did, my man.

RUSH: Happy to help you.

CALLER: Thank you, very much.

RUSH: Better get to your point because time is short.

CALLER: Oh, the point is this. Your point about the people arming up is exactly true. I’m a firearms instructor. I’ve been inactive for about a year.
Since this attack yesterday, I’ve got three different groups of people call me to ask for firearms instruction licenses, people that are going to arm up. So the president’s call for taking our guns is exactly the opposite of what’s really happening. Anecdotally, people are arming up, not disarming, and they’re not gonna be disarmed by this president, I don’t believe.

RUSH: Oh, no, they won’t put up with it. In fact, every time the president talks about it, gun sales reach new records. He has to know that, by the way. Every time he alludes to the need for more gun control laws, what happens? People flock to gun shows and gun stores, and they start stocking up. They call people like you. They want lessons; they want to get permits — in some cases, concealed carry permits. They’re tough to do, but some people want them. And it’s a natural reaction here. The sound bite I had was the sheriff, the police department, the police chief listing all the weapons they found in the house in San Bernardino, which I had mentioned earlier. It’s an incredibly long list, but there just isn’t time. I’m sorry.

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