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RUSH: This is Charles in Wheeling, West Virginia. It’s great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, it’s great to talk to you. I’ve been a listener since 1988. This is the first time I think I’ve had a worthy call.

RUSH: Well, you’re a lifer. He’s a lifer, folks. He’s been here since ’88.

CALLER: I am. I am a lifer. I absolutely am. Anyways, my point is that we have made it so unacceptable in this society to report what we would consider to be odd Muslim behavior. And what happens here, if we see odd Muslim behavior radicalized, the president won’t even admit it. We have a climate out there where you have neighbors who see odd behavior and feel embarrassed to report it. Why? The political climate is what is permitting that.

When you have a president who won’t… Now, let’s say if president would take the position that we have an issue out there. “We have an issue with radicalized Islam. If you see anything, please report it. It could be very important, and if it isn’t radicalized and everything’s fine, nothing will happen. Nothing will happen to them. Nothing will happen to you.” It disturbs me that we have neighbors who indicated they saw that there was odd behavior but in order to remain politically correct, they remained quiet. Now, what happens if they had in fact reported it?

RUSH: Well, it’s a good question. Put yourself in their shoes. Let’s say they watch American TV. Let’s say they used to watch the TV show 24. There have been many instances on a lot of TV shows where people who reported Muslims and ended up being wrong about it were tarred, feathered, held up for ridicule. Television is a very powerful influence. There have been… I can’t name any off the top of my head here, but you’re asking the question; I’m giving you a possible answer why people would shut up, would people would not report it, because they’ve seen on TV what happened to people who did, and they were wrong.

And I tell you, I have noticed — I’m sure you have, too — ever since 9/11, there have been a lot of shows about terrorism, and I would venture to say half of them have been devoted to bigoted Americans who overreacted, according to the show and according to the writers and producers of the show, and started thinking that every Islamic person they saw was a terrorist and called the cops. They found out they were wrong, and in many cases, the Islamic people these TV shows cure cancer, or they solve some other great social problem.

I mean, the perversion that can take place in mainstream pop culture here — and remember who runs that. The same political people run that as run the Democrat Party, as run Washington today. So there’s a reason those people felt afraid to tell law enforcement what they saw. And whatever it was — whether it was television, whether it was exposure to the news, whether it was things they’ve read — they have been conditioned to believe that seeing what you see and thinking what’s obvious makes you guilty of bigotry and racism or what have you. And people don’t want to deal with the allegation.


Authorities Search Redlands Home Tied to Suspect Syed Farook.” That’s CBS. LA Times: “San Bernardino Shooting Suspect Traveled to Saudi Arabia, was Married, Appeared to be Living ‘American Dream,’ Co-Workers Say.” Syed Farook, hired without any discrimination, was allowed to leave his work numerous times a day. He was allowed to go home — with pay — and pray and then come back many times a day. They had just given him a baby shower. His fellow employees — killed by him and his wife — had been given a baby shower. The LA Times says he was living a dream life here in America.

He had all the freedoms. He had more perks at work than his fellow employees had. And it was all to accommodate his religion, so that the employers there would never be accused of being discriminatory or prejudiced or bigoted. So if he needed to go home five times a day to pray? “Sure, Syed, have at it!” There’s a big story here about how he had all of this wonderful stuff, his beautiful wife, new baby, great job, wonderful friends, and they’re asking — wringing their hands — “What could have gone wrong? What happened?”

CNN is now running a little chyron graphic the bottom of their screen: “Suspect Male Shooter Apparently Radicalized.” So they’re getting closer at CNN to admitting what went on here. But, see, even here, he started out as a great guy. “He was a great guy, yeah! He was a great guy. He came here 20 years old, ended up being radicalized, and so he’s not really at fault. We gotta go find the people that radicalized him.” You know what that opens up, don’t you? You better be very careful. I’m not gonna predict it, but I’m gonna tell you I won’t be surprised if we see somewhere in the media…

It could be a very oddball, extreme, far-off corner of the media, but we’re gonna see somewhere where he was a perfectly fine, upstanding American citizen, and then he heard a speech by Ted Cruz or heard some speech made by some Republican that just ticked him off and radicalized him. Mark my words. It may not be something the mainstream media comes up with. But it is perfectly obvious and clear to me that if they can, they are going to try to blame conservatism or the Republican Party for this. They’ve already begun.

Here is Bob in Coronado, California. Bob, I’m glad you waited. You’re up next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: I think we’re ignoring a major contributing factor in the development of these homegrown terrorists, and I think it relates directly how we’re gonna treat or vet refugees coming in from Syria, and that is our solution to the problem from these people, and we think we’re doing it in a kind manner, but we’re moving them into poor neighborhoods. We give ’em food stamps, a small welfare check, maybe some support for their children. And then why do we expect these people to do better and not become disenfranchised like the people do in our cities who become violent, who are disenfranchised, who rebel and commit murder? To me, the parallel between what happens over time to our youth in the cities is very similar to these people. They don’t have a chance because we’re providing them with a perfect recipe for failure, and that’s our social welfare system, which we think is an act of kindness, but it’s just the opposite.

RUSH: Well, let me think about that. This guy does not fit that profile. This guy had a good job. This guy was not living on government benefits. He might have had some, but he was not living on government benefits. He had a good job with perks out of the wazoo. He had a fairly nice neighborhood where his house was. California’s not a bad place to be, given the rest of the world and where he probably came from. And yet he ends up still unappreciative.

I mean, your whole point goes to — does it not — that no matter what we do for them, they don’t appreciate it? Whether it’s put them in the welfare system so they get a little here, a little there, a little there, or whether we welcome ’em in and tell ’em how much we love them and warn them to be vigilant for any Republicans they might meet. “Be very vigilant in running into conservatives! You’ve gotta be very careful you don’t get too close to them. But other than that, have fun here in America.” We know the Democrat Party wants their votes.

We know the Democrat Party believes the best way to get votes is to buy them, to play Santa Claus, to put them on the welfare rolls, to provide for them just enough so that they get by but that doesn’t make them prosperous. They must always remain in need. That’s the Democrat Party philosophy. Give them just enough to keep them in need but to keep them alive. And then remind them every day that the reason they exist is ’cause the Democrat Party’s making it possible. “And these other guys, these Republicans? They want to kick you out of country. We’re glad you’re here! Here, have this EBT card! Here, go get some food stamps and do whatever you want with it. We’re the ones providing it for you.”

But just enough to keep them alive but not nearly enough to make ’em prosperous. His theory is that that eventually causes massive frustration. There’s no way to do better. There’s no way to bounce out of that circumstance, so they turn inward and they get mad and they lash out. That might apply to people who arrive here with — I don’t know what you would call pure motives or what have you. But I don’t think any of it matters to people who come here for the express purpose of someday engaging in behavior like this that happened in San Bernardino yesterday. I don’t think any of that matters. But furthermore I don’t think you can talk them out of it by being nice to them.

Let’s say that the Democrats realize the risk they’re taking, that we’re importing here a bunch of Syrian refugees, and let’s say they will agree and acknowledge that a small percentage of them could actually be ISIS or future terrorists. The Democrats believe — and Obama believed it. Obama believed that him being president would cause the enemy to stand down. Obama believed that him being in the White House was enough to tell our enemies they no longer needed to hate us. That’s one of the pretexts on which he was elected. His campaign was “I can make the world love us again.”

Well, don’t think the Democrats don’t think the same thing. Yeah, we might have some ISIS coming in here, but we are gonna disarm ’em. We’re gonna show ’em we don’t intend ’em any harm. We’re gonna show ’em we love ’em. We’re gonna show ’em we don’t discriminate. We’re gonna show ’em the Republicans are the enemy. We’re gonna show ’em we love ’em and protect ’em and take care of ’em. And my point is you can’t convert somebody away from jihad by being nice to ’em.

I was in Las Vegas recently and it was observed, “You know, there’s a lot of people here. This would be a great, great target.” And I said, “It’ll never happen.” “Why? “‘Cause this is where all the jihadists come to find out what they hate about America. This is where they come. The 9/11 hijackers spent the last weekend their lives out there learning why they hate.” Oh, they did. They did all of it. They bought the prostitutes. They went in and gambled. They did it all to find out how ugly the great Satan is. They wanted to get a little living in before they got in the cockpits.

You can’t be nice to ’em, is my point. You can’t persuade them, convert them by showing them what nice people we are, by promising ’em all these great intentions. And I do believe the Democrats think they can do that. I know Obama does. I know Obama believed — at least he said so. I think Obama really believed that they hated us because of Bush. I think Obama believed that all the terrorists hate America because of Bush and Reagan, Republicans, what have you, but that he, as president, could show there was no longer a reason to hate us. I mean, he campaigned on that pretext or concept.


RUSH: Well, well, well, well. CNN, of all places, listen to this. CNN’s in commercial break now, but this is what they just reported. “Officials: San Bernardino Shooter Apparently Was in Touch With Terror Subjects — Syed Rizwan,” there’s a middle name now, ‘Syed Rizwan Farook, one half of the couple behind the San Bernardino shooting massacre, apparently was radicalized and in touch with people being investigated by the FBI for international terrorism, law enforcement officials said Thursday.

“Farook’s apparent radicalization contributed to his role in the mass shooting with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, of 14 people Wednesday during a holiday party for the San Bernardino County Health Department where Farook worked.” So CNN is getting close here to reporting that the law enforcement people they’re talking to say, “Yeah, this guy, he was a nice, normal, red-blooded American whatever, and then he got radicalized. He ended up talking to some of these international terror people and they inspired him to go on this spree.” This is what they are setting up.

But then CNN added this: “Still, it wasn’t necessarily the only driver behind the carnage, as workplace grievances may have also played a role. President Barack Obama hinted as much Thursday when he said that the attackers may have had ‘mixed motives.'” So, in all candor, these two things can both be true. But workplace violence does not erase the terror component. That’s what they’re gonna try to do here.

So CNN is inching closer and closer and closer to reporting that the guy was a radical Islamist jihadist, and he had been made that way by talking to a bunch of international terror suspects. But that wasn’t the only contributing factor. He was ticked off over something that happened at work, as Obama said. So they’re balancing the scales here. Workplace violence versus jihad. In the world of common sense, both can be true. But one does not cancel out the other and that’s what the left is gonna try to do. We don’t know what it was that happened at the Christmas party that offended the guy. That, to me, seems like the biggest wild guess of this whole thing.

I mean, the stories before that are what a wonderful job the guy had. I just detailed it for you. The guy had time off multiple times a day to go home and pray. He was able to take a month off with pay to go to Saudi Arabia or whatever. He just purchased a $300,000 house. He was making 60, $75,000 a year or what have you. Now all of a sudden something goes on bazonko at a holiday party. What do you bet, if anything did, it was the holiday party itself? Look, I’m not trying to be a purveyor here of pessimism. I’m just thinking ahead. I know how these people operate. I know how the left thinks and I know what their ultimate aims are.

Let’s just pretend for a moment. Let’s say that they eventually conclude here that, yeah, he was radicalized and, yeah, he was a jihadist, but at the same time he may not have done anything if something hadn’t happened at work to really tick him off. What was that? Well, obviously. He’s a Muslim and he was forced to go to a Christmas party. So how will the left suggest we fix that? Cancel Christmas parties. Cancel holiday parties. Cancel public displays, including parties, of Christmas, so as not to antagonize and make the workplace more dangerous. Don’t doubt me. If you don’t think that could happen, you have not been paying attention.

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