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RUSH: It was so pointed, the left got into gear so fast with their automatic narratives. Another Planned Parenthood shooting or another right-wing Republican group shooting up. I mean, they’re waiting for these events to happen.

And then the New York Daily News headline today: “God Isn’t Fixing This.” Have you noticed how that was immediately on the lips of many leftists out there, as though this has been planned in advance for the next event such as this? We’re gonna go after these Republican presidential candidates who offer prayers for the families of the victims in the aftermath. I mean, within seconds of that happening, here comes this anti-barrage, anti-prayer, anti-religious barrage from all over the Internet, as though that was structured and planned and put in place and just waiting for the go signal.

My point is none of the reaction to this is spontaneous. It’s all structured, it’s all planned. I’m talking about the reaction from the left. And I maintain to you that that structured, planned, orchestrated reaction comes from a place of reality. The reality is that they know they have to deflect attention away from themselves because it is their political correctness, it is their political agenda which is making these events more possible. It is their policies, it is their attitudes that is making these shootings, whether it be jihad, whether it be unrest in the inner city, Ferguson, Baltimore, whatever it is, they are the enablers. Their policies, their attitudes, their criticisms of the country justify or make possible the justification of these events.

It’s almost as though when these events happen, there’s a bit of excitement because they get to go into gear immediately with their planned responses that tar and feather and blame Republicans for this. When, once again, there isn’t a single Republican fingerprint on any of this. There isn’t a single conservative fingerprint on any of this. In fact, if there were policies in place that had been implemented by Republicans or conservatives, the likelihood of events like this happening would be much less.

I mean, I even saw, while the attack was still going down, right after program, while the attack was still going down somebody on CNN asked, “Is there a Planned Parenthood nearby?” And don’t think they weren’t hoping there was. But how in the world do these people on the left think that attacking prayer is going to help them politically. The front page of the New York Daily News: “God Isn’t Fixing This.” And they have pictures of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham and their Twitter quotes.

Cruz: Our prayers are with the victims, their families, and the first responders in San Bernardino.

Rand Paul: My thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

Paul Ryan: California, in your prayers.

Lindsey Graham: Thoughts and prayers are with — They want to go after that. Who have these people on the left become? Well, who have they always been that they are now revealing themselves to be? That they think they are scoring points politically. Remember, everything to them is political, and everything is about two things: destroying their political opponents and advancing their own political agenda. And how in the world, who must they be now to believe they advance their political agenda by attacking prayer, attacking people who seek solace and peace in prayer.

The left and the Democrats are the original New Age, touchy-feely crowd. They’re the ones that encourage people to engage in this kind of introspection and self-analysis, but, boy, when you happen to be praying to God, the fact that that offends them and angers them, they apparently can no longer contain themselves.

Chris Stirewalt writing at Fox News today: “Without Christian Voters, Dems Don’t Have a Prayer — Back when Barack Obama could really deliver from the podium,” by the way, that’s now a common refrain, everybody thinks Obama’s lost it. Have you noticed that? I mean, Richard Cohen’s column in the Washington Post the other day, Obama’s just lost his pizzazz, he’s lost his engagement, he’s lost his interest, he’s lost his energy, it’s everywhere. And especially among people on the left. They’re really worried about it.

Obama doesn’t seem engaged. Obama’s going after global warming, climate change. That’s strategic, by the way. That’s kind of smart the way he’s doing it, I’ll explain it in a minute. But there’s a lot of frustration about Obama, and a lot of people writing of Obama as he ain’t what he once was. Oh, man, this guy has really, really fallen. Very dangerous belief to have, because I think Obama’s more dangerous now than he’s ever been. He’s got one year left, with everybody thinking he’s impotent and not engaged. If I were Obama, I would love that. Nobody paying attention, nobody thinking I’ve got anything left, nobody worried about what I’m doing. I mean, that’s clear sailing, smooth sailing ahead with nothing in my way is the way I would see it if I were him.

Anyway, Stirewalt says: “Back when Obama could really deliver from the podium,” meaning back when he really gave good speeches, “one of his very best lines was about how ‘we worship an awesome God in the blue states.’ The language was no accident. ‘Awesome God’ is the name of one of the most popular evangelical worship songs of the last generation. In 2004, when Obama gave that speech,” about how we worship an awesome God in the blue states, “it would have been impossible to imagine a sitting US Senator chastising believers for their prayers in the wake of a mass murder. But one did on Tuesday.

“Many on the left embraced the idea not that, as Obama has said before, ‘thoughts and prayers are not enough,’ but that prayers were pointless or even damaging because they distracted from what most Democrats believe should be a move to advance extensive gun control.”

And there you have it. But I have a different take on this, “We worship an awesome God.” That may well have been “one of the most popular evangelical worship songs of the last generation,” but that’s not what Obama meant when he talked about “awesome God.” That was a defensive statement. It’s always been said the Democrats have a problem with God. Many people have criticized them on that basis. And I think Obama’s saying, “We worship an awesome god in the Democrat Party!” It was his way of saying, “Oh, yes, we do believe in God.”

Much like Obama will launch a military strike somewhere, “Oh, yes, we do believe in using force! Oh, we’re not afraid of using the military,” to counter some of the cliched criticisms. Stirewalt’s point is that if the Democrats run off Christians, they don’t have a prayer of winning elections. And he goes on in his piece to analyze why that would be. He asks the question, “So what could possess members of [the Democrat Party] … to denounce prayer — and to do so before the means and motives of the killers were still unknown? How does political stupidity of that magnitude come to seem like a good idea?

“As the most recent Pew study on religion in public life tells us, Democrats went from 74% Christian in 2007 to 63% in 2014. The share of Christian Republicans dropped by 5 points to 82%, about the same as the population overall. But the headline was that for the first time, the single largest group of Democrats on the spectrum of beliefs was ‘none.’ Those professing no faith jumped 9 points in seven years — now 28% of Democrats.” So they’re out now in the aftermath of this attack talking about more gun control and taking guns away from average, ordinary people who end up being the victims of these events — and now they’re mocking, lampooning, attacking God and prayer in the aftermath of an act of terrorism?

We’re dealing with truly deranged, sick, dangerous people, if you ask me.


RUSH: Now, I got some e-mail, as I always do, checked them during the break. And, understandably, my e-mail inbox is being peppered by a bunch of leftists listening to the program. They’re taking issue with me for my opinion that the left actually knows that they are culpable here because of their panic stricken efforts to blame all this on Republicans, to blame all of this on prayer, to attack people who pray and want solitude with God, to attack that.

Let me put this a different way if you’re having trouble agreeing with me on this. Could somebody explain to me how it is that the Republican Party or conservatism is responsible for what happened last night? Because that’s what the Democrats are saying. And that’s what the media tries to imply here and there, and that’s what all of these leftist bloggers are pointing out. Well, if you doubt me. within hours of the San Bernardino terror attack, elected Democrats and sympathizers in the Drive-By Media literally launched their own attack. They launched an attack of anger and vitriol, but it wasn’t directed at the perp. Have you noticed there was no anger whatsoever. There was a deep desire for understanding. There was a question of why? But when it came to pointing fingers of blame, not at the perp, not at anything the perp might believe. No, their anger was directed at the people who were expressing grief and concern through prayer.

The sitting US senator that attacked people is Chris Murphy from Connecticut. He tweeted, “Your thoughts should be about steps to take to stop this carnage. Your prayers should be for forgiveness if you do nothing again.” Would somebody explain to me how any of this is the fault of the Republican Party or the conservative movement or anybody that had nothing else to do with it? The very attempt to make people think that this happened because of Republican Party policies or conservatism is sick, but, my friends, it is as great an indication as you could have that all of this is nothing more than what they think is a political opportunity to advance their agenda and take out their opposition.

I maintain to you that their quick action to step in here and start blaming Republicans and try to blame it on Planned Parenthood or maybe it’s the Tea Party or what have you, is rooted in an understanding they have that they’re the ones actually making these things possible, they’re the ones who offer and demand political correctness, no judgmentalism.

How about this. I’m sure you’ve heard this by now that the neighbors saw all of these Middle Eastern men late at night accepting all of these massively large packages, and they were being delivered into the garage of this home, but they didn’t tell the cops because they didn’t want anybody to think that they were racist. They didn’t want the cops or the neighbors to think that they were anti-Muslim. They didn’t want anybody to think that they were bigots. So they shut up. The lesson here is, when you see a bunch of boxes being delivered to a garage after midnight to a home populated by four Middle Eastern guys, call the cops. But, no, no, that is profiling. That’s sick. You can’t do that.

This is why I maintain that events like this — if we’re gonna start pointing fingers of blame here, I’m gonna point my fingers right back at them, because they are the ones that are freezing people into inaction. They’re the ones scaring people into shutting up and being silent when threats are spotted, when potential incidents like this are detected. And I think they know it. I think they are fully aware that their own perverted ideological — I’m talking about the American left — their own perverted beliefs make all of this easier to happen in this country.

California Democrat Adam Schiff went to CNN. He lambasted fellow lawmakers for their moment of silence for the victims. He said, “This has become a ritual in the House. I would much rather have moments of action than moments of silence on the House floor.” Then the New York Daily News front page: “God Isn’t Fixing This.” Harry Reid declared the NRA is to blame. They are at fault as a quasi-militant wing of the Republican Party. So it’s pretty clear to me, when we’re talking about the Democrat Party and the American left, the enemy is the Republican Party. The enemy is the conservatives. Exactly as I’ve told you.

We as conservatives pose a greater threat to them than guys like this shooter. We pose a greater threat to them than all of militant Islam because, in their view, we’re the ones trying to take their power away by defeating them in elections. We are the ones they fear because we are the ones telling everybody else in the country the truth about them. They don’t like an opposition. They don’t like there being an opposition. So you tell me, folks, if you think I’m a little broad here in my assertion, would you explain to me how in the world the Republican Party has anything to do with this? Or the conservative movement? And don’t spout “gun control” at me.

You could have the strongest gun control laws in the country, which California might have already, and you are not going to pop people from arming up this way. You can have all the background checks in the world but you’re never gonna stop people who want 12 pipe bombs in their garage from getting them. What’s the latest gun show you went to to get a pipe bomb, by the way? What’s the latest gun shop? Can you go into Walmart, Sam’s Club and say, “Give me 12 IEDs. Here’s my Amex card.” Can you do that? You can’t.

The idea that gun control’s gonna fix this is absurd. Well, of course “we are having a gun violence epidemic.” Yeah. What do you mean, why don’t I understand that? Right, okay. We have a gun violence epidemic, well, who’s using the guns? Well, I’m damn well gonna ask that, and I’m gonna ask why are they using the guns? Who are the people committing these acts of violence and why? Do you realize that more people were shot in Chicago over the weekend than yesterday in San Bernardino? Not supposed to say that, am I? Not supposed to say more people shot in Chicago over the weekend than yesterday in San Bernardino. Where is the demand and the call for gun control in Chicago? Just saying.

CNN had a guest last night that I don’t know if this guy’s gonna ever be invited back. His name was — what is his name? Gilliam I think or Gilliam. Oh, wait, this is a different story. There’s two stories about CNN. Yeah, this one is the CNN guest who said the San Bernardino office holiday party may have been offensive to a Muslim, as though that makes it understandable. John Kerry, “rationale.” By the way, this perp had more perks at work than you and I are ever gonna get. This guy was allowed to go home as many times a day as he wanted to pray. He was allowed to take a month off with pay to go to Saudi Arabia or wherever he wanted to go.

This place bent over backwards to accommodate every aspect of this guy’s religion and paid him at the same time, and yet we’re supposed to think that he was livid and outraged because they have a “holiday party.” It’s a Christmas party, for one thing. They have a Christmas party, and here the CNN guest says, “Well, you know, they had this holiday party there. It might have been offensive to a Muslim gunman.” Really? And so that might explain this? And that takes us back to John Kerry who said, “Well, Charlie Hebdo, you know, there is a rationale for that.”

Really? What was it?

“Well, Charlie Hebdo had published all those cartoons of the prophet, made fun of the prophet. You can’t do that! There’s a rationale for what they did there,” John Kerry said. He had to walk that back. Criminologist Casey Jordan, Ms. Casey Jordan was called on by Don Lemon, the CNN host. It was in the 11 p.m. Eastern hour last night, and Lemon began by suggesting that the disgruntled employee, Syed Farook, appeared to have Arabic or Middle Eastern names.

But the key is that from the beginning, everything that was reported about him going into this conference room where there was a holiday party, which may have been offensive to him… Now, some people want to give CNN chops for having a guest on to make that point, that a Muslim went jihad during a Christmas party. Not many in the media are harping on that because that does kind of make the guy look a little deranged, and they don’t want the guy to look deranged.

They want the guy to have a reason for this. This is… The left, why do you think there hasn’t been a motive? The left is desperate to find some way to explain this. (interruption) Well, I know. “We’ve got pipe bombs at home in case we’re offended.” This is all absurd, the idea that it was workplace violence. But the point is the left is looking for something, motive-wise, that will make this understandable so that we don’t have to be critical of Islam. Make no mistake they’re looking for.

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