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RUSH: I had this story. There’s a lot I didn’t get to yesterday. You know, I must tell you, folks. I must be honest. I went home yesterday with pangs of guilt. There was just so much.

There was so much that had accrued news story-wise over the days I was out that it was never covered. I was never gonna be able to get it all in yesterday. I left here thinking, “Ah, I left a bunch of stuff on the table I should have talked about.” I didn’t get to the Cruz Stack as promised. But that was okay because I knew it would be added to, and it has been. So the Cruz Stack is there today with additional audio sound bite support, so that’s gonna be okay. But I had this story on Obama and this idiotic thing he said.

It was so idiotic that even the media and other attendees at this circle whatever it is over in Paris — even they — were sighing and incredulous and in disbelief. Obama was talking about the mass shooting, the Planned Parenthood example, and he said, “Things like this just don’t happen in other countries! They only happen in my country.” This happened just before the program started yesterday, and I had it, and I just didn’t get to it. And I went home yesterday feeling guilty all the stuff I left on the table. I do.

If I think that I have not met the audience expectations, I go home and I feel bad about it. The thing that rescues me is I know I’ve got the next day to get it right, fix it, apologize, what have you. But in Paris yesterday, Obama had a press conference as part of the Paris global warming hoax when he said something so monumentally insensitive that it had even fellow attendees in shock. French reporters were stunned at Obama’s ignorance. There were people in the audience calling him names after he made the claim that he made.

And the stories worldwide about this, you would not believe the headlines.

Obama Just Said the Most Stunningly Idiotic Thing EVER.” He was talking about the murders that took place last week in Colorado Springs, and he made the following assertion: “I mean, I say this every time we got one of these mass shootings, it just doesn’t happen in other countries.” It just doesn’t happen in other countries? He’s in Paris where it just happened! He’s in Paris where a mass murder just took place as his own secretary of state said, randomly. There wasn’t any rationale for this one like there was Charlie Hebdo.

I mean, they were incredulous at this, and they then started talking about how detached Obama seemed, and slouching and looked bored and tired and uninterested. All of that’s probably true, and most of it’s probably true because Obama was just part of a gang. It wasn’t all about him. And when it isn’t all about him, 100% about him, he sulks. He pouts like a little kid, gets petulant. And that’s when the guard drops, and that’s when the real Obama begins to surface. And so when he said, “I mean, I say this every time we got one of these mass shootings. This just doesn’t happen in other countries,” there it is on full display, his opinion, his attitude about this country and how rotten he thinks it is and how uniquely flawed, uniquely flawed Obama believes this country is.


RUSH: I have a question. I have a question about this Planned Parenthood shoot-up out in Colorado. You’ve got this lunatic that lives in a shack much like the Unabomber lived in. I mean, a literal shack. My shack in Overland Park, Kansas, wasn’t that bad. I had running water and electricity in it, but this guy had no running water, no electricity. He was genuine, full-fledged lunatic. And the only thing anybody can recall him saying at any point during all this was “no more baby parts.”

My question’s very simple: In this ongoing leftist effort to blame Christians and pro-lifers… By the way, have you ever stopped to ask yourself how come there aren’t more of these type of shoot-ups at Planned Parenthood? I mean, if the left is right about these crazy pro-lifers. Do you realize that Islamic terrorists have killed many more Americans than pro-lifers? I mean, pro-lifers can’t even get close to the number.

It’s absurd on its face. But my question is, since the guy’s running around shouting “no more baby parts,” why doesn’t Planned Parenthood get blamed? They’re the ones chopping up babies. They’re the ones been caught on video bragging about chopping up babies, and selling the parts for profit. How do they escape any complicity in this? I understand. It’s a rhetorical question, folks. The Drive-Bys circle the wagons to protect them. But to me, it’s a rather logical question. And that then asks another. Hang on.


RUSH: I know. I know the staff is all worried now because they think I’m gonna get roasted here for blaming the victim with my simple innocent question: “Why doesn’t Planned Parenthood get blamed?” Before you go off the deep end on that, may I remind you a couple things? After 9/11, what was one of the most frequent questions you heard in the Drive-By Media? I’ll tell you what it was.

“What did we do to make them so mad that they felt they had to do this to us?”

Do you remember the State Department convened — I don’t know what — a forum, panel, some such thing? They had a bunch of experts to come in to examine what it is we had done to make the hijackers on 9/11 so mad. In other words, the left in this country immediately sought to assign blame to the United States for the terror attack on 9/11, and they did not hesitate to do this. It didn’t take until the next day for this question to start reverberating all over the country.

“What did we do to cause it?”

So I’m simply trying to learn the way the left thinks about these things and incorporate it here in the way I do my program. Barack Obama blames this country for stuff that happens here, and he runs around the world and apologizes for it. Okay, so if Planned Parenthood had this incident, and the shooter starts running around talking about “no more body parts,” who is it that’s dealing in body parts? If the left were being consistent, they would ask themselves, “What have we done to make people so mad at us?”

But they never ask that about themselves.

They ask it about their country. They have these narratives, these built-in narratives, media narratives. The moment something like this happens, the instant it happens, the entire news media, in unison, gets into gear and starts talking and reporting and writing stories about some right-wing group or talk radio or whoever has to be responsible for this. And that is what informs their reporting. They go out and try to find evidence that what they think their narrative. Their bigoted reaction is, they go out and try to find evidence. Have you all heard…?

I will wager that most of you have not heard. Have you heard of the mass shooting in New Orleans that happened last week? Brian, did you hear of the mass shooting in New Orleans last week? Dawn, did you hear about the mass shooting? Mr. Snerdley, did you hear about the mass shooting in New Orleans last week, in a public park? (interruption) You didn’t? Well, there was one, and a lot of people were shot. Nope. They’ve got one suspect who’s African-American, and that’s why it hasn’t been reported.

It doesn’t fit the narrative of some angry conservative or group going out and getting guns and shooting things up. (interruption) Yeah, go ahead and Google. I think it was November 25th or 22nd, 23rd. I don’t have the story right in front of me. I wasn’t gonna use the story today. By the way, that’s evidence of how this stuff works. The Drive-Bys don’t report it so you don’t know about it. I’m not gonna waste time on it. I got too many other things to do.

But now, all of a sudden, it fits. I didn’t print it. I’ll go find it. It’s in my Stack here among printed stuff. We’re talking 10 people. One of the stories out of New Orleans actually has a chart showing where all of the victims were shot. African-American shooter. Nobody knows. It didn’t get reported because it didn’t fit the narrative like Colorado Springs fits the narrative. I’ll tell you something else that’s gonna go on out here that it was 17 people shot in New Orleans. Seventeen people, last week.

You don’t know about it.

It was reported locally in New Orleans, but it never made it beyond that because the shooter’s black. So it doesn’t fit the narrative that it’s angry white Christians arming up and going out shooting people that don’t look like ’em. (interruption) November 27th. So five days ago, essentially, and you don’t know about it. They’re gonna be all fit to be tied because I happened to ask a question here: “Well, how come nobody’s blaming Planned Parenthood?” But don’t forget, folks: After 9/11, the State Department and United States media starts running around asking, “What did we do to make them so mad?”

The clear implication was, “We are culpable. We are responsible. Our policy. Maybe it’s our relationship with Israel.” Whatever it is, there was an understanding on the left of why they would attack us the way they did on 9/11. We were partly to blame, and they convened all kinds of summits amongst themselves. Academics and who knows who else was there to discuss the serious question: “What do they did to make them so mad? Why do they hate us?” Exactly right. “Why do they hate us?” As though it was outfit and that we deserved it.

And, by the way, as regular listeners to this program know, that is what I think is a major part of Obama’s thinking vis-a-vis this country. That we need to be shown some things, that we need to learn what we have done: The things that we have caused for people around the world, the poverty that we have caused, the wars that we have started, the deaths that we are responsible for. “Moe” Allen is the shooter in New Orleans, “identified by police Friday as one of the gunmen who left 17 people wounded in a shootout during a party at the park Nov. 22, declined to provide a statement upon turning himself in, authorities said.

“He will face 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder,” according to the police department spokesman in New Orleans. This news goes back to last Thursday and Friday, and you don’t know about it. All because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Now, so we have the Colorado shooting. And the truth of the matter is that so few of these types of events happen, it’s almost comparable to the Ferguson, Missouri, situation. When the Gentle Giant case happened, when that incident happened, immediately the news media went into gear, and one of the narratives was that this just the latest in a long line of such stories.

“It happens so often in America. It happens every day: A racist white cop shoots innocent black teenager. It’s the story of America.” That was the meme. That was the narrative. “It happens all the time.” The fact is, it’s rare. It doesn’t happen all the time, which is why the race industry goes into such gear when it does happen. They try to make the most of it because it doesn’t happen that often. Look at Chicago.

Black-on-black crime in Chicago is through the roof. It never gets reported on. But one incident the other way around, and you’d think that’s all that’s going on in Chicago. So you had this obviously deranged Unabomber-type guy, except this guy’s not a fallen intellectual or fallen liberal. He’s just a nut. By the way, have you seen the latest reporting on this guy today? Do you know that this guy has misogyny in his past? Oh, yes. This guy has abused women. This guy hates women.

Well, what narrative does that fit? Why, that just happens to be fit really nicely with the so-called Republican War on Women, doesn’t it? So here we have this lunatic who lives in a shack with no running water and no electricity, who goes out and shoots people at a Planned Parenthood clinic, and all of a sudden this guy is a poster boy for the conservative movement and the Republican Party as far as the news media’s concerned.

When, as I said, the number of such incidents — abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood, whatever, being victimized by violence — are so rare that what it really is a testament to is the nonviolent nature of the pro-life movement. The pro-life movement is a faith-based movement, and it is not violent at its heart, and they had nothing to do with this Colorado shooting.

But the Drive-By Media is perfectly content to make it up and lie, create their never ending narrative that this was the pro-life movement or it was inspired by the pro-life movement because they’re a bunch of violent, lunatic, gun-loving racists. None of that’s true. None of that’s true. So in the midst of all this, I simply ask, “Well, why isn’t the left asking of themselves, ‘What have we done to make these people so mad?'” When Islamic terrorists blow up buildings and kill 3,000 people, they start wringing their hands, “Oh, no, oh, no what did we do to make them so mad?” Abortion clinic gets shot up, they don’t ask, “My gosh, why do they hate us? Oh, no, what did we do to make them mad?” Oh, no, no. They immediately get into gear because the agenda, the narrative, is to destroy all opposition to the Democrat Party.

Now, what’s Obama doing? I said that this creates other things and requires other questions. Have you paid attention to some of this ludicrous stuff Obama is saying as part of this ridiculous climate change summit in Paris? He is attacking people who he says are contributing to the destruction of the climate. He’s talking about people that drive SUVs. He’s talking about power plant owners, coal company executives and so forth. You know, with as many deranged people as are in this country, and most of them are leftists, as Ted Cruz has pointed out, I hope to heck that there aren’t a whole bunch of incidents waiting to happen out there because they’re being promoted by Obama and his anti-rhetoric that he’s engaging in and his blame rhetoric.

I mean, if the president of the United States starts blaming people over and over again for destroying the planet, are you telling me some unstable people out there aren’t gonna get scared and want to take matters into their own hands? Take your average lunatic, your average unstable mentally disabled person or mentally diseased person, here’s the president over and over attacking this person, that person, that group, this group, for destroying the planet, and you think some mentally unstable person is not gonna say, “I have to stop ’em. They’re gonna destroy the planet, they’re gonna destroy all my –” and bang, bang.

Well, as long as we’re talking about this and as long as we’re being honest about it, that’s something that needs to be addressed. Because where the left is concerned when an incident like this happens, the immediate thing they do is try to blame anybody but the actual perp. The actual perp is nothing more than a stooge. The actual perp is nothing more than a victim himself. He’s been influenced by madcap right-wingers, talk radio, the Republican Party, the pro-life movement, or what have you. As far as the media is concerned, as far as the Democrat Party is concerned, this guy that shot up Planned Parenthood is so stupid, he couldn’t have done it on his own. He had to be programmed. He had to be inspired. He had to be told to do it. He had to be motivated to do it, it just so happens, by the political opponents of the Democrat Party.

Okay, fine. Well then what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And it seems that most of the shootups in this country occur at the hands of leftists, and who’s inspiring them? Who is motivating them? Who’s working them up into a deep, fevered frenzy? You go on the floor of the Senate as the Senate minority leader and you start blaming individual Americans for these acts of domestic terror, what do you think the deranged out there might want to do? Damn right I’m blaming the Democrats. The American left has more responsibility for this garbage that’s happening in this country than you or I could in our lifetimes, folks, and do not be mistaken about that.


RUSH: You know, the truth is that most of the domestic terrorism in this country in recent years has been performed by radical environmentalist wackos. The Earth Liberation Front was listed by the FBI as a top terror threat in the US back in 2001. Now, that’s 14 years ago. But the militant environmentalist wackos are still active. But let me just give you a couple of examples. Remember the guy that went and shot up the Family Research Council in Washington? The guy grabs a gun and goes into the Family Research Council building, which is among other things, a pro-life group, and starts shooting up. You know why? Because he reads leftist websites. And one of the websites he read was the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website, and they’ve got this list of “hate” organizations, and the Family Research Council is at the top of a hate list organizations. So this guy grabs a gun, starts shooting ’em up.

Do you remember the guy that went in and shot up the Discovery network building because they weren’t doing enough to stop climate change. The Discovery network, which does everything they can to promote this hoax, some mad leftist grabs a gun, goes in there and starts shooting ’em up, and in both instances the Drive-Bys’ first instinct was to blame it on some madcap, insane right-winger. Turned out to be deranged leftists who had been influenced by leftist media. Southern Poverty Law Center in one instance and the Discovery network in the other.

Here’s Carol in St. Louis, as we go to the phones in the first hour. Great to have you, Carol. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I just gotta tell you I love you, because you voice what I’m always thinking. I was Christmas shopping, I get in the car, and what did you say but about the abortion clinic and no one asked what could possibly make people so angry as to do something that awful. And I was like, finally Rush said it. I’ve been waiting for someone to say that. And no one else — all these people, all these cop haters, no one’s making a big deal about the fact that there was a Christian pro-life police officer who risked his life —

RUSH: Off duty.

CALLER: — and tried to save these people.

RUSH: He was off duty to boot.


RUSH: Exactly right. Went in to try to help these people, and that has been reported. It hasn’t been highlighted.

CALLER: Highlighted is what I mean. Yes.

RUSH: It’s been reported.


RUSH: Well, you know, Carol, I’m gonna get push-back on this. The left can’t — I imagine they’re writing the blog post even now, Limbaugh blames —

CALLER: That’s why I called because I support you on it. You’re right, and you’re right to say it.

RUSH: Well, to me it’s a logical question. I have learned from the left. Let me be repetitive, folks. Indulge me. We get hit on 9/11. The left says, “What did we do to cause it? Why do they hate us? What did we do to make them so mad?” Ergo, must be our fault. Okay, deranged lunatic goes on a shooting spree at Planned Parenthood, mumbling something about “no more body parts.” Who is dealing in body parts? Not the pro-lifers. Planned Parenthood is. Simple question. Since the left likes to blame America for things that happen in America, why not ask, if you’re searching to blame somebody other than the actual perp, why don’t you ask why isn’t Planned Parenthood being blamed? It seems like a logical question to me. Especially when the left is concerned the perp is never the perp. The perp is always the product of influence, right? Well, so who influenced this guy? The question answers itself. Sorry if it makes you mad.

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