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RUSH: I have to admit to being somewhat puzzled by this. Obama has put forth this women in combat business. And my memory on this, this has come up before. Women in combat, we’ve been there, done that, we’ve had this debate way back in the ’90s. But it’s come back. It’s resurfaced. John King was on Anderson Cooper 390 last night, CNN, talking about this. Anderson Cooper said, “Do you think there’s no doubt that women in combat is part of the equation?”

KING: Without a doubt. You will find a lot of Democrats who say if you can turn the Obama coalition into a Democratic coalition, then the Democrats will have built in on the national stage, pretty much what Ronald Reagan had for 20 years and the Republican Party had after Ronald Reagan on the national stage. This coalition, if he can transfer it over, spells a lot of trouble for the Republicans.

RUSH: What they’re doing here, they’re all in on this Reagan thing. These people are obsessed with Ronald Reagan. It really offends me because there’s no comparison to Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. Maybe I’ve contributed to some of this unintentionally, because Obama does want to be like Reagan in the sense that he thinks Reagan changed the trajectory of the country. Obama believes this was a left-leaning progressive liberal country until Reagan came along, and then Reagan screwed everything up. And Reagan got people thinking about conservativism. Reagan was simply devoted to the Constitution. Reagan was devoted to the concept of a Representative Republic. He was devoted to the founding principles. That’s what Obama doesn’t like.

So now what they’re trying to tell us here is that Obama — they’re admitting Reagan’s greatness, by the way. What they’re doing now is trying to say that Obama is trying to accomplish what Reagan did. Not policy-wise, but in terms of massively influencing the people that we’re going to have a socialist, almost a totalitarian existence, and that’s where this comparison to Reagan starts to anger me a little bit. Reagan was not about any of this. There were no similarities whatsoever. Reagan was trying to de-emphasize government in people’s lives. He was trying to lower taxes. He wanted a booming private sector. He wanted individuals rewarded for their labor, not punished for their success. He wanted to wipe the enemies of free people off the earth, the Soviet Union and communism everywhere. He was a big believer in liberty and freedom, for everybody. As in our founding.

That’s not Obama. So these guys in the media, they’re caught up here now in Obama becoming Reagan. And women in combat, Obama now reestablishing women in combat is to cement the Democrat coalition. This sound bite really amazes me. “Without a doubt. You will find a lot of Democrats who say if you can turn the Obama coalition into a Democratic coalition.” What the hell is it if it’s already not a Democratic coalition? And they mean Democrat Party. They don’t mean small d Democrat here. What has he got for the Democrat Party coalition? “They can turn the Obama coalition into a Democratic coalition, then the Democrats will have built in on the national stage, pretty much what Ronald Reagan –” These people to this day don’t know who Ronald Reagan was and they clearly don’t know what he was about. To equate what Obama’s doing here with anything that Reagan did is absurd. And it’s offensive.

But I don’t even understand this. What is the Obama coalition if it’s not a bunch of Democrats? The Gallup poll today: 86% Democratic approval of Obama, 10% Republican approval. We are more partisan than ever. The partisan divide is as great as it’s ever been in history. Well, for as long as Gallup has been tallying it. Women in combat? What, women are being denied this? The Republican War on Women was such that women were denied their opportunities and Obama sees fit to make it happen. Anyway, the next question that Cooper said was, “John, is part of this payback for those comments that McConnell made about this top job being to make sure the president wasn’t reelected?”

KING: You can look at it that way. I’m sure if you asked the president about this, he would say that he believes these things. But they do believe in the White House, Anderson. Pick up a census report. Look at the demographics of this country and how they’re changing. Look at the Obama coalition from the last two elections. They believe if they can cement the loyalty of those voters in, and part of cementing the voters is acting on the issues they most care about, young voters care about climate change, a lot of voters do, but these are issues that fit the Obama coalition. If they can cement that in on a national scale, the Republicans are in trouble.

RUSH: The Republicans are already in trouble. You notice how excited this guy is over all this, though? He can barely contain himself. So climate change and gay marriage, those are the top two issues for people 28 and under. And primarily 18-24 college, gay marriage, gay rights and climate change are it. But he’s salivating here over Obama turning this into some national trajectory that’s going to serve to wipe the Republicans out. And somehow they’re throwing women in combat in this. We already have women in combat. It’s the All-American First Calvary Amazon Battalion. I’ve already explained this. It’s my idea. It’s a great idea. And it would work. But it’s all part of this supposed Democrat coalition Obama doesn’t quite yet have but he’s trying to cement. They’re all in a tizzy, excited over the fact that the Republicans might be wiped out. Make no mistake about that.


RUSH: I’ll tell you something. This obsession that these people on the Democrat side have with Ronaldus Magnus is so devoid of any reality. I think all they’re trying to do — well, not all they’re trying to do — what they want is a Republican comparison so that they can compare. They know that people think Reagan’s a great president. Obama is Hoover. He’s not Reagan. And what they’re trying to do is anoint Obama with greatness by comparing him to Reagan. And that’s what offends me. But just so you know, by his fourth year in office, if you want a comparison, by his fourth year in office, after Reagan’s policies of cutting taxes, reducing regulations, we were in the midst of massive economic growth. It resulted in over 20 million new jobs.

There is absolutely no comparison between Obama and Reagan. None. Other than this changing the overall ideological mind of the American people. There’s no doubt that Obama’s jealous of Reagan being able to do that. Obama would love if everybody in this country became as Alinsky-like as he is. But this Reagan comparison is a flat out admission to what a failure Obama is. They’re not comparing him to FDR. They’re not comparing him to Woodrow Wilson. They’re comparing him to Reagan. And what’s doubly frustrating is that our own party won’t even talk positively about Reagan. Oh, no, the era of Reagan is over. Those are long ago days. We can’t keep Reagan alive today. It’s a different era.

Not for these guys. It was a formative point in their lives. Reagan scared the devil out of them and that’s why they gotta change it. This little idea here — and John King is right. Climate change, gay marriage. That’s what they all think Obama needs to do to solidify this new coalition of his. Climate change, gay marriage, those other two big issues in young people today. But I wonder how important they’re going to be when the financial system collapses from Obama’s debt. I wonder how important all that’s going to end up being when people are literally out of unemployment benefits and out of Medicare and don’t have jobs and can’t afford health care.

I wonder how important gay marriage and climate change are going to be to them then. I predict to you that it won’t be very important. Climate change, gay marriage, it’s not going to matter a hill of beans once the real impact of the Obama presidency kicks in. You wait. You mark my words. They are miscalculating here. They’re feeling arrogant and cocky. Lots of hubris and it’s gonna come back and bite them. But don’t misunderstand. Obama, what he’s doing, is devastating. That’s my point. These social issues are not going to matter much to these people once this happens.

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