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RUSH: Who’s gonna be here on Monday? Mark Steyn is guest hosting on Monday. They didn’t slip a Martin Luther King Day past me this year. Normally, Martin Luther King Day comes and I show up here and I realize that it’s a holiday for everybody else. I’ve always tried to assuage myself by saying, “Well, the really important people show up and that’s why I’m here.” I decided this year to actually practice solidarity with the low-information portion of the population.

I am not going to the inauguration. I was not invited to go. Well, I take that back. You know, I was invited to the inauguration. You think I should tell ’em? I was invited. I can’t go. I was invited to sit with all of the Republican wives, wives of House Republican members. I was invited to sit with them at the inauguration. I already had plans, so I could not accept. But that would have been cool, to have me surrounded by Republican wives during the War on Women during the immaculation ceremonies for Obama.

And it’s too bad, you know, I’m gonna miss Beyonce. I’m gonna miss Alicia Keys. Have you seen the list of performers? Stevie Wonder is gonna be there, Alicia Keys, Beyonce. If Beyonce is gonna be there, that means Jay-Z is gonna be lurking around, and Blue Ivy will be there. I’m gonna miss that. That’s just the way it goes. I saw Michelle’s new hairdo. Her 49th birthday, she’s showing some bangs out there covering the forehead. Did you see the picture? You thought you were gonna stump me with Michelle’s new hairdo, right? I saw it. I saw it. I made note. I’ve got it here in the low-information stack. We have a low-information voter stack now every day.

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