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Fourteen degrees in New York and the wind chill is minus two. Got out of there in the nick of time. Do you know what the normal high for New York this day is? It’s 44. This temperature in New York today is 30 degrees below normal. Now, how many of you are out there saying, “Wow, there must be global cooling.” I’ll bet none of you. You know why? Because there’s not this claptrap hysteria out there saying there’s global cooling. But if this were May and it were 104 degrees in New York, say 30 degrees above normal, how many of you would be saying, “Oops, global warming,” and believe it? Probably a lot of you because you keep hearing this hysterical claptrap about global warming.
So here we are 30 degrees below normal on December 20th, we got a wind chill of minus two in New York, and I’m speaking now anecdotally because that’s how many people come to the conclusion there’s global warming, all this anecdotal evidence, can I then get you to think maybe there isn’t any? If you’re going to believe the other side of this, would you try believing this: there can’t be global warming, it’s 30 degrees below normal in New York today. “Well, Rush, I can’t do that.” Well, why not? “Because nobody is saying there’s global cooling.” Just trying to get you to think the same way you think about global warming when it’s hotter than normal, you automatically think, “Wow, global warming.” Thirty degrees below normal, I’d think global cooling if I were you, but I certainly wouldn’t think global warming, not 30 degrees below normal. And it’s not even the first day of winter. That’s not even till tomorrow. Imagine how bad it’s going to be then! (Gasping.)

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