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Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy Holidays. Boy, it’s a big battle this year just saying, “Merry Christmas,” celebrating Christmas. There seems to be an all-out assault by the secularists out there to deny what is Christmas. And this is, I think, unreported in terms of just how fired up people are about this. I think it’s another one of these things that’s showing up underneath the red state radar and the blue media radar. But it’s brewing out there. People are getting fed up with this. There are more and more incidents of traditionalists standing up and saying, “We’re not gonna take this anymore.”

And, of course, as we heard last week, the root cause of this is the Christians demanding inclusion into the Christmas holiday. I could not believe that when I reported it last week, but it’s absolutely true. This Barry Lynn, who is head of some group that has five members, which is usual liberal groups, it’s got five members, claims to be a whole group of people that wants separation of church and state, that’s their sole reason for existing. And he said that the root cause of all this controversy at Christmas time is Christians, who demand inclusion into the Christmas holiday. It was the subject of our morning update today. I know you look at that and say, “What?” It’s like parallel universe time.

Seems like more and more of the news today makes us all feel like we’re in the Twilight Zone or a parallel universe. And for the longest time traditionalists, whatever you want to call them, Christians, whatever, have just sat around, they’ve taken it, and they’ve said, “Okay.” The attitude is, “This can’t possibly take hold,” and it has continued to take hold inch by inch, year after year, and it’s reaching a boiling point out there. And I think it’s first sign of existence was the massive box office support for Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ. I think the second thing was the election. I think if these people keep it up they’re going to keep alienating more and more Americans while they think they’re still not getting their message out. Literally incredible.

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