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Guide Host Jason Lewis isn’t reveling in the second coming of Jimmy Carter in the form of Joe Biden, he’s revolted by it – and wondering why more terror hasn’t yet stemmed from recognition. “Here we go again!” Jason exclaimed as he began to compile the many ways life marked with chaos under Biden mirrors the “one-termer” Carter. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Biden’s one clear talent, according to Jason, kind of like peanut farmer Carter’s trademark phony smile: “Put a happy face on a country clearly falling apart.” He predicted that, among the uncanny parallels to the Carter misadministration might be Biden, like Carter, “putting on a cardigan sweater and telling everyone to dim their thermostat ’cause the era of cheap energy is over.”

Biden killing pipelines and other lame tactics ensure that outcome. Oil, anyone? Foreign dependence on energy? They are headline toppers today just like when Jimmy made headlines. Many other crises are brewing (crime skyrocketing; parts of Georgia and Oregon threatening secession), Jason warned, whether Biden’s fawning press ignores it or not, for example, “inflation roaring back.” Affecting every one of us, “inflation is out of control” – and he said potentially the “sleeper issue out there today that could be the downfall, I think will be the downfall of the Biden administration as well as Democrats in Washington if the Republicans play it right.”

We can ponder that as we sit at home and experience more rolling blackouts than ever (a throwback to Carter’s caused shortages and sufferings). Jason, the former congressman, noted that he in Minnesota has personally been more in the dark than ever due to lights out, which really amounts to just more attempts at government controlling our lives.

Libs who’ve gone green on that Carter-started bandwagon are trying to “make all of us look like California,” Jason complained. And they also come in the form of today’s “juvenile” Wall Streeters, who want to paint that boulevard green as well. So much so that Jason said he couldn’t believe what he was contemplating: “Raise corporate taxes – on corporate America that has the spine of a jellyfish – bring it on!”

“Commies on the rise?” Jason correlated that, too, as “very similar to the Carter era.” All those decades ago, Maggie Thatcher, Great Britain’s prime minister, flexed more muscle than trademark wimpy Carter and “came to the rescue.” Who – if anyone – he wondered, with other leaders clearly ignoring weakling Biden’s obvious flaws (as only the insightful and bold Australian press also pointed out), would circle their wagons around us this time?

Rush, on the other hand, fondly remembers and recommends the times we needed nothing of the sort. Instead of being “blamed” for being a superpower (“America is the problem, it as a superpower makes things out of balance”), who can handle their own challenges and those of any ally that needs bucking up, Rush, as usual, hit the nail on the head regarding the real point.

“People like me think the United States is the solution to the problems of the world,” Rush asserted with the confidence sorely missing from both any assertion ever made by either Biden or Carter.

Ultimately, though, politically savvy – and survivor – Jason is optimistic for those of us who proudly keep our chins up and well out of the sand: “I lived through the Carter administration and survived!”

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