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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “appealed to conservatives around the world,” Guide Host Ken Matthews lamented upon his ouster. His replacement, Israeli-born Naftali Bennett, the 49-year-old tech founder millionaire son of “Berkeley, California, liberals,” Ken said blows up that bond as well as ultimately notions of the “peace and safety” of his brand-new constituents.

Though the new government was approved by only a beyond-slim victory of 60-59 in parliament, Israelis are the losers who will be deprived of Netanyahu’s legendary fierce defense of Western values.

Rush, a longtime advocate of both Israel and Netanyahu – who was one of the first to contact the Limbaugh family with a heartfelt tribute for Rush – chimed in with his past support: “I think Western civilization is under attack around the world, but the only thing that Netanyahu cared about is peace and safety for the people of Israel, and he is not going to negotiate that away.”

Ken couldn’t agree more. Even though bullies and unwell wishers like the New York Times along the way called Netanyahu “desperate and craven,” as Rush pointed out in what he called an “outrageous op-ed,” Ken, as Rush did, likened Netanyahu to President Trump. He fondly remembered that neither would ever “negotiate away peace for the people.”

Also like Trump, Netanyahu, just hours ago forcefully promised: “I’ll be back!”

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