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BRETT: Maria is south of San Antonio, Texas. Beautiful country. Welcome to the program, ma’am. How are you?

MARIA: I’m fine. Thank you, sir, and thank you for listening to me.

BRETT: Yes, ma’am.

MARIA: Sir, I am a Mexican-American housewife, and someone needs to let the president know that the manipulation of my people — the Hispanic people, sir — for the pure purpose, the sole purpose of gaining power and staying in power is the purest form of racism. The purest form of racism!

BRETT: Yeah.

MARIA: And when you see children dropped over the fence (choking up), babies thrown into the water — children abandoned, crying, or crawling — and the president doesn’t lift up a finger? Sir… (crying) Sir, why can’t he conclude that that is an injustice against the Hispanic community? Sir, someone needs to sit down and talk to him, because this is not right, sir. This is not right!

BRETT: Yes, ma’am.

MARIA: And, by the way I am a Mexican-American housewife.

BRETT: Yes, ma’am.

MARIA: My first language is Spanish. But, sir, I have relatives who landed in Normandy.

BRETT: Yes, ma’am.

MARIA: I had relatives who fought with General Patton. I have relatives who were in Vietnam. And, sir, we fly the American flag.

BRETT: God bless you.

MARIA: And I am not white. Believe me, I am not white. Thank you for listening to me. Please, please, talk to him!


MARIA: This is not right.

BRETT: God bless you, Maria, and your family and all the generations who stood up for this country. And you made the single most eloquent appeal that could be made because you understand what is going on. You have roots in this country and that community, and you understand what’s going on.

And I’m telling you, folks, when Kamala Harris laughs off going to the border or dismisses it with a chuckle or a cackle and says, “Ha! Ha! I haven’t been to Europe, either,” do you know what that’s saying to those folks who think like Maria who feel like Maria that these children are being abused and are being used by the cartels and the human smugglers? Do you know what that sounds like to them?

It says that child life is worthless — that it’s worth less — and what that means is that America is not living up to the ideal. Joe Biden wants to tell us that we’re a systemically racist country and give us lectures about that. His vice president refuses to go see the people at the Mexican border. What is that system called when you refuse to speak to the people most negatively impacted by this? What is that called?

When you avoid a group of Americans based on what? Their heritage? Their color? Their language? What is that called? As Joe Biden jets off to Europe for an excellent vacation and Kamala Harris comes back and declares victory, the question I would ask about Kamala Harris is, “Victory for whom, over what? What was victorious?”

This trip served to only enrage our allies in Mexico City and Guatemala City and in the Northern Triangle. And it served to insult an important part of our community — that community south of San Antonio, Texas, where you have got people with roots that go back to the early days of this continent. It’s disgraceful, it’s heartbreaking, and I think when you heard from Maria is exactly spot-on.

That ought to be played for every Democrat politician in Washington, D.C., as far as the eye can see.

Brett Winterble Guide Host on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

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