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TODD: I want to be very clear about what I’m saying here and what I’m not saying about this hacking at the JBS U.S. beef plant — which, by the way, is now affecting the global beef supply, one-fifth of the global beef supply. We’re to certainly see price increases. So I want to be super clear about what I’m not saying. I have no idea who did this hack or why.

If it’s monetary, just monetary, if it’s an attack on our food supply system, if it’s both. “Hey, why not make money with an attack on the U.S., you know, food supply chain? Why not make money doing that since we’re gonna do it anyway?” I don’t know, and I don’t think people know yet. I would just point this out.

This just occurred to me because we’re talking about the Fauci emails, and now everything that a lot of us have known for over a year — because we simply observe things or we talk to the doctors of The Great Barrington Declaration, et cetera. Everything is now being confirmed through these emails. Fauci lied about masks. He lied about asymptomatic transmission.

He lied about not believing this came from a lab, that virus was engineered and he had reason to believe it was, et cetera. That’s gonna continue to unfold. I want you to just remember something: Never let a good crisis go to waste. So during these selective lockdowns, Democrat sweetheart companies saw multiple increases in their net worths.

So did Jeff Bezos and Zuckerberg, et cetera. The school unions? They’ve been paid off to the billions and billions of dollars. And when there were lockdowns of plants, I heard about a lot of meat plants being locked down. I didn’t hear a lot about vegetable plants or soy plants. Maybe that happened. Maybe I didn’t hear it. The Democrats picked and chose.

Wow. Rush, as you know, loved technology. He was so conversant in it. I’ve talked to Apple engineers who heard Rush talk about their product and thought, “Wow. This guy likes our product,” and then I’ve heard them say, “My gosh. He knows our product!” Now, Rush rarely did interviews, but when he did, they were stellar and important.

Listen here as El Rushbo speaks with Bill Gertz way back in 2017 warning the country about cyberattacks like these.

RUSH: We’re gonna chat with Bill Gertz, formerly of the Washington Times. He’s now journalist at large, and one of the — if not the — greatest reporter on the Pentagon and the Department of Defense systems, national security of the United States.

Folks, it’s an historical compendium of many of the challenges we’ve had with cyberattacks going back years and years, from North Korea, from the ChiComs, cyberattacks we’ve engaged in, success stories, failures, areas we’re strong and weak and so forth based on Bill’s investigation. As somebody who knows about cyber wars and cyber security, how do you, Bill Gertz…? How do you process this stuff? How do you react to it? ‘Cause you know whether some of this stuff is true, legitimate or not. So how do you deal with it yourself?

GERTZ: Yeah. This is an amazing phenomenon. What we’re seeing is what I call information warfare. It’s basically the kind of warfare that’s gonna dominate our society because we live in an information age, and we’re under assault from all quarters, not just the Russians. The Chinese, the Iranians, and I even put the liberal left in the kind of domestic information warfare. It’s a broad-scale assault, and the United States is ill-prepared to deal with it. We just don’t have anything that can counteract these lies and disinformation the way we did during the Cold War.

RUSH: By that, do you mean we don’t have secure systems that would block cyberattacks, that we do not have good firewalls, we don’t have systems in place to be able to identify these attacks when they’re happening and be able to stop them?

GERTZ: Yes. We’ve learned that the internet is basically a lawless environment, and every time we build defenses, the bad guys find ways around them. The real solution is to go on the offensive, and under Obama, he has done absolutely nothing to counteract massive cyberattacks from the Chinese, now the Russians, and also the Iranians and North Koreans.

RUSH: Okay. So let’s get specifics. It’s about the overall vulnerability of our country to all of this increasing cyber warfare, and he details how we have been hit that people don’t know. In other words, Chinese, Russian, Iranian, even Israeli success stories over the years. As you have studied all of this, do you have any impressions yet on whether or not how complacent do you think our population has become to threats against our country from foreign actors like Russia, like North Korea?

GERTZ: Oh, absolutely. I think North Korea is one of the most dangerous threats. It emerged as a greater threat under Obama, where he ignored missile and submarine-launched ballistic missile developments, five nuclear tests. There’s been no sanctions imposed on this regime. This is a regime that has been accused of crimes against humanity. Here we are in the Twenty-First Century and this regime is allowed to continue? The reason is that the Obama administration farmed out its North Korea policy to Beijing. And guess what? The Chinese communists in Beijing supported the North Korean communists in Pyongyang.

TODD: And here we sit with Joe Biden’s dementia, which I don’t say to be cruel. I just point out he’s not capable mentally of leading a country.

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