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TODD: It’s a day for truth on this day the Lord has made as a gift to us in times such as these.

It’s a day where El Rushbo might well say, “I told you so,” and he’d be right again. It’s 800-282-2882 if you want to join the program. I want to start today with one of Rush’s famous axioms, which all of us remember, as this has never been more relevant to the biggest of possible news stories.

RUSH: The nature of the evidence doesn’t matter to the left. It’s the seriousness of the charge. That’s why we must investigate. The nature of the evidence is irrelevant to these people. The seriousness of the charge.

TODD: And of course, that’s when it’s applied against Republicans. And as Rush had taught us all these years, when something happens to Democrats or leftists, it’s, “But they had such good intentions!” The emails, Fauci’s emails. Many people are gonna rightly focus on the fact that “The Fauch” had a good idea that this virus came out of a lab.

In other words, it was engineered — and we’ll get to that, and there’s strong evidence for that, and there has been for over a year. Hidden in these emails, not noticed enough, is something about which Rush also has every right from heaven to say, “Guys, I told you.” That is, “The Fauch” admits that…

Look, for those of us who followed this closely, I just put Tony Fauci on trial on my radio show in Seattle. I did almost three hours on this where I used his own words and evidence to convict him of things on my radio show. I’m obsessed with this stuff. The National Pulse, Raheem Kassam, dug through these trove of emails, which, in defense of BuzzFeed and the WaPo, they finally went and got.

We’ll deal with them in a second. This is Fauci on February 4th, 2020. (impression) “Err in my statement. I meant to say most transmissions occur from someone who is symptomatic, not asymptomatic. I’m really tired. Not much sleep these days. Best, Tony.” He’s probably tired ’cause he’s working on his book. Did you hear that?

Forty percent of small businesses in this country destroyed. Suicides with adolescents at record levels. Covid passports for young people to get these mRNA injections in order to attend college. A restructured economy. New powers for the Feds, new powers for the government. Economic disaster.

Normalization of people giving up their bodily autonomy to wrap themselves in masks, which Fauci also admits do nothing in the emails. A lot of us have known that he’s known this forever. The asymptomatic transmission of SARS-type viruses has been known to be false for a hundred years, and yet that didn’t stop them from destroying…

Forget the economy. That’s everything en masse. People’s lives. There are people who are dying today of cancer who would have had a minor visit to the hospital, but they were scared to go because, “Asymptomatic transmission! Anybody can give you the virus. You’re literally killing grandma.” Phenomenal. The Washington Post and BuzzFeed find this out now.

And, by the way, this is the same Washington Post and BuzzFeed who told us that President Trump was a Russian plant. Where’s the discovery on that? Where’s the admission and the apology on that? Where’s the apology from the entire mockingbird media structure who never asked a simple question of “The Fauch”?

Simple, like, “Tony, what changed? Why did this virus go from you saying, ‘If I was a young person, I mean, this would be a great time to take a trip to Italy!” to, “Well, look you could be literally killing grandma by walking by her in the Walmart. Well, I mean that Walmart. Walmart’s safe from the virus but a local hardware store”?

That’s what we’re discovering in these emails. He knew. To regard to the origin, “The Fauch,” Alex Berenson has read through the BuzzFeed-Washington Post-FOIA gained materials. Fauci wrote to a staffer — and just look at the timing of this. It’s almost 1 o’clock in the morning.

“At 12:29 a.m. on Feb. 1 (a Saturday), he emailed his deputy, Dr. Hugh Auchincloss. The subject line was ‘IMPORTANT.’ He attached a 2015 paper from Nature Medicine describing gain-of-function research on coronaviruses,” and he wrote this to Hugh. “Hugh, it is essential that we speak this AM,” he wrote. “Read this paper… You will have tasks today that must be done.”

So when you’re speaking in the passive voice saying things like that, “You’ve got tasks that must be done,” what you’re really saying is, “I can’t say this in email. ” Remarkable. Fauci’s team also, in analyzing the virus, came back and said, “This looks like it was engineered,” is basically what they said. Fauci knew this.

Fauci funded gain-of-function research the Wuhan lab, which he told Rand Paul he didn’t do. Rand Paul had a two-word tweet or three-word tweet… No, it was two, two words today. “Told you.” This is the biggest medical fraud in history, and I have to be careful ’cause I could spend six days on it.

Then there’s this. So the vaccine passports, those are being enforced in states like Washington state for kids to go to school. But they’re saying, “Oh, it’s just businesses, just private businesses.” No, it’s not. It’s at behest of the government. On Fox News, David Asher, a former State Department investigator, describes all of this really well using art of the bizarre as a metaphor.

ASHER: We lost, you know 7 or 8 million people in world or something, according to the economists, maybe 12. You know, this is a situation that defies gravity and it’s truly like a Salvador Dali painting where the clocks have melted and time does not sit still, if you think about it. I mean, these scientists have come out and said — with definitive authenticity in their voice — that they know where it came from.

But there’s no proof. I’ve worked in intelligence operations for a large part of my career. I mean, lots of people are told to do certain things and they didn’t even necessarily know. Who knows what this guy’s motivations are? I mean, he was sending notes to Fauci in mid-January.

So was a guy named Kristian Andersen from Scripps — who’s very famous — who wrote the letter for Nature saying it couldn’t have come out of nature. And we found out February 1st, yesterday, that he wrote a letter to Fauci — a note to Fauci — that said that this thing was lab altered and it was genetically engineered. So can you trust these scientists? I don’t trust these scientists right now. I trust our national lab scientists. I trust our Army scientists. I don’t trust these paid in the pocket by Chinese scientists.

TODD: I think that President Trump made one mistake, and it was to save American lives. They tried to run him out of town with Russia. They threatened his family. They threatened his businesses. They threatened his reputation and then some. They threatened prison time. They went after his advisers, put people behind bars, ruined lives.

Trump stayed on track. Then they came and said, “Three million Americans are gonna die this week,” and the president allowed Fauci to become leader. Fauci acted like he was the president for a while, and the media treated him that way. The entire country is owed an apology because of these lies.

The media need to go straight to Donald Trump on their knees and say, “We are so sorry we did this to the country so that we could get to you.” It’s a remarkable day in history, bigger, bigger — far, far, far, far bigger — than Watergate ever, ever could have been. Now they’re using this to dictate economic changes.

Because of the covid, we need to give money to black farmers but not white farmers. Because of the covid, we need to give money to black business owners and “marginalized” business owners and not white business owners. Because of the covid, we need to shut down all the government schools and come back with them completely retooled and made good for the education unions — Big Education unions, mandates.

Because of these series of lies. Just think of this: Communism, socialism, Obamacare, all ideas so good that leftists had to force them to people. As Rush explains, the left always seeks to mandate rather than to empower.

RUSH: So whether it’s vaccines or whatever. This is what you get when you get liberals who think they know better, who think you don’t know how to raise your kids and who think everybody should have to follow their dictates in order for us to have a uniform society and a uniform culture. And I just wish more people would see this and learn from it and be able to identify who these kinds of people are before they go vote.

You know, folks, if you just stop and think about it… You don’t have to think about it. You know it’s happening, which is why you’re so agitated. Choice is being taken away in big gulps. Look at the choices you no longer have in health care alone. You used to have massive amounts of choice in any number of walks of life, and they’re evaporating left and right in favor of mandated controls from the government.

TODD: The PCR tests were a lie, led to false positive rates within led to more lockdowns. Masks were a lie. Asymptomatic transmission was a lie. The CDC changed the death-counting methodology, but only for the covid, to make it appear 80% worse than it was in terms of death. Lie after lie on top of lie. “Walmart is safe; local hardware stores a death trap!”

The media now coming out and saying, “Oh, now we can say it,” but understand this. That same media and those same bureaucrats — not the same people, but the same sort of bureaucrats — would never lie when they say this was the safest, most secure election in history.

You want test that thesis? Ask them this: Which was in second place? No, no, which election was second place? “Uh, well, we don’t track that.” No, you don’t. Thank goodness for three decades of a counterbalance named Rush Hudson Limbaugh III.

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