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TODD: I heard a fascinating prayer that really meant a lot to me in my prayer group a few weeks ago. A friend of mine prayed a prayer of thanks for the time of choosing in which we live. I think that’s a pretty potent prayer. It’s difficult to say: Potent prayer. Watching Ron DeSantis, watching Greg Abbott, watching (to a great degree) Kristi Noem and others — or the lieutenant governor of Idaho, who, when the mask-loving, lockdown-loving corporate Republican Brad Little went out of town for a little bit, she issued an executive order banning the mask diktats and the lockdown stuff.

And he came back, “Oh, you’re endangering people.” It’s great to see a time of choosing, and it’s great to see some Republicans becoming conservative again. Greg Abbott in Texas decided to do something that has been a long time coming. They have done their Texas Senate Bill 7, and it’s simply a method of trying to get elections to a point where they are less likely to be defrauded. That’s all, and Democrats are saying, “Well, people are gonna have to stand in line!”

People stand in line for iPhones. People stand in line for Go-Gur, frozen Go-Gurshops. Been to a Texas barbecue joint? A friend of mine in Dallas wanted to take me to a place. It was like a 40-minute wait. I have a rule. I don’t stand in line for food, ever. But people stood in line. So of course, the mockingbirds are attacking this as restrictive voting and trying to restrict voting and effectively of course it’s all racism. So Greg Abbott said, “Hey, I got an idea. We won’t pay the state legislature. We’ll defund you!”

If the Democrats continue to walk out and refuse to be involved in the process, okay. “You want to take that step? We’ll defund you. That means you won’t able to pay your staff. That means you won’t have staff to clean up after you. That means you’ll have to do your own emails.” I love seeing this. I love it. The left has been practicing the defrauding of elections for years. They modeled their mail-in ballot theft in Washington state when the Democrats stole the governor’s race from a guy named Dino Rossi.

Way back in 2013, the Maha described some of the tactics of their vote scamming.

RUSH: I literally marvel at the alliance that there is between the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media. This is a story in the New York Times. The headline really says it all, but I’ll give you some details. “Waiting Times at Ballot Boxes Draw Scrutiny — With studies suggesting that long lines at the polls cost Democrats hundreds of thousands of votes in November, party leaders are beginning a push to make voting and voter registration easier, setting up a likely new conflict with Republicans over a deeply polarizing issue.”

So long lines at your polling place, that’s just not fair to Democrats. That is making it harder for Democrats to get votes. Those long lines cost the Democrats hundreds of thousands of votes. Oh, yeah, the long lines, they’re all Democrat voters. There aren’t any Republicans in there. The people really, really desirous to vote, the people that show up and wait in line a long time, obviously they’re voting for Democrats. Nobody would do that to vote for a Republican. If there were long lines for Republicans to vote, the New York Times would have a story on how we can make the lines longer.

Now, this article is motivated by three things. First — and this is the key — and, remember, it’s the New York Times, so there’s always an agenda behind this stuff. This is not news. The biggest thing anybody could learn is that stories in the New York Times today are not news. They are related to the achievement of the next phase of the Obama agenda. Every story for the most part, particularly domestic political stories, are nothing more than telltale indicators of what it is Obama wants next.

So what is this all about? Well, you have come to the right place. This article is motivated by three things. First, the Supreme Court is about to rule on the Voting Rights Act so the New York Times is leaning on them. The New York Times knows that the justices of the Supreme Court value the opinion of reporters and editors at the New York Times. And so the Times is getting its marker down on what it wants the court to do in relationship to this Voting Rights Act case. And without getting into specifics, what they want the justices to do is find it possible, make it possible for more Democrats to vote, make it easier for more Democrats to vote.

Notice there’s nothing here about Republicans being in these long lines. The whole premise of the story, long lines equal long waits, equals people leaving the line and going home and not voting, which equals lost votes for the Democrats, which equals, “We can’t have that.” And so the Voting Rights Act case, without getting into specifics of it, the New York Times is putting down a marker for the justices so that they can keep in mind what’s really important about the Voting Rights Act — and that is to do whatever is necessary in their ruling to make it possible for fraud to continue, to make it possible for registration and voting on the same day, same place, to take place, to happen, or whatever is necessary to facilitate Democrats winning elections.

The second thing involved in this story, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat, New York, is sponsoring a Senate voting bill at the behest of Obama which will address the problems of access to voting. Kirsten Gillibrand has determined somehow that many Democrats are finding it more difficult than ever to vote, so she has a piece of legislation to make it easier for them to vote. (interruption)

Well, but there is an access problem, otherwise there wouldn’t be long lines, don’t you see. Plus, the Republicans keep making noise about photo ID, and we need to settle that once and for all, and we need to settle that in the Voting Rights Act. We need to make sure there is never, ever gonna be anything like a photo ID requirement. Never, ever gonna make sure there’s a federal photo ID requirement to vote.

Lastly, this is all part of the Democrats’ push to allow more ballot stuffing by extending Election Day for weeks and doing away with the voter ID requirement in general. And if Congress will not do these things, then Obama will have to bypass Congress and do away with these restrictions by executive order.

Now, in this story, the New York Times cites a professor who says, quote, “Voting is one of the most sacred rights you have. They should make it as painless as possible,” implying that it’s really painful now to vote. It’s really hard. It’s too hard. The Republicans are out there demanding everybody have a picture. The Republicans are demanding that everybody who vote actually be a citizen. The Republicans are demanding that everybody who vote actually be registered. That’s too hard.

And it’s undemocratic. And the justices have gotta sweep all these restrictions away. Now, what does voter registration have to do with long lines to vote? Voter registration doesn’t have anything to do with Election Day. But it will. Because if they get their way you’re gonna be able to do both on the spot. On the spot registration, you register, then you go vote, same thing, same time. Yep. That’s the next phase.

TODD: February 5, 2013, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III just described what they did. Now, you understand why he’s the Maha.

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