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KEN: Now Joe Biden wants to investigate Wuhan. And now the news media thinks that there might be something there. After more than a year of targeting people, libeling people, slandering people, knocking them off of social media. Here’s Senator Josh Hawley.

HAWLEY: The American people deserve the truth. They deserve to know the true origin of this virus. They deserve it. Their government owes it to them. And it’s time to act. And the American people deserve something else. They deserve to have this government hold accountable that nation which started this virus. Whose lies about this virus turned it into a global pandemic. Whose lies about this virus prevented our country and many others from being able to address it effectively in time. Of course, I’m talking about China.

KEN: And who was on top of this from Day One? I think, was it President Donald Trump? Yeah, remember the China travel ban? Everybody called him racist. Here’s Senator Lindsey Graham.

GRAHAM: I don’t think without sanctions, without international pressure they’re ever gonna help. So, you can look at this ’til you turn blue in the face. The only way China is gonna respond is when the world makes them respond. So, sanctions led by the United States and embraced by the world I think would get us to where we need to go. And I intend to introduce those sanctions relatively soon.

KEN: The problem with sanctions, Senator Graham Cracker, here is the problem with the sanctions, okay? China owns Joe Biden. Sanction, shmanction. Have you seen the Hunter hard drive? Well, then you know all about the relationship that China has with the Biden family and this administration. So, we’re gonna find do more than sanctions. Rush’s comment is next.


KEN: It’s interesting regarding the China virus, because as President Trump said, it’s from China. China. Rush was on this from the very beginning, and he was asking questions that all of us were asking. Understand the level of shutdown the news media wrapped around this entire thing, especially since Biden took office. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: I think dealing with the Chinese, there are any number of things are possible. And I think one of the reasons that I get so worked up about the way the Democrats and the media deal with this is that it is essentially aimed at harming Americans. And harming this country. When in fact this virus, there’s a lot yet to be learned about it. This is the 19th coronavirus. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus like flu, like common cold. I’m not wrong about this. Now, the possibility that the ChiComs might have… there’s another story.

One of the original discoverers of the virus was a scientist in a lab in Wuhan, China. Found it in December, supposedly, so goes the story. And that man is now dead. That scientist is dead. The guy who identified that virus, coronavirus 19, is dead. A scientist. A guy wearing a mask who was studying it is dead. Another doctor treating patients in China has died from it. Medical professionals have died. People have raised all kinds of… why are medical professionals dying? These are people who know what they’re dealing with. This gives rise, you know, when there are unanswered questions like this that people can ask, the worst answers sometimes surface.

KEN: You know, it’s interesting, because from the very beginning of this all I could think of was Saul Alinsky and Hillary Clinton. I mean, not together or on a date or anything. I was thinking of Saul Alinsky and the fact that Hillary Clinton, she wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky when she was in college. How awesome he was and how he, you know, he changed the whole dynamic of liberalism and leftists. Saul Alinsky was pretty much a thug.

He was dangerous in what he instructed people to do. In particular, young people. But all I could think of, the split second I saw it come up on the news screens in the studio, the Wuhan lab and all this, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” And when you look at the way the Democrats versus the Republicans handled this virus, the so-called pandemic, since day one. One group of people said, what an opportunity. Finally, something’s going bad for Trump. That would be the Democrats. The left.

The Republicans, team Trump, people with common sense, they were saying, “All right. Where’s it coming from? How can we stop it?” On the left they were saying, “Come to Chinatown.” Remember? Nancy Pelosi. Remember in New York they had “hug a Chinese day.” Remember? That de Blasio, that moron? That was their first reaction. Their first reaction was not, “Oh, my gosh. What if it came from the Wuhan lab? Should we stop what’s happening over there and secure this where it is.” “Set a perimeter around the problem so it doesn’t get to our population.” But the other group, the woke crowd and the Democrats, they were saying, “Oh, my gosh. What does this mean for Chinese people?” Well, I don’t know. I’m America First. I know that makes people feel uncomfortable if you’re woke, but America should come first to everyone that works for America.

And if you swore an oath to protect and defend this country from enemies both foreign and domestic, I think you could put a virus in that category. So, I question any politician that says, “Well, we’re not gonna do this and this and this and this because it might make those people feel uncomfortable.” But in addition to what Senator Hawley said, and let me correct myself. He’s Missouri, not Mississippi. My apologies. Senator Josh Hawley is from Missouri. I know there’s a lot of people that love this guy in Missouri, and there you go. Anyway, think about not the only the lies that the Chinese told, and there were plenty.

And not only the lies that Fauci told. But keep in mind all the other organizations who saw this as an opportunity to take out President Trump and control the population. Whether it was the World Health Organization, the National Institute of Health, Eco Health, the CDC. Do you know how many people, how many government bureaucrats saw this as an opportunity to change the political landscape? “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Whether it’s an attack, whether it’s a shooting, whether it’s a virus, whether it’s a flood. Have you ever heard about a flood, not the to jump from a virus to a flood, but I would check the water before you get in the pool. Have you ever heard of a flood in the last few months, few years, rather? Probably since before Obama. Where the flooding was on the screen, the news anchor and the person at the Weather Channel and the liberal senator from whatever state said, “You know, this wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for climate change. There’d be no rain. There’d be no mud.” So that’s the brilliance of the left. I hate to even say that in the same sentence, “brilliance of the left,” but they never let a crisis go to waste. One more, here’s Senator Mike Braun from Indiana.

BRAUN: The more I look into it, this was squashed out of the gate by Eco Health, NIH, especially WHO and China itself. So, the American public deserves it. The world deserves it, with all the turmoil that’s been caused by it.

KEN: Now, so to think from the very beginning. And, you know, the mistake was when people hear President Donald J. Trump saying something, because they’re mind controlled, it must be bad. Whether it’s Hydroxychloroquine. Whether it’s, “You know, we need to shut this down. We can’t have people coming over here from China.” This was back I remember when he stopped the travel ban from China. You know, something that no one ever talks about. The minute this happened in Wuhan, they locked Wuhan down, and they wouldn’t let the population of Wuhan, or people that worked in the lab, travel anywhere else in China.

Isn’t that interesting? But when President Trump said, you know, we don’t need people from China coming over here if this thing is really this bad. And the only reaction you could get from Democrats was, “Oh, my gosh. He’s such a xenophobe.” The absurdity of it.

In fact, the Washington Post even said yesterday, and I read it. I forget the senior reporter’s name. She even said that we really took the whole, you know, Wuhan thing and the Hydroxychloroquine stuff, we took it with a grain of salt. Because, you know, it was President Trump. So now reporters are starting to admit when they should have been informing us.

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