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KEN: Lockheed Martin. Most people know that it’s an aerospace military support security and advanced technologies company. But here’s a little more. It’s in Bethesda, Maryland, and it’s primarily engaged in the study, the design, the evolution, construction, production, innovation, and maintenance of some kick-butt tech systems and products like the F-35 Lightning, the F-22 Raptor. Back in the day the F-16, the F-94 Starfighter, et cetera. Now, the reason I bring this up is many years with the exception of Rush and maybe a handful of others, conservatives that you probably know, the talk was if the left ever gets a stronghold of basic institutions, we’re gonna have a lot of trouble turning it back, whether it’s academia, whether it’s both houses of Congress and the Oval Office at the same time. Well, we’re there.

And I have to share this with you because t the headline is, “Executives Attended Three-day White Male Reeducation Camp.” All right. This is a must-share. This is woke garbage. But here it is. You could not make this up. This sounds like something you’d see on Saturday Night Live. Imagine this — this is the company that made the F-16 fighter jet. “Internal documents obtained by Christopher Ruffo detailed a three-day seminar held by diversity consulting firm white men as full diversity partners. That’s the seminar.” Okay. Specializes in helping white men awaken together. Some of the people that were attending the seminar, Air Force Lieutenant Colonel David Starr. He is the director of the Hercules C-130 military transport program. Glenn Woods, the vice president of production for the Air Force’s $1.7 trillion — that’s our money, by the way — F-35 fighter jet program. And I’m just gonna go through some of the parts of the course that you may to want enjoy.

“To begin, the diversity trainers led a free association exercise asking the Lockheed employees to list connotations for the term ‘white men.’ Some of the trainers wrote down old, racist, privileged, anti-women, angry, Aryan Nation, KKK, Founding Fathers, guns, guilty, and for comedy purposes, someone wrote ‘can’t jump.'” Now, that’s probably the only true thing on this survey, that white men can’t jump except for the three in the NBA.

See, we were worried that wokeness and communism would end up as part of the military-industrial complex. Remember? ‘Cause it’s already part of education. And it’s already in all the teachers lounges across America, and it’s all over news sets in this country. That’s why news is such a joke. But this is Lockheed Martin. It doesn’t get any more muscular and pro-defense than this. This is crazy. “White Men As Full Diversity Partners, ” — that’s the name of it — argues that the ‘roots of white male culture’ include traits such as ‘rugged individualis’ ‘a can-do attitude,’ ‘hard work,’ ‘operating from principles,’ and ‘striving towards success–which are ‘devastating’ to women and minorities.” I want you to hear that again because I want you to let this sink in.

This is Lockheed Martin. We pay for those contracts. Trillions of dollars, okay? But I want you to let this part sink in. And you wonder why our culture is on a crash course. Here’s the problem with white men. Roots of white male culture include traits such as rugged individualism, a can-do attitude, hard work, operating from principles, and striving toward success. According to the morons that did this conference, these are devastating to women and minorities.

Now, either these are the dumbest people on earth or things have changed so much since I started this show a couple hours ago. Here I’m thinking, what a bad signal to send to people in general, let alone men. Next, participants were asked to repeat and internalize 50 white privilege statements. My culture teaches me to minimum the perspectives and powers of people of other races. I can commit acts of terrorism, violence, and crime and not have it attributed to my race. Okay. I’m sorry. I don’t — I don’t do this to you or myself anymore, but just Google it. Lockheed Martin. Here’s Rush’s thoughts.

RUSH: I have come across something — you talk about something happening underneath the radar that could be the most ambitious and disturbing social engineering project ever undertaken by the federal government, excluding Obamacare. But everybody knows about that. And let me begin by asking you if you remember busing from the 1970s. You don’t? Okay. You were a baby, but, I mean, you heard about it? This is very helpful. Is very helpful. Somebody 60 years old does not know about busing. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. Forced busing in the 1970s was a liberal attempt to integrate the races.

And the upshot of it was that white kids were bused in some case — in Boston — and it really erupted in Boston, by the way — white kids were bused in some cases 45 minutes to an hour to all black schools, to integrate them, because the liberals thought this was only fair and just and they thought the civil rights movement wanted integration.

Now, Martin Luther King did, but his heirs do not want integration. They want to segregate again after they achieve integration. In the 1970s, schools were ordered to bus children into neighborhoods far away in order to achieve racial balance in the schools. Children were roused out of bed an hour before they needed to be in order to ship them off to school. Now, at the time it was no different then than it is now. Parents moves into neighborhoods because of the schools. Parents wanted to live relatively close to the schools so the kid could walk or whatever, but be close. The school was the center of the kid’s universe nine months out of the year. And so when the forced busing erupted, there was outrage every over the, including liberal Boston.

But the social architects of the left didn’t listen, and they kept at it ’cause they knew best, and they were doing what they thought was necessary to achieve racial balance ’cause they were forcing people to do what people weren’t doing of their own volition. People were choosing neighborhoods where they wanted to live, and leftists didn’t like the choices they were making. And so they basically used the power of the government to force them. If they didn’t to want move, they were gonna take their kids to those neighborhood schools.

Well, what was happening was that liberals were denying parents the right to determine where their kids attended school even after they had chosen the neighborhood to live in because of the school. It was dictated. And it ended up being a miserable failure. Okay. Let’s fast-forward to today. Social engineering is on the verge of being imposed on entire neighborhoods, adults and children alike. I want to read a little paragraph here from a document from the department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD. The agency wants the power to dismantle local zoning so communities have what it considers the right mix of economic, racial, and ethnic diversity. A finding of discriminatory behavior or allegations of discrimination would no longer be necessary. HUD will supply nationally uniform data of what it thinks 1200 communities should look like.

Again, HUD wants the power to dismantle local zoning so communities have what it considers the right mix of HUD wants to be able to force people to move into certain neighborhoods so that there is racial, economic, and ethnic diversity in the neighborhood, not just bus kids to school. This is that times 10. What this is is nationalizing neighborhoods. What this is is central planners imposing their will on or where you live, not just where your kids go to school. And it’s all being done, of course, for our own good.

We do not choose to live in the right places and therefore we’re not properly integrating and we do not have the right diversity neighborhood by neighborhood by neighborhood. The elites will not be touched by it, exactly right. The elites will not be touched by this. And this is all part of their ongoing effort to achieve utopia. Here again, more from HUD. Local governments will have to, quote, take meaningful action to further the goals identified. If they fail to comply, HUD can cut federal funding. Westchester County, north of New York City, has firsthand experience of what the rest of the nation can expect.

HUD has told Westchester County New York that any limit on the size, type, height, and density of buildings are restrictive practices. It demands that the county sue its localities over such common zoning regulations which are not exclusionary by any stretch of the imagination. If HUD can define what constitutes exclusionary practices, then local zoning as it is known today disappears.

Apartments, high-rises of whatever else the federal government or developer wants, can be built on any block in America. They’re going to seek this diversity again by obliterating zoning regulations. Zoning regulations, as you know, are one of the many ways that communities define themselves and achieve what they want and don’t want. I’ll tell you something else that’s not mentioned in the story, but you ever wondered why the regime and the left is so fascinated with mass transit? It’s because mass transit limits your mobility. You can only go where mass transit takes you. And who controls the routes? The government controls the routes of mass transit — buses, subways, trains, you name it. They control it. Those are all government authorities — state, local, or federal, whatever.

KEN: And that was Rush in 2013, one year into Obama’s second term. And look where we are now, from major companies to your kids’ college.

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