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KEN: We have these — we get these plans, you know, how to approach the show, so much to talk about, and then this shooting that took place yesterday, actually a killing. I don’t like it when people call the guy a shooter, but if you missed it we’ll bring you up to date now. Sadly another person has died. So, basically what happened yesterday we had a 57-year-old white man who killed nine people and then took his own life. And in the last 24 hours we found out more about this tragedy at the San Jose transit yard, the Valley Transportation Authority or the VTA.

He was employed there. His ex-wife — and they’ve been divorced since 2005, but she was married to him for about 10 years. The first thing I look for — and we’re not gonna dwell on this ’cause I want to reflect on Mr. Biden’s comments, which are typical leftist hack comments out of touch with most American people in reality, and we’ll talk about that. The Democrats rarely let a gun incident go for more than 20 minutes before they weigh in on it and say we need to get rid of the guns.

But his ex-wife said he had talked about killing people at work. And again — so this is one of those weird situations. When you go back and you look at the backgrounds of killers — and again, this man is a killer, not a shooter. He’s not one who shoots. He’s one who kills. There’s a difference. We need to draw a line in the sand and talk about these things openly and factually and not let the news media, who hates guns — many are not fans of We the People, many have a chip on their shoulder about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. We cannot — we can no longer let the news media control the conversation about our Second Amendment right which shall never be infringed. And I know it’s very politically incorrect to talk about your gun rights and my gun rights after another horrible mass shooting.

But I look at things from a different angle, as a pro-gun person, as a pro-Second Amendment person, as someone who legally carries to defend myself and my family. I look at it like, I wonder if anybody in there had a gun. I wonder if someone in there could have taken cover and returned fire. That’s the first thing I said. Now, I know if you’re anti-gun — I can’t read your mind, but I know the media. The first thing they say is we’ve got to get rid of, and then they put out a list of guns. And to me that’s always been the wrong approach. And it’s very interesting, something the news media has not been covering lately is, more and more states are going toward unrestricted or permitless carry.

There’s over 20 at the moment, if I’m not mistaken. I’m aware of a few already. You know, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Vermont, West Virginia. I just saw a press release that Michigan is also thinking about constitutional carry. Now, there are states that are fully unrestricted where no permit is required for open or concealed carry. Some states are partially unrestricted where certain forms of concealed carry may be legal without a permit while other forms of carry require a permit. I know some states is what’s called — there’s open carry, unrestricted carry, there’s constitutional carry. The open carry is obviously that you can see it. To me that’s a double-edged sword. It’s — you — the criminal can see your gun if you’re carrying it openly so you don’t have the element of surprise in self-defense.

But the problem with all of this is, we, because he look through the lens of the news media and many are wealthy enough to have protection or they live in a place where, you know — and of course this could happen anywhere, in any country, anytime. Bad people, mentally ill people, whatever this guy was, this could happen anywhere. The point is, how do you protect yourself from it? By taking legally owned guns? Of course not. So let — when we discuss this today, sure it was a tragedy. But I get so tired of people saying, “That darn NRA, those darn gun owners, they just don’t care.” I — it’s absurd. You know, we started hearing of this — you know, it was in the Clinton administration when this started.

But I still, again, as one of those people who Obama says clings to his Bible and his guns, and I would also say I do cling to the Constitution. I don’t cling to my guns. I have the proper grip. But I do cling to the Constitution. And for some reason the Constitution goes right out the door if you get enough people in a news piece that are emotionally distraught and something that the news media and the Democrat Party are brilliant at is using dead bodies as a prop, whether you’re covered with a flag at a false impeachment trial or whatever it may be. And the bottom line is, I just wonder, since the news media is wondering, that would have been so different if he didn’t have a gun. Well, of course it would have.

But it would have been a lot different if people there had a gun and some of them were trained. So there’s different angles you can look at this. Oh. Texas is also going — governor of Texas just laid down the law. Two things they’re doing. They’re doing the handgun carry, constitutional carry, means you don’t have to check with the boss, the boss being in many occupied territories of this country, the boss is the mayor or the governor. You don’t have to check with someone you elected to defend yourself. So that’s what I call constitutional carry. One of the most oppressive states regarding you having the right to protect yourself is New Jersey. It disgusts me.

And it’s always from the far left, the party that cares about the children, that cares about — that cares about women being abused and what’s the first thing some of these states do, if there is violence in a relationship, “Well, ma’am, we can’t issue you — we cannot issue you a gun permit. You know, that’s not a good idea. We will give you this piece of paper, and it says right here in — right here if you just read it, says your husband cannot beat you up anymore or threaten to kill your children. Says it right here, and if he shows up, you know, with a gun or a baseball bat, you just call us.” See, that’s the problem with America. Nobody in the news media is talking like I just spoke to you about this issue. There’s a handful. That’s it.

It starts when you’re in third grade. Guns are bad, people that appreciate guns as a hobby or for self-defense are bad, and on and on it goes. And I will reiterate — and we’re gonna get to the Rush take on this because he has always been ahead of why people are doing what they do, whether it’s limiting the amount of bullets in a magazine or a gun-free zone. The gun-free zone is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard as a pro-Second Amendment person. Now, if you’re on the left, you think that the sign protects you. Now, the last five mass shootings were in gun-free zones. The most recent one was in New Jersey. Nobody’s talking about it. I think nine people were shot. One was killed. And this was horrible, what just happened. In San Jose, gun-free zone.

But again, there’s a reason, there’s a method to the madness of how this is conducted. There’s a reason the Democrats and the left behave the way they do. Here’s Rush with his thoughts.

RUSH: The real objective of the modern-day Democrat Party and all of their constituent groups is to confiscate every gun out there. That’s their wish list. That’s their giant dream. That’s the bucket list. However you want to characterize it, their objective is the total confiscation of all guns being held in private hands.

That’s what their objective is. And they don’t hate the NRA. They hate you. They despise you. You stand in their way. Not you, Jack in Blue Ridge. I’m talking about all of us. They despise us. They have a visceral hatred for those who oppose them and stand in their way. It’s just easier for them to say they hate a group and an organization rather than to be up front about what they really despise and hate, which is all of us.

KEN: More truth. That was dead-on. And that’s what it is. There are people — you can call them elitist, you can call whatever. And it’s not just John Kerry. There’s a lot of people on the left both in government and out that have entrusted too much to the government. They trust their life to the government. I think that’s the most absurd thing you can do is trust your life to the government. And as a — I’m a lifetime member of the NRA, and the NRA gets beat up a lot. And one of the reasons we’re so passionate about it, when you go back through that history and you see that after the Civil War free black men had no way to protect themselves, and the NRA helped make sure that these are citizens now, they have the right to carry a gun.

The same thing in the sixties. So many people in the Southern part of our country, not all Southern states. I’m just is that I go in several Southern states, and in the North, but in the South there was a lot of intimation and real horrible racism. And in some cases — you may remember how many times Martin Luther King Jr. was shot at and how many civil rights leaders were killed, they would go to buy a gun, and some elitist would say, well, no, you can’t have one. And it was the NRA, the National Rifle Association that came in and said “cannot be infringed.”

And, see, that’s, as a — as a conservative gun owner, I think if you are not a convicted felon but you’re an American citizen and you’re over 18, you have every right to defend yourself any way that you feel comfortable with. This is the discussion we should be having. When something this horrible happens and we leave out what else is happening, like surging crime rates, gun crimes going up. They’re not going up because of law biding citizens. They’re going up because criminals have heard the announcement of the left. They’re gonna defund the police. They’re gonna defang the police, if you will. Every move cops make now is under a microscope.

Do you know the empowerment the Democrat Party has given to every thug in the United States? Heck, every thug on the planet knows they can roll into a gun-free zone and take what they want because they’re disarming the police in California. They’re having volunteers. This is absurd. And this is just the tip of a very complicated issue, and I urge you not to buy in to the Joe Biden network, which would be CNN, and follow that narrative because the news media and the Democrats have been misleading you on the gun narrative for about, what, 80 years?

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