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KEN: I don’t know if you saw that now Republican leaders, and we brought this up before. We brought this up before, that what was happening at the border was bad for children, bad for women, bad for little kids. Horrible. I don’t know if you know, but two weeks ago they closed two of the detention centers because there was so much abuse and mismanagement because bad people were getting into the mix. Something that a lot of people aren’t… this is not being reported on. Don’t you think there’s the occasional cartel member that ends up in one of these detention centers?

The occasional 16 or 17 or maybe even 18-year-old cartel member. And the cartel pretty much runs the border for the most part, at least on the southern side. Some people think on the northern side. And now Republican leaders are calling for transparency after reports of migrant youth traveling through Tennessee. You might be thinking, well, how’d they’d get to Tennessee? Well, you’d have to ask the Biden regime, because the Biden regime provides the children with a backpack, medical care. They get, this is true, they get Kamala Harris’ book for free. You know, I don’t think it’s for free. I think it’s 17.99, and I think you and I are paying for it. I still haven’t gotten an answer to that. I’m trying to get someone to answer that, but that’s what the kids get, they get a backpack, they get toiletries and, you know, the whole back-to-school kind of thing.

And then they get tickets to travel away from the border, sometimes on an aircraft, sometimes on a bus so they can meet sponsors. And I don’t know what a sponsor is, really. I know for a while in California they were not vetting sponsors. Because they said there was such an overwhelmingly amount of illegal children coming over the border, “we don’t have time to background check sponsors.” That’s really crazy, because you had plenty of time to kick me off Facebook because I’m pro-Trump. You have time to background check everybody that was that was at the January 6 rally.

But for some reason you’re unable to vet adequately a 40-year-old single man who shows up and says, “you know, I can take those little boys and girls with me, I got a van.” Again, I’m just thinking out loud. I’m sure Biden is doing everything the Democrats hoped he would do, and that’s why you voted for him.

Biden just scrapped plans to house, this is the term he used, tender age migrant children at a Texas Army base. He may have stumbled on making a good decision there again. Stranger things have happened. Usually when liberals make a good decision, it’s because they tripped or they fell or they were out of their mind. But that’s a good decision. Little children should not be in certain spaces. They have no business. A 5-year-old little girl who’s terrified has no business in the same holding facility with a 13-year-old guy or young boy or man, a 13-year-old teen from a neighboring country or even from the same country. Now, whoever thought that worked, well, they’re idiots. And that’s understandable, considering who’s in the Biden administration.

They’re also reining in street level enforcement by ICE. I have this great comment. This is, here we go… “President Joe Biden has effectively abolished the immigration and customs enforcement agency through heavy restrictions on its operations, according to several ICE officers who do not want to be identified.” And I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be identified. Because right now, the Biden administration is combing through the United States Marines and the United States Army and the other great branches of our brave military. And they’re cherry-picking people to shift their jobs or remove them based on their political ideology. ICE deportations numbered an all-time low last month.

Only 2,962 illegal immigrants returned to their home countries. Plummeting immigration enforcement, as a result of new policies by the Biden regime implemented that restrict who qualifies for deportation, and what actions Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is authorized to take. And this is from the Washington Post, so he you know it must be true.

Let’s go to, well, let me set this up for you because there’s about seven people in the media today that actually have the guts to be in the media today. Peter Doocy is one of them. He asks great questions and he pursues them and he does it with professionalism and sometimes he even works in a little humor. Sounds to me like he was probably a Rush listener for a long time, Peter Doocy. But he asked Biden Press Secretary, Little Red Lying Hood, many people know her as Jen Psaki.

Yesterday in a press conference, the governor of Tennessee says that he was asked, and he declined, a Biden administration to house unaccompanied minors. And in recent days there have been some reports that at least four planes filled with unaccompanied minors and accompanied minors landed in the state. Some in the middle of the night. Can you explain what’s going on here?

PSAKI: Children traveling, were traveling through, have been traveling through Tennessee. They are simply on their way to unite with relatives and sponsors. Or to meet sponsors in the state. Or just traveling through Tennessee, until they reach another destination to unite with family members or legal sponsors.

KEN: Whew. She’s so ho-hum about it. I mean, “what a ridiculous question.” Don’t you have illegal foreign nationals landing in your state in the dark of night, without any identification? You might if you’re a blue state. We had that stuff going on in Pennsylvania, and that’s where I’m broadcasting from today, central PA. We had that going on during Obamunism. And people would call me that worked at the airport, anonymously, and they would say, you’re not gonna believe what happened last night. We saw a planeload, it looked like a brown plane, just a solid plane. And, I don’t want to say it was UPS, because it wasn’t, but that’s what they said. They said it looked like a UPS plane, but it wasn’t.

It had that kind of innocuous look to it. And illegals were coming in. So this is exactly what the Biden administration was doing, which makes total sense because Susan Rice and Barack Obama are, along with John Kerry, who, as you know, as Rush pointed out so adequately, was a Vietnam veteran. They’re advising Biden. So don’t be surprised that you’re getting all this Obama replay stuff. Actually, it’s terrible for America, but it’s kind of scary. But don’t be surprised because we knew this was gonna happen. Here’s Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty.

HAGERTY: I’m pushing hard for transparency on this, and the Biden administration is blocking us. You notice that they moved these planes in in the dead of night, they’re coming in both by commercial airlines as well as private air. And the planes that we found out about, at least, are landing after midnight. They’re dispersing the people that are coming in. Are these people vaccinated, have they been vetted?

What sort of people are moving through the state? We’re seeing more flow of illegal drugs, more human trafficking, our law enforcement is being overwhelmed in Tennessee. And we’ve had more deaths from Fentanyl poisoning since this border crisis has occurred. That’s why I went down to Guatemala and Mexico, three weeks ago now, to get to the bottom of this. And the Biden administration has yet to send Kamala Harris there.

KEN: You know, it’s interesting, she’s the border czar, the immigration czar. Rush was always pointing out that the Democrats are actually the party conducting a War on Women and everything else. Here he is.

RUSH: The political party that conducting a War on Women is the one party fighting sex trafficking? They say we have been conducting a War on Women, the Republicans? We’re the ones trying to stop the mistreatment of women, sex trafficking, we’re trying to stop human trafficking, clean things up at the border. The Democrats, the hypocrisy is rampant. It’s on parade. Democrats, look what they’re constantly in the news for now. They’re constantly in the news for sexual abuse of women. They have no interest if fighting sex trafficking at the southern border. Now, I know, I know a War on Women when I see one. And the Democrat Party is conducting a War on Women just like they’re conducting a war on babies.

They are conducting a war on jobs. They are conducting a war on affordable energy. They are conducting a war on economics. They are conducting a war on journalism. They are conducting a war on high quality, affordable health insurance. This party is becoming, on a daily basis observably so, exactly that which they claim the Republican Party is. And of course as a result, the Democrat Party is becoming, and is conducting, a never-ending war on the truth.

KEN: Bingo. There it is again. The truth. And that is how the Democrats stay in control.

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