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KEN: What’s so fascinating about this Biden team and their reaction to the Wuhan story, many people, including myself, researched this, and we followed since the very beginning, we followed this connection to Wuhan. And when you trace it back, it connects to all kinds of interesting things — the National Institute of Health, the NIH, which is run by Fauci. And now we’re finding out from the New York Post that the Biden regime shut down the State Department inquiry probing possible links to the Wuhan lab. Now, that’s another — another example of this must be a pretty big story. ‘Cause you know that’s how the left rolls.

If they say we should investigate just to make sure there’s not a problem and they say, “No, no. No investigation, por favor,” you know there’s something going on. And they ended it. And it’s interesting because I was just reading somebody — and I don’t want to quote them because they’re in an office in Washington, D.C., and they said it’s interesting because every single time President Donald J. Trump tried to get to the bottom of anything, liberals came in and shut it down. We’re not gonna examine that, we’re not gonna count that, we’re not gonna announce that, we’re not gonna look into that. By the way, give me Hunter Biden’s laptop. What’d you do? Shredded it. I don’t know if it’s been shredded. I just know it’s been covered up.

So this is part of it. And I got — I found this quote, too, that’s fascinating to me. And this is the Washington Post. Reporter Aaron Blake, a Washington Post senior reporter, the corporate press spent the better part of a year calling the lab leak theory a conspiracy because President Donald Trump talked about it. And this is according to a Washington Post senior reporter who now is probably gonna be getting all kinds of nasty Twitter posts ’cause that’s usually what happens. Anytime a leftist reporter stumbles onto the truth, there is hell to pay. She says, giving — I love this example too. “Given everything we know about how Trump handled such things, caution and skepticism were invited.

What? That caution and skepticism spilled over into some oversimplification, particularly when it came to summarizing the often more circumspect report.” You talk about a crock of poop. Holy moly. Doesn’t sound like a reporter. It sounds like a lobbyist or a consultant for a political candidate.

Here’s the bottom line. The leader of the free world had intel, and he indicated that over a year ago this virus was leaked from a Wuhan lab either by accident or on purpose. And the news media didn’t want to talk about it. That’s the real issue right there. And then you have Biden covering up the report. It’s really become ridiculous. And I think people are on to it. I really do. And I’m glad and it was so — it was very recent. In fact, it was right in the middle of this mess a year ago that Rush listed all the coronavirus taboos you couldn’t talk about.

RUSH: My friends, have you noticed all of the taboo subjects that we were not supposed to dare mention? That if we did mention these taboo subjects, that it was proof that we were conspiracy theorists, that we were kooks and we were wackos, that we were nuts, that we were off into conspiracy land? All of these taboo subjects, we’re not supposed to mention.

It was nothing more than an effort to get us to suppress the truth, to shame us, to embarrass us into not discussing the truth of all this. Because what’s happening now is all of these formally taboo subjects that we weren’t supposed to dare mention are now becoming objects of concern in the mainstream, despite — despite — the efforts of the left to censor discussion of these subjects.

For example, the Wuhan lab mystery — in other words, the origin of the coronavirus. “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! It didn’t happen in a lab. No, no! If you think it happened in a lab, you’re a nut. If you think it happened in the lab, then you probably think our friends, the Chinese, weaponized it as a bioweapon! That’s dangerous. That’s irresponsible,” said the media, said the Democrat Party, said the Washington, D.C., establishment.

“You are a kook if you think that this virus happened in a lab! This virus came from the wet markets. This virus came because the ChiComs will eat anything because they’re starving. They will eat live bats. They will eat live snakes, and that’s where this virus came from, and you better stick to it.” But there were people who persisted and said, “No. We know of a lab worker in December who tried to warn everybody.

“He had discovered the virus. He is dead.” Others were aware of his work, and now, after attempting to warn the world, they have disappeared. But even with all of that, mentioning that coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan was very, very taboo. “You can’t do it. You’re a kook! You are a nut!”

Oh, that’s another taboo. “You can’t be critical of the World Health Organization! How dare you? (sputtering) If you’re critical of the World Health Organization you really are a kook. You’re a wacko, right-wing kook. You are a nutcase. Shut up! You can’t talk about the World Health Organization!” (Snort!)

Folks, every one of these subjects on which you and I were right — and on which they attempted to suppress us, intimate us from talking about them, ’cause they didn’t want the truth out. Every one of them now — every one of them — is slowly becoming objects of concern. The virus did start in the lab, and the World Health Organization helped the ChiComs suppress the news.

KEN: Here comes the truth. Now the question is will the news media be able to keep a lid — it’s like a dam. And there’s so many holes in it, you’ve got all these people running around trying to plug the holes, all the late-night TV people, they’re trying to plug the holes, and you’ve got all these analysts and researchers and doctors who made fools of themselves with incorrect information. They’re trying to plug the holes. I gotta tell you, though, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear a Rush Limbaugh sound bite and he cracks me up.

And that’s why so many people love him, when he said, they’ll eat anything, they don’t have any food, that’s one of the funniest lines. Can you imagine if Saturday Night Live could write like this? They’d have an audience now.

They eat snakes and live bats and — but that was so true. And I remember when President Donald J. Trump — he’s the one that beat the smartest woman in the world back in 2016, Hillary. And do you remember when at the press conference the news media tried to shame him into not saying China virus or the China flu? Remember that? That’s the funniest thing about the news media. They really believed that they — you can shame Mitt Romney, you can shame Chris Christie. You can shame Mitch McConnell. You can’t shame Donald Trump. If it’s true, he’s moving forward with it.

And they’re like, don’t you think, Mr. President, that this is — you know, this is racist? ‘Cause you have to mention racist in every conversation with a liberal, or they do. And he said, “No. I say China because it came from China.” Remember, he started saying “China.” And then we all started saying China. But it’s true. And this is what’s so — there’s a silver lining to this, something else I discussed in our meeting this morning. I said, you know, the silver lining to 2020 and the first part of 2021, first of all, for the last four months, we learn — we learn every day what a great job President Donald J. Trump did. All you have to do is tune in to a Biden press conference and you’re look, ooh, what happened?

Now, in 2020 the American awakening started, and we started seeing the conflicting narratives within the Republican Party within the health-industrial complex within the government, people started realizing, you know, I don’t think some of these people have a clue. So that’s the blessing in disguise.

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