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JASON: You know, we need a commission as to why we allowed our chief foreign adversary, the communist Chinese, to get away with gain-of-function research that resulted in a lab leak that destroyed the American economy, ruined the lives of millions of young people, and killed elderly people in congregated living facilities. How about that investigation? Do you think that, oh, I don’t know, Fox News Sunday or ABC or CNN is talking about that? No, they’re talking about another Mueller investigation. Missouri Senator Roy Blunt told Chris Wallace it’s too damn early to create another commission.

BLUNT: I think it’s too early to create a commission, and I believe Republicans in the Senate will decide that it’s too early to create that commission. You know, commissions often don’t work at all, and when they do work like the Simpson-Bowles commission produced a good result, nothing happened as part of that result.

JASON: And yet, naturally on CNN we see why Republicans lose with former Senator Scott Brown saying, oh, sure, do the commission. It’s a no-brainer. Audio 8.

BROWN: To me it’s a no-brainer. You look at what happened in 9/11, and we were attacked by foreign terrorists, and we wanted to find out immediately, where was the breakdown? What happened and why? Well, this is no different.

JASON: It is different, Scott. What the hell are you talking about? This thing on the January 6th had been investigated endlessly, just like Russia, and nothing’s there. You got people basically having their civil liberties taking away for trespassing. The only person died was one of the protesters and we still don’t know why the Capitol policeman, who I worked with and are good people, but there’s something funny here, we don’t know why or what happened in the circumstance where that woman died. We’ve got people being prosecuted and the DOJ investigating, yet you want another commission, while the Chinese are unleashing biological warfare if some of this circumstantial evidence is verified? This is why Republicans lose. And Rush was right about commissions. Here’s what he said long ago.

RUSH: It’s the same old thing and what you have is a bit of a power play going on here between the two houses. You know, House Republicans are fed up with what’s been going on in the Senate. The Senate is an obstruction agency; it has been for a while. And there’s a battle going on there too. I think it’s all healthy. It’s good. And it’s about time these people assert themselves in the House. So they have been all along, but I’m glad they’re continuing to do it.

I think just the assumption that whatever the 9/11 commission recommends ought to be implemented in a blanket fashion is ridiculous. It’s panic oriented, and it makes too many assumptions that this commission is right about what they did, made no mistakes. I’m all for a, you know, new intelligence czar, somebody that’s in charge of this sort of thing, but that can be structured in a way to make sense. But getting this person involved with military operations just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. These people are not supposed to be recommending that kind of thing anyway. Just collecting data, passing it on to the policy makers.

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