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JASON: We just saw that this weekend as temperatures start to warm up, people stay out later, and you start to see the shootings and this unrest. And yet the answer by the left over the last year in the wake of Floyd, thanks to BLM — remember, BLM, going back to the 2014 Minnesota State Fair, BLM was outside that state fair, media didn’t report much on this, chanting pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon, referring to cops.

Their goal was always to defund the police long before George Floyd. The legacy of Mr. Floyd will not be racial reckoning. It will be carnage and more bloodshed in these urban communities. And the left doesn’t give a damn. Let me tell you something. I only bring out Minnesota so much is because I am in occupied territory, and that’s where I’m broadcasting from today. But this is what we exported to you. This started in the 3rd Precinct when the idiot man-child known as Jacob Frey and the idiot governor known as Tim Walz, who’s the greatest fraud in Minnesota politics, basically said stand down, give the 3rd Precinct to the rioters. At that point the game was up.

And Minnesota wasn’t exporting Paul Bunyan anymore. It was exporting chaos, which has now engulfed the nation. And every single Democrat in this state from Tim Walz, to Keith Ellison, to Jacob Frey, to Melvin Carter, to Angie Craig, to Tina Smith, to Dean Phillips, to Betty McCollum is responsible for destroying Minnesota where my mother was born. My mother was born in north Minneapolis. That is the epicenter of the crime. She wouldn’t recognize it now. The metro area is lost, and the Democrats destroyed it.

Democrat policies coming out of the Great Society that brought welfare to Minnesota in massive numbers and then the massive refugee programs and assimilation that did not take place and then the ease on crime, the massive taxes has been an assault on the way of life in this state, and it has been transformed permanently. And now what do they want to do? Eliminate qualified immunity? Here’s what Cory Booker said.

BOOKER: We’re making meaningful progress. And I’m committed, we have to have a nation where we end, I think, what has been a more revealed anguish and agony of many Americans.

JASON: That is insane. That is insane. Are you kidding me? Let me tell you something. First you’re going to prosecute the cops, then you’re gonna defund the cops, and now you’re gonna let the bad guys sue them personally. Understand, during the Derek Chauvin trial here in Minnesota, which we have moved to another venue, this will be overturned on appeal. The city settled with the Floyd family for $27 million. Is that racial reckoning? Is that injustice? Twnety seven million. The jury saw that because the judge wouldn’t sequester them, because he was afraid.

The whole town was afraid of an acquittal. And so justice was turned on its head. I’m not saying whether he should have been acquitted or not. I’m saying justice was turned on its head. The jury was not sequestered. You had a $27 million settlement. So but you gotta sue the cop personally to get your money? You’re not gonna get that much money from the cop personally.

You’re just gonna discourage every person in the world with an ounce of sense not to go into policing. Juror number 52 who told the judge he had no knowledge of the case turned out last August was in D.C. with a BLM T-shirt on marching about it. This thing is going to get overturned and wait ’til you see what happens then, friends. Back in July of last year, Rush talked about police accountability.

RUSH: They’re defunding the police. They’re shutting down police reports. They’re reducing inside — in New York they’re destroying the police department. What more do you want? Do you want police accountability. They’re making it impossible for police departments to recruit people. You’re automatically guilty. You’re automatically, put on the uniform, you’re a racist, you’re a bigot, and you’re a murderer. According to the Democrat Party. According to Black Lives Matter, according to the American left. Yeah. Okay. Police accountability, fine and dandy.

But we need accountability in a whole bunch of other institutions as well. That people don’t seem to be upset at all. You think the cops need accountability, you’re nothing more than a prisoner of your mind, having been exposed to too much mainstream media. You’re getting caught up in narratives that you think are really news when they’re not. It isn’t news. It’s the advancement of a particular narrative, which can be reduced to being the Democrat Party agenda. So here’s an African-American cop in Portland where the cops are automatically guilty. Trump is wanting to send people in there to straighten it out. The mayor of Portland is not at all interested in any kind of help.

The police officer’s name is Jakhary Jackson. Here’s what he had to say about his experience as an African-American police officer during recent protests in Portland.

JACKSON: A lot of times someone of color, black, Hispanic, Asian come up to the fence and directly want to talk to me. Hey, what do you think about George Floyd? What you think about what happened about this? I go up to the fence, someone white comes up, F the police, don’t talk to him. I got to see folks that really do want change like the rest of us, that have been impacted by racism.

And then I got to see those people get faded out by people that have no idea what racism is all about, never experienced racism, that don’t even know that the tactics that they are using are the same tactics that were used against my people.

RUSH: He’s talking about these white Millennials, particularly predominantly women, who come up to him and start screaming their lungs out, calling him names, “You racist bigot. You pig. You pig in a blanket. We’re gonna fry you, you M whatever, you.” And he says they don’t even know what they’re talking about. They’ve just been raised on pure hatred. And they’re engaging in the very same kind of activity they claim to be opposing. They’re wealthy, white women, Millennials running up and calling a black cop a bunch of racist names, and they don’t see the irony in that. And he does. He says, they don’t even know the tactics they are using are the same tactics used by white racists on blacks.

It is kind of fascinating in a way that these holier-than-thou, white, female, affluent, liberal women start shouting all of these horribly rotten, racist names at black cops and, including words like “traitor” and so forth. And they have no idea that they’re actually engaging in the same kind of behavior that they ostensibly oppose.

JASON: Tell you what, gang. Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll take away the qualified immunity from every mayor in every Democrat city where the crime rate has skyrocketed in the last year and sue them personally.

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