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JASON: As you all know by now — well, you should — three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology suddenly became sick in November of 2019. They sought hospital care. Covid-like illnesses. Rush was talking about this. I was talking about it in my campaign for the United States Senate in 2020 here in Minnesota where my opponent and the Minnesota media pooh-poohed the idea, “This came from a bat. We know that. It didn’t come out of a lab.” It was biological warfare. You know why they were covering for China?

They were getting donations, of course, from their Big Tech friends who do business in China, from the NBA and the Timberwolves owner and those sorts of things who all have Chinese connections business-wise.

No, no. They knew that American memory, those of us that have a semblance of memory of the Cold War knew that the idea that a foreign adversary, our number-one enemy, was conducting experiments in biological warfare and whether it was unleashed indirectly or directly because of the Trump threats to China would have been considered not long ago an act of war. They didn’t want to go to war with our number-one enemy. They wanted to puff up Russia for political expediency. This is how sick and how despicable and how duplicitous the American left is right now.

This morning on Fox, former secretary of state Mike Pompeo spoke with Perino and Hemmer on the possibility of this lab leak. Roll it.

POMPEO: I made remarks over a year ago now, early May of 2020, talking about this risk. And it was outrageous. It was outrageous to see scientists, even government, U.S. government scientists who were denying this when they surely must have seen the same information that I had seen. That includes certainly Dr. Fauci as well. We need to know what happened here. The Chinese Communist Party knows what happened here. They know who patient zero was.

They know precisely where this began. These three individuals who became sick, the symptoms were consistent with what someone would get, be symptomatic of if they had covid-19, the Wuhan virus. We need to get to the bottom of this because this could happen again. They’re still conducting research in these same laboratories today.

It’s being done in ways that were similar to what happened back over a year ago. This is dangerous. We could end up with something much like this again being foisted upon the world. The United States has a responsibility to demand that the Chinese Communist Party give us the things that they simply know. They know the answer to these things, and they refuse to hand over this information.

JASON: Yeah, amen to that. We’ve been saying it for over a year now and what has the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, all the major networks, and your local affiliate basically following in the footsteps of those network, what have they be saying? This is a conspiracy theory. Why, it’s like voter fraud. It’s like, you know, the Florida whistleblower. You can’t believe what these Limbaugh type people are saying.

I wish it weren’t true.

But this is a game-changer. This is something that we have been dragged kicking and screaming into realizing now that this gain-of-function research, experimenting with viral infections for warfare purposes has been going on more than likely. And now the next question is, as the secretary of state alluded, what did Dr. Fauci know, and when did he know it with regard to gain-of-function research but also the funding of it. I don’t care if it was indirect funding. Fauci says no NIH funding. Except it went to another outfit, Eco Alliance, I think it was, and that money went to gain-of-function research.

Sources in Australia — and you’ve gotta rely on the foreign press these days for the truth — sources in Australia have detailed how the Chinese may have been contemplating new viruses, quote, said to be more transmissible and more lethal. This is shocking stuff, folks, Rush obviously was right on top of this not that long ago. Roll audio 2.

RUSH: This is Paul in Greensboro, Georgia. I’m glad you waited. It’s great to have you here with us. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, two nights ago Tucker Carlson had a scientist on who worked in the Wuhan lab in China, and she basically stated that this virus was a designed virus, it was not something that was in nature. And, I wanted to talk about that and I don’t want to go with the obvious that Google Facebook and Twitter censored her, but there’s two things very interesting about that interview.

One, she didn’t have an answer as to why they would be creating the virus. And the other thing is, the deeper ramifications. If what she’s saying is true, what I think is very obvious, it’s a country that has 1.4 billion people to feed and it’s struggling to do that. All this urbanization that you see taking place every place in both China and India is just really another source for the irrigation that comes out of the Himalayan mountains. And China’s on a buying binge across the globe, buying land across the globe. So I think there’s an obvious answer to the “why.”

But the deeper question also is, if that’s true, what the hell else is going on in that lab? If they can create a very specific virus that’s tailored to the old, the people that are weak that have pre-existing conditions, what else are they working there? Suppose we get a vaccine which they’re gonna have very shortly —

RUSH: I don’t think it’s that complicated and I don’t think there needs to be this much intrigue about. If what she said is true — I saw her interview — I fully expect this woman to be disappeared very shortly. The ChiComs will find a way to find out where she is. I’m stunned she got out of China. It was thought that she had been disappeared months ago. I don’t mean to be dismissive here. I just think that the ChiComs and the Russians and us, we are working on — the old name for this — germ warfare. We are constantly working on biowarfare. The fact that the Chinese would be doing this is not a surprise.

The fact that they might use it as a way to eliminate some of their own population because they can’t feed them all and they can’t keep them all in the countryside and out of the cities. They’re communists. Communists kill their own people. None of that would surprise me if that’s what’s going on. The “why” of this, if this Chinese scientist is right, is not hard to understand at all. The more troubling aspect here is the reluctance of people who otherwise have common sense to reject this out of hand as an impossibility.

JASON: That is why we loved Rush. This was a while ago, and Rush saw it for what it was. I mentioned before the break that another reason that the evidence is starting to mount that this was — came out of a lab in China deliberately engineered — whether it was deliberately leaked, they don’t know, because the Chinese are communists, as Rush said. They’re not gonna tell us. But think about where we are in 2019. I was served in the 115th Congress. What have we done in the 115th Congress? We cut taxes domestically and we raised tariffs on other foreign adversaries, primarily China. Think about that.

When it comes to fiscal policy here, friends. You gotta make certain you’re rewarding domestic production. If you gotta raise revenue some time and taxes do distort, you don’t distort your workers at home, your manufacturers at home. If you must distort a market, you distort somebody else’s market. You have taxes on foreign consumption, and you reward domestic work and savings and production. That’s what we did, and China was apoplectic about it. So what could they do to level the playing field in 2018 and 2019? Hm-hm. Food for thought.

Good news is, this particular virus wasn’t especially virulent that we know of. But what are they doing in you? Rush talked about this once again back in February of 2020.

RUSH: Folks, this coronavirus thing, I want to try to put this in perspective for you. It looks like the coronavirus being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump. Now, I want to tell you the truth about the coronavirus. You think I’m wrong about this — you think I’m missing? The coronavirus is the common cold, folks. The Drive-By Media hype of this thing as a pandemic, as the Andromeda Strain, as, “Oh, my God. If you get it, you’re dead.”

Do you know what the — I think the — the survival rate is 98%. Ninety-eight percent of people who get the coronavirus survive. It’s a respiratory system virus. It probably is a ChiCom laboratory experiment that is in the process of being weaponized. All superpower nations weaponize bioweapons. They experiment with them. The Russians, for example, have weaponized fentanyl. Now, fentanyl is also not what it is represented to be.

Nobody wants to get any of this stuff. I mean, you never — I hate getting the common cold. You don’t want to get the flu. It’s miserable. But we’re not talking about something here that’s gonna wipe out your town or your city if it finds its way there. This is a classic illustration of how media coverage, even if this media coverage isn’t stacked, even if this is just the way media normally does things, this is a hyped, panic-filled version exactly how the media deals with these things to create audience, readership, interest, clicks, what have you. It originated in China natal — well, not a little town. Town’s 11 million people, Wuhan, China. And one of the reasons they’re able to hype this is that the doctor who warned everybody about it came down with it and died.

And so if a doctor — Oh, my God. Rush, a doctor got it, you can’t possibly be right, if a doctor can’t protect — didn’t know what he was dealing with. Discovered it back in December. I’m telling you the ChiComs are trying to weaponize this thing. Well, every nation is working on things like this, and the ChiComs obviously in their lab are doing something here with the coronavirus. And it got out. Some people believe it got out on purpose, that the ChiComs have a whole lot of problems based on an economy that cannot provide for the number of people they have.

So losing a few people here, there be not so bad for the Chinese government. Could be anything to explain this.

It came from a country that Bernie Sanders wants to turn the United States into a mirror image of, communist China. That’s where it came from. It didn’t come from an American lab. It didn’t escape from an American research lab. It hasn’t been spread by Americans. It starts out in a communist country. It’s tentacles spread all across the world in numbers that are not big and not huge, but they’re being reported as just the opposite. Just try to keep it all in perspective.

JASON: It had precisely that effect. It destroyed the economy in a Trump reelection year. It shut down his campaign.

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