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JASON: The Democratic Party is the party of Wall Street. Rush made that claim, which is absolutely true, a while back. Here’s how he put it.

RUSH: The Democrat Party is the party of the rich. The Democrat Party is the party of Wall Street. The Democrat Party is the party of the wealthiest people in this country, and they have managed to keep that a big secret, make everybody think they’re still a big blue-collar party. And they’re not. The Democrat Party is also the recipient of the most foreign government money. That would be the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

The Democrat Party, whenever they talk about raising taxes, they always exempt the hedge fund people.

The reason is, folks, contrary to what every low-information voter thinks — hell, every union member thinks — practically half the country thinks that the Democrat Party is devoted to the little guy, that the Democrat Party is defending the little guy and the Democrat Party is out there attacking CEOs and attacking corporations and attacking all these big behemoths and they’re gonna get even with ’em and they’re gonna take money away from ’em because they’ve been stealing from the poor and that’s how they’ve been getting rich. Everybody thinks that’s what the Democrats do.

The Democrats are not making a move on carried interest and haven’t. They’re trying to protect the hedge fund guys because most of the hedge fund guys are big Democrats, a good percentage of them are, as are a lot of the Wall Street CEOs, as are a lot of media CEOs. They’re all liberal Democrats. The Democrat Party, contrary to what everybody thinks, is not circling the wagons and defending the little guy. The Democrat Party’s in bed with Wall Street. That’s why Bernie Sanders is not going to get the Democrat Party nomination no matter what because he’s serious about implementing policies that would punish those people financially.

The Democrat Party’s in bed. They have become the party of Wall Street. The Democrat Party has become the party of the rich, and they’ve done everything they can to shield it. It’s amazing to me that of all the talk about raising taxes on those people coming from a Republican, at least in the primaries, Trump, carried interest, that’s what he’s attacking. If I know Trump, he’ll have a codicil to his tax increase, and it will be an option not to pay it.

JASON: Man, oh, man, that is just so important what Rush just said. The Democrat Party corporate party is the party of the ruling class right now.

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