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BRETT: A lot of people dubbed Dan’s Bake Sale as the conservative Woodstock, and since we’re revisiting that today on the eve of the 28th anniversary, we thought we’d take you back to the sixties and on today’s Road Trip with Rush. Every Friday, we’re adding a new song to a playlist that we’re building with the audience of all the great bumper music and the commentary that went with it.

Today, we’ll go for A Walk in the Black Forest.

RUSH: Now, speaking of the bumper rotation. This is a song that’s been in it for a long time, but we haven’t had it in a long time. It’s somehow magically found its way back into the rotation. And, yes, I recognize it plain as day. I’m drawing a mental block. It’s Horst Jankowski, that’s right, Horst Jankowski, A Walk in the Black Forest. It’s from the sixties, exactly right.

Every bumper song in the rotation, practically every one I chose from my own personal preferences and those I thought would sound good used as bumpers. I haven’t picked a bumper song since I lost my hearing. We don’t have a current tune in the bumper rotation ’cause I don’t know any of it well enough to know whether it sounds good or not, and nobody on the staff has volunteered to help. So we’re stuck with bumper music…. I know. There isn’t any current music worth being in the bumper rotation, right?

BRETT: Outstanding. Horst Jankowski, A Walk in the Black Forest. Rush Limbaugh there on your amazing Road Trip with Rush today.

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