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BRETT: Today’s EIB High Note gives a shout-out to GOP representative Young Kim and Michelle Steel, the first two Korean-American women ever elected to the United States Congress. The California Republicans represent the 39th and the 48th Congressional Districts and are committed to policies that will help build back their state.

Especially small business that has been decimated by the pandemic, and put pressure on the Biden administration to fix the crisis at the border. Both of their families emigrated to the United States when they were kids and they had to learn English and essentially start over. The two women have been friends for over three decades, and Kim says she hopes to be an inspiration to others.

KIM: I’m just so grateful to be able to serve in this community as one of the first Korean-American women to serve, and my story hopefully will be an inspiration to other immigrants, other young women and girls, especially. I came here and I had to learn everything on my own. We have to assimilate into this country. You have to study hard; you may have to work twice as hard. But if you do that, you can achieve anything. Don’t give up. Winners don’t quit. Quitters don’t win.

BRETT: It’s an incredible story of perseverance, these two young members of the Congress who come from immigrant families. These are the sorts of people that are illustrative in so many ways, because they understand the process of legal immigration into the United States.

Their families modeled that for them when they were young, filling out the paperwork, going through the motions, doing the sort of things you have to do, double-checking that all your information is accurate, waiting for the vetting process, getting your paperwork in order, all of that sort of stuff.

Anybody can just gate crash. Anybody can just come running across the border and demand things. But it’s that first effort in utilizing immigration the way it ought to be utilized, and that is to say in an orderly and legal way to gain access to the United States of America. So many of us are so blessed to be born in this country.

I’ll say it “to be born in this country at this time,” because it is a country of endless opportunities. These two young members of Congress, these two young women who are there proudly representing their districts, trying to save those districts from the ravaging of Gavin Newsom and California socialism and one-party rule administered there in Sacramento, they’re the ones who are out there on the front lines of this fight.

I remember when I left California to come to Carolina to work here at WBT, and I just want to say something about that experience. There are so many great conservatives behind that blue wall in that state. You have to remember that the state of California produced more Trump voters than any other state in the United States in that election, and that’s important to understand.

Because there is hope and possibility there if you can only break the restrictions of the quasi-socialist pipe dreams of the mayors like, for example, Garcetti and London Breed there in San Francisco. California has so much potential, and it is sadly so mismanaged. California is something that is in many ways a blessed place.

It’s blessed by God with amazing natural resources and administered by people who are nitwits, people who doesn’t understand that if you unleash that engine of capitalism and free markets and opportunity, we’d been good for another couple trillion dollars of economic growth in this country.

The world wants to go to California, and Gavin Newsom and the cabal of socialists that control it are more than happy to denigrate it and degrade it. And to see these two heroes — heroes, political heroes — who are fighting to turn that tide, we should support them at every turn.

We should always say to the people of California, “We understand. You live under a regime that doesn’t allow you to be totally free or totally prosperous. But we are the other 49 states. We will stand and be your voice. ” They may not be able to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, but we can by building majorities out of the other states. They may not be able to get rid of socialists in one fell swoop, but we can turn the tide by moving the majorities.

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