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BRETT: We’ve got a Woke News Update. The Nittany Lions, “Penn State will replace ‘sexist and classist’ words like freshman.” Oh, it gets worse than that. The New York Press is reporting that Penn State “will replace pronouns such as he/him/hers with they/them/theirs,” and they’re going to “replace traditional student designations such as freshman and sophomore with ‘first year’ and ‘second year’ and replace ‘underclassmen’ and ‘upperclassmen’ with ‘lower division’ and ‘upper division’…”

Wait a minute. They’re gonna get rid of freshman and sophomore; they’re leaving junior and senior, or are they getting rid of junior and senior…? Are they getting rid of all four of the designations — freshman, sophomore, junior, senior — and just going to under class/lower class, lower division/upper division? Can you still pursue a master’s degree?

What are they going to do? What is happening here, folks? “‘The Preferred Name and Gender Identity Policy was passed by Pennsylvania State University’s Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs on April 27. Terms such as “freshmen” are decidedly male-specific, while terms such as “upperclassmen” can be interpreted as both sexist and classist.

“‘Terms such as “junior” and “senior” are parallel to western male father-son naming conventions, and much of our written documentation uses he/she pronouns,’ states the resolution.” (laughs) Oh, boy. Rush had some fun with this a few years ago and made a larger point while talking about it.

RUSH: (laughing) Would you ever introduce yourself, “Hi, I’m Rush Limbaugh, he/him”? What that means I’m giving you permission to call me a “he.” That means I am a cisgender male, and I’m free to admit it. So you can call me “him” or “he.”

This is from Atlanta at the National Convention of the Democratic Socialists of America. We’re gonna eavesdrop on these people having a segment in their convention about keeping the capitalism. The moderator is a she/her. (chuckles) Well, I say that, but I don’t know that, actually. You can’t tell by looking, and if you could, we’re not supposed to say so. So you’ll hear the moderator, and you’ll hear James Jackson, and then the moderator, and then you’ll hear the Bernie Sanders guy at the end, who’s all mad about something…

WOMAN: If we want to defeat capitalism, we are going to need a party that will organize working people to fight for the demands that we want and to win socialism. Thank you so much.

FEMALE MODERATOR: Great. Bring it on. Um —

JACKSON: Um, quick point of privilege! Quick point of personal privilege!


JACKSON: Ummm, guys… First of all, James Jackson, Sacramento, he/him. I just want to say, can we please the chatter to a minimum? I’m one of the people who’s very, very prone to sensory overload. There’s a lot of whispering and chatter going on. It’s making it very difficult for me to focus. Please, can we just…? I know it’s… We’re all fresh and ready to go, but can we please just keep the chatter to a minimum? It’s affecting my ability to focus. Thank you.

FEMALE MODERATOR: Thank you, Comrade. Okay. Is there a speaker against name, chapter, pronouns?

MAN: Point of privilege! Point of personal privilege!


MAN: Please do not use gendered language to c… (sputtering) to address everyone! (Snort!)


RUSH: (Snort!) He snorted there at the end, and he is. He’s talking about, you know, James Jackson, the he/him in Sacramento said, “Hey, guys, first of all,” and this guy is upset about that. (impression) “Please don’t use gendered language to address everyone. (Snort!)” And then so, “Okay, okay.” I asked the question, “Where do you find people like this? They’re all over this country. Where are they?” I was informed that they work in government, that they’re all over the bureaucracy. They are all over the public school system.

They are all over Starbucks, coffee shops, places like that. They’re everywhere. These people are everywhere! By the way, and these people are also out on the protest march. These are the same kind of people outside the Turtle’s house raising hell, while at the same time complaining of the noise. He can’t focus. And then at the same convention, another guy stood up (a he/him) to outline the rules of the convention, how he was very worried about them being violated.

MAN: First of all, in this room, I see that no one’s clapping for me. It could be because I’m not engaging, but it also is because everyone’s doing this (jazz hands), and that’s really important. Because those loud bursts of noise even though this is a noisy space when we can do something like reducing that, that’s really important. We’re not trying to be jerks, but there are, uh, right-wing infiltrators who are trying to get in here. Don’t really talk to anybody who doesn’t have a credential! Don’t talk to cops! Don’t talk to MAGA ass(bleep)s.

CROWD: (hooting)

MAN: We’re almost there. There’s also, on Piedmont 8, a completely quiet room. One thing to note there. Please don’t go into that space with anything that’s like an aggressive scent, for instance, right? Trying to be chill, right? Take a deep breath (inhales/exhales) and feel better before you say anything.

RUSH: “Aggressive scents,” as in too much perfume, cologne, aftershave, too much Right Guard. Don’t do it! Don’t go in there. “Don’t talk to anybody who doesn’t have a credential.” (chuckles) I don’t know. (interruption) Yes, it’s depressing these people are out there, but these are your classic little socialists here. We had a caller yesterday who made a great point. If these people actually met a real, live communist-socialist dictator, they would be scared out of their shoes! If they actually encountered a Vladimir Putin?

They think Putin would come into their convention and applaud them and embrace them and welcome them to the movement. Putin would come in and laugh himself silly and send the KGB after ’em for making the movement look bad. Same thing with Hugo Chavez. If these people ran into people who are genuinely communist and dictatorial thugs, I think they’d have fainting spells and heart attacks over the crudeness and the violence.

BRETT: I mean, it’s that simple. He’s exactly right. See, orientations — being, say, like a socialist leftist and being a free market-oriented person who’s either a libertarian or a conservative or some blend thereof. It all comes down to the academic training. It all comes down to the academic training. I was in college in the late eighties and the early nineties.

I saw in my professors, the tenured professors at my school, were clearly the people who came out in like 1971-’72 from college. They were formed exclusively by the free speech movement out of Berkeley and the Weather Underground-type stuff — and I’m not sure that they were all progressive whack jobs, but a large percentage were progressive whack jobs.

So I understood what they were doing. The left plays an incredibly long game, all right?. They start by telling you SUVs are no good, and then they eventually sidle into the Green New Deal. They go from the Green New Deal to the Great Reset. They go from the Great Reset to critical race theory. They go from that to this. They’re able to take leaps.

There’s a reason why Mao Zedong talked about the Great Leap Forward, right? Well, the Great Leap Forward is something that spans a lot of time. Conservatives don’t have a lot of time to sit back and scheme and plan out how to change the culture in a macro and micro way, because conservatives, by and large, want to go out and get something done.

Start a business, run a company, start a family, be productive, make money, enjoy their freedoms in America. When you have the he/him-she/her crowd, that takes a lot of work, and that’s a lot of work that conservatives don’t necessarily want to put in — and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just a commentary in terms of priorities.

You know you went to school with kids that you can look back on now… It doesn’t matter how old you are now or how young you were then, but you can look back now and say, “Yeah, probably that one was probably a socialist. That one probably ended up a CEO. That one probably ended up being a felon.” Okay, maybe you don’t know that they were gonna be a CEO.

But my point is, you’re able to look back in time at these people and see how they plan and scheme and intend to do things like that. Now, here’s what I would do if I were trying to counter the narrative. I’d say, “Okay he/him.” But I would say she/her. I would say he/him-her/she, and then it would like be like a chocolate reference or something, and that would be kind of great because that’s what you have to do.

I mean, why do you have to be he/him, them/they? Why can’t you be he/she/what or he/she/their? Why do we have to be constrained by those constructs? The reality is, these do-nothings at Penn State University with their manifestos that they turn out are going to be irrelevant by the end of the academic year. And then they’ll go into corporate America and start really defacing the effective institutions.

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