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TODD: One of the best tricks that the left has done is they have cornered the language of compassion, and in cornering the language of compassion, they’ve sort of got first-brand status in this. “First-brand status” is sort of the generic status. You go into a restaurant; you order a Coke, and they’ll often say, “Is Pepsi okay?” “That’s fine.” Then some people, who are adherents to the social justice organization that also sells Coke, side hustles, the sugar water — which is tasty.

But the social justice is sort of the main thing, but, oh yeah, Pepsi will work. “Got a Kleenex?” It’s the generic. So it takes place in the mind of, “Oh, okay, that’s the thing that I blow my beak into, and that’s the bubbled sugar water I drink ’cause it makes me feel good, Coke.” So people develop this first-brand status. It’s a really powerful status. People have the capacity to remember, usually, three brand names of things.

I used to… This will embarrass a bunch of people, but I used to be a guest lecturer at UCLA Anderson School of Media for returning MBA students and young wannabe MBAs and an expert used to doing this in branding and the brand position so the Democrats by owning compassion, as being the brand of compassion, they get away with everything. And it helps to have the mockingbird media on your side fully and completely on your side, unquestionably on your side.

But look at illegal immigration. We shared… Was it yesterday or the day before on Rush’s program, we shared the story of a rancher out checking his property? And look, when you’re in borderland, you check your property. Well, A, if you have a big ranch, you check your property. You check your fence lines, check your animals. You check. And he ran across seven abandoned children.

Just imagine your feeling! On your property, there is an infant naked and dust covered, crying. All the kids under the age of 7. And there’s no parent. There’s no adult. That’s the compassion of a system that is encouraging and making easy the life of human traffickers whose sole job is to get you there. That’s how we see the videos of little kids being dropped off of 13-, 15-foot fences.

Okay, they’re in America! And the right fails to explain the compassion of keeping the lifeboat in order, and I really do believe this is the proper metaphor for us as a country on the globe. We are 5% of the world’s population; we’ve taken in 20% of their displaced peoples. This is a literal example of killing, just … the golden goose, is that cliched enough to make sense?

Continuing to flood the system, to flood the lifeboat of the world with people who are expecting something, expecting aid, expecting succor — and eventually it’s gone. Eventually, the boat can’t float, the food is gone, the fuel’s out. Do I communicate this clearly enough? But the left parks this stuff under this brand hanger of compassion — when in fact, if you want to screw up a family or an organization, don’t have rules.

Have moods. If you want to make a kid crazy, have moods in your home. Not rules. Some days you can sit on the couch. The other days you get slapped silly. “I’ll slap you upside the head for sitting on the couch!” “But I could sit here yesterday.” “That was yesterday,” or demonstrate rules for some and not for others. “How come my sister gets to stay up late?” “Because I like her better than you.”

Just try this in the memo. And great big extension of a home. There is no compassion in this. There is no compassion in creating a sum by which you take the world’s safe house… That’s what we are. We’re the world’s safe house. Is being made unsafe with every single time we allow a coyote to enter this country and to drop someone off. Those people are trafficked and they’re likely to be abused here into forms of labor slavery and sex slavery.

It happens here. There was a 900% increase in migrant encounters in April compared to last year — 900% more human beings brought here, 900% more opportunities to take these young kids and say, “Your parents wanted you out of the garbage hole of Marxism that they’re in. They sent you here, and now you’re an indentured servant for the next 10 or 15 years.” But the crazy thing is, the coyotes and the cartels, they don’t keep their word, their contracts.

Those things can end. “No, we decided it’s 40 years that you work for us without pay or very little or sustenance.” Let’s step in front of this. Laws are compassionate. Order is compassionate. (laughs) God could have set the world up so that there were land sharks. He could have! He could decide today, “I’m gonna invent plants that can run and eat you.” He could do that!

God could say, “You know what’s kind of funny? What if I was to make one of those Venus flytraps, but it could run and chase after people and eat ’em?” Well, it would be completely disordered – and this is so remarkable that we have a political party inserting disorder into the body politic, into the body society, and they get away with saying it’s compassion.

The compassion is, “Let’s make the safe house safe.” The compassion is, “Let’s apply the consistencies and restraint that made it a safe house to begin with. Let’s apply the sort of American philanthropy that’s made us by far the biggest giver of nonofficial and official foreign aid.” I prefer unofficial. Charity trumps taxes; it always will because people receive it in love, and it’s given in love.

Back in 2018 the Maha talked about how these migrants or illegal immigrant caravan organizers were using women and children as human shields.

RUSH: On the caravan business… They should be arrested. They’re not gonna be charged or arrested, and the reason they’re not gonna be is because it would require us to separate them from their families. So the bottom line is these people are gonna get away with it. They’re getting away with whatever they have done in regards to the violating American law and crossing the border illegally.

Here it is, and it’s from the AP: “No One Arrested in Border Clash Will Be Prosecuted.” That’s what it is. There have been arrests but they’re not gonna be prosecuted. No criminal charges will be filed against any of the 42 people associated with a caravan of Central American migrants who were arrested in a clash that ended with U.S. authorities firing tear gas into Mexico to counter rock throwers,” the AP has learned.

This story is filled with so much garbage. Tear gas. It turns out… This is the bottom line. Not a single person in that mob of 500 migrants who tried to force their way across the border is gonna be prosecuted. Forty-two of them were arrested — and get this. The Associated Press admits that “charges were not filed because the administration generally doesn’t separate families.” What? Wait a minute. I thought that’s what Trump’s administration did do?

I thought that’s been the meme or the narrative for weeks now since this whole issue of asylum and the caravan began. “The Trump administration is just — without any compassion whatsoever — separating mothers from their little children, but now the AP says that the Trump “administration generally doesn’t separate families;” therefore, we’re not going to prosecute. So I guess when it’s “good news” — i.e., members of the caravan arrested not being prosecuted — that’s great news to the AP and of course the American left.

Then I guess that it’s okay to acknowledge that the Trump administration is not separating families. The Border Patrol says that “those arrested Sunday for illegal entry included 27 men, with the other 15 being women and children, and that many more were not arrested because they were children or parents accompanying the children.” Which, once again, proves the caravan organizers put the women and children at the front of the attack to use them as human shields, especially since the vast majority of the caravan are young men.

TODD: Have you ever been to the White House? It’s quite a process to get in, really — well, when you could get in, before the militarized installation which is all theater. I mean, if you’re gonna go into the White House tour, there’s a process. You sign up in advance. I’m certain they background screen you.

In fact, I know they do. There’s ropes keeping you from areas you’re not to go in the house you own. There are certain times of days, certain numbers of people are allowed at once. Order. Order. The chaos being ore because of the danger of the right.

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